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    FOOD SCIENCE 2001 Vol.22
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    Study on Scavenging Effect of Lycium Barbarum Polysacch Aride-2 on the Oxidation Induced by Hydroxyl Radicals
    WANG Jian-Hua, ZHANG Min, GAN Lu, ZHANG Sheng-Hua
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 11-13.  
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    The scavenging effect of LBP2 (one component of polysaccharides from Fructus Lycii,the fruit of Lycium barbarum L.) on hydroxyl radicals (·OH) was studied by salicylic acid method.To study the anti-oxidative effect of LBP2 on ·OH,the content of MDA in liver was measured by TBA assay ,the mitochondria membrance fluidity in liver was measured by the fluorescence polarization assay with DPH fluorescence probe,and the hemolysis extent of red blood cells and the swelling extent of mitochondria of liver were detected by spectrophotometric methods.The result showed that LPB2 had the ·OH scavenging activity.It could inhibit the generation of MDA,the decrease of mitochondria fluidity,the swelling of mitochondria,and the hemolysis of red blood cells induced by ·OH .The conclusion was that LBP2 had the effect of anti-·OH induced oxidation.
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    Interaction of Gelatin with Carrageenan-The Mechnical Properties of Gelatin arrageenan Co-gels
    SUN Zhe-Hao, ZHAO Mou-Ming, ZHANG Yuan, PENG Zhi-Ying
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 14-18.  
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    This paper is about the mechanical properties of gelatin-carrageenan co-gels. Small and large deformation experiments are carried out. Storage modulus(G’) increase with carrageenan increase in co-gels. Many factors influence the texture characterization such as pH value, inon strength,the ratio of gelatin/carrageenan.
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    Study on the Relationship between CPPs Activity to Prevent Calcium Precipitate and Degree of Hydrolysis of Casein
    HU Zhi-He, PANG Guang-Chang, YAN Ya-Li, CHEN Qing-Sen, LIU Jian-Hong
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 18-22.  
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    Studied the properties of CPPs derived from different degrees of hydrolysis of casein and found the relationship between the CPPs activity to prevent calcium precipitate and the degree of hydrolysis of casein.The result of study showed that CPPs contained different N/P at the different ratios of enzyme to substrate.The activity of CPPs to prevent calcium precipitate was different at different N/P.The activity of CPPs to prevent calcium precipitate was lower as N/P was higher,and was higher as N/P was lower.
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    Study on Extraction and Purification of Amylose and Amylopectin from Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba L.) Starch
    AO Zi-Hua, WANG Zhang, XU Shi-Ying
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 23-26.  
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    Highly purified amylopectin and amylose from ginkgo biloba L.starch could be obtained by recrystallization.Results of gel permeation chromatography (GPC) on sepharose 2B showed that molecular weight of ginkgo amylose appeared to be smaller than that of corn amylose,whereas the amylopectin molecular weight had a wide distribution in the GPC profile.For ginkgo amylose and amylopectin,iodine affinity values were 19.19% and 0.13%,blue values 0.85 and 0.12,and λmax of I2-KI blue colour 626nm and 564nm ,respectively.Amylose content of ginkgo starch was 33%.
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    Study on Hot-wire Method for Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of Food Materials
    PENG Hai-Zhu, WANG Gang, TAO Le-Ren, HUA Ze-Zhao
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 27-30.  
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    A hot-wire method was presented for measuring the thermal conductivity of food materials.The measuring technique,in order to assure the reliability of measuring results was discussed in detail . The measured results of the food materials, such as apple, cucumber and so on, were reported.It was found that the thermal conductivity has shown the linear relations to the water contents approximately,and a new expression with the relationship between the thermal conductivity of food materials and their water content was drawn.
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    Study on Extracts of Rosa Laevigata Michz to Remove NO2-
    XIE Xiang-Mao, DING Xiao-Wen, CHEN Jun-Qin
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 30-33.  
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    The extract of Rosa Laevigata Michx to remove great part of NO-2 in the duplicating pH condition as gastric juice.It eliminated more than 87 percent of nitrous acid in the optimum extraction conditions:0.1% citric acid as extraction solvent,the ratio of solid and liquid 1 to 3,60℃ temp. and 1 hour extraction time.The elements of Rosa Laevigata Michx extracts such as vitamin C,reducing sugar and flavonoid to work to remove NO-2.When in low pH (pH2~3),it has great capability of eliminating NO-2,but with increasing of the pH value,the capability of clearing up reduced sharply.
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    Study on Fermentation Technology of Foxtil Millet Beverage
    WANG He, WANG Jin-Feng, LIU Hai-Xia
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 34-37.  
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    The optimum fermentation technological factors were studied on foxtail millet beverage by Orthogonal of Regression Design.The results were the starting sugar concentration 12% ,fermented at 37℃ for 60h using 2.5% inoculum. We also compared the changes of nutritive compositions between fermented and nonfermented millet. The results showed that the nutritive value increased obviously by the lactic acid fermentation.
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    LIANG Zhi
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 38-41.  
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    Processing Study on Mixed Drink of Lotus Root, Couchgrass Root and Chrysanthemum
    LI Hong-Hui
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 42-44.  
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    This paper mainly introduced the processing and manufacturing of the drink by mixing lotus root,couchgrass root and chrysanthemum.It also probed into its specific technology,offering a reference for the technicians concerned.
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    Study on Symbiotic Fermentation of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast on Tea Beverage
    JIANG Jie, LIU Xiao-Lan, XUE Zhen-Lei, ZHAO Jin-Kun, JIANG Yan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 44-46.  
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    The non-alcoholic beverage was prepared through the fermentation of black tea juice extract by Lactic acid bacteria and yeast.The black tea extract was infused with corn syrup.The optimum fermentation conditions were obtained through orthogonal test.With these conditions,the fermented tea beverage was rich in nutritional value with distinctive flavor.
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    Technological Study on the Preparation of Pinenut Milk
    ZHONG Fang, MA Jian-Guo, XU Shi-Ying, WANG Zhang
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 47-50.  
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    The technology for preparation of high yield and stable pinenut milk has been studied.Pinenut milk with fat content of 4% was made by homogenizing the aqueous extraction of pinenut slurry under the choosen conditions (pH8.0 solid to solvent ration1:15,55℃ and time duriation 40min).Turbidity method was used to evaluate the efficiency of emulsifiers, and the result showed that the most suitable emulsifier for pinenut milk system was the mixture of PVP and PGE55 at the ratio of 2:1 .The effect of homogenizing conditions, dosage of sugar and CMC-Na on the storage stability of pinenut milk was studied by tesing precipitation stabillty and fat distribution index of the samples.The most desirable sample was obtained by homogenizing at 245kg and 65℃,with adding a sugar content of 4%.
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    Technological Study on Vacuuming Sugar Infusion of Ginkos Preserved Fruit
    BAI Wei-Dong, WANG Qin, LI Ying
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 50-53.  
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    The optimum technological conditions of processing ginkos preservd fruit were studied.The rsults showed that a fine quality ginkos preserved fruit was obtained,with the vacuum 0.089MPa,concentration gradient of sugar solution 30%→50%→70%,time of vacuuming 20 minutes each for three times,gas-filled 90 minutes ,then infusing about 6 hours,finally drying and packaging.
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    FAN Lei-Yun, REN Chun-Mei, LIU You-Quan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 53-55.  
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    Study on Natural Antioxidant Control of VC Loss in Strawberry Processing
    WANG Shao-Mei, QING Xiao-Hong, HUANG Mei-Xia
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 56-58.  
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    The control effect of several kinds of natural antioxidants on VC loss in the process of strawberry washing and pulping was studied in this paper.Meanwhile they were compared with the effect of EDTA which has been freguently used in food processing.The results showed that 0.015% PA (Phytic Acid) could effectively control the VC loss in strawberry prolessing VC preservation yield has reached 91.62% in washing and 70.19% in pulping. Mixed with 0.015% natural antioxidants,VC preservation yield could be increased to 92.74% in pulping.
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    Quick -Frozen Tangyuan Made of Glutinous Maize
    ZHANG Xin, DONG Shu-Ting, DONG Hai-Zhou, MING Yong-Hua
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 58-60.  
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    Quality evaluation of quick-frozen Tangyuan made of glutinous maize and glutinous rice was made.The result showed that the quick-frozen Tangyuan made of glutinous maize was practical.The Processing Procedure of glutinous maize Tangyuan was proposed.
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    QIAN Xiao-Jun, YIN Jun-Feng, LUO Long-Xin, CHEN Ze-Jie
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 60-62.  
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    Method Study on Simultaneous Determination of Additives in Drink by HPLC
    LIN Yi-Zhi, LIU Fen, DAI Jing-Jing, LIANG Wei
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 63-65.  
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    To study the optimum conditions for simultaneous determination of additives in drink, the reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and the optimum determination wavelength were applied. The Benzoic Acid , Sorbic Acid , Saccharin Sodium , Tartrazine , Amaranth , Ponceau 4R , Sunset Yellow , Brilliant Blue,Caffeien in drink were assayed on C18 reversed-phase column using methanol-0.02mol/L as the mobil phase. The ammonium acetate solution was: methanol: 5% , holding 4min;5%~35%,10%/min;35%~70%,17.5%min at a flow rate of 1ml/min and detected by DAD at 0~5min , 230nm ; 5~7.5min , 400nm ; 7.5~9.25min , 520nm ; 9.25~9.9min , 285nm ; 9.9~11min , 630nm . Good separation was achieved in the 9 components and the standard curve showing a direct ratio between the concentration and the peak area was obtained ,as r>0.999 , CV<1.6%(n=6). The detection limits were below 0.3ng . Recovery percent was found between 93.8% and 109.2% .Both the method and GB method as were used to determine 15 samples respectively. For comparison , the results did not show appreciable difference (P>0.05). The method proved to be satisfactory in precision , sccuracy and sensitivity . The preparation of sample was simple and the work efficiency was high.
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    Determination of Flavonoid Compounds and Vitamins in the Leaves of Cyclocarya Paliurus (Batal.).Iljinsk
    XIE Ming-Yong, WANG Yuan-Xing, WEN Hui-Liang, YI Xing
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 66-68.  
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    The flavonoid compunds, carotenoids, VE and VC in the leaves of Cyclocarya Paliurus (Batal.) Iljinsk, were determined by chemical and instrumental methods. The results showed that the flavonoid in the leaves of Cyclocarya Paliurus (Batal.) Iljinsk collected from Xiushui and Jinggangshan of Jiangxi Province were 6.26mg/g and 6.05mg/g, respectively;carotenoids: 2.08mg/100g and 3.07mg/100g respectively;VE: 7.02 mg/100g and 7.57 mg/100g respectively;VC: 3.08mg/100g and 3.42mg/100g respectively.
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    Micro Arsenic Assay in Tea by Hydride-generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
    CHEN Xin-Huan, FU Ming, YUAN Zhi-Neng
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 68-70.  
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    An atmoic fluorescence spectrometry for the assay of micro arsenic content in tea was developed with high sensitivity and fine accuracy.The curve range was 0~180ng/ml with correlation coefficient 0.9993.The limit of detection was as low as 4μg/kg and the recovery rate was 90.0%~97.3%.
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    Rapid Determination of Phosphorus in Ca3(PO4)2 or CaHPO4
    HU Dong-Sheng
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 70-71.  
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    H+ was freed from H2PO-4 by adding La(NO3)3 solution as precipitation releasing agent.The concentration of the freed H+ was directly titrated by the standard NaOH solution.The content of phosphorus of Ca3(PO4)2 or CaHPO4 was calculated by the consumption of the standard NaOH solution.All the operations of titration and pH adjustment were completed by the Automatic Potentiometric Titrator.These operations in this method were simple and rapid with good precision .The complex processes in the standard method such as precipitation and filtration and scrubbing,were omitted in this method,but the results of the method were the same as those of the standard method.This method may be used to tast water soluble phosphate at pH=4.2.
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    Photometric Determination of Arsenic in Seafood by Silver Nitrate-Polyvinyl Alcohol-Ethanol System
    WANG Xiao-Yan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 71-73.  
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    After the sample was digested with HNO3-H2SO4,arsenic was converted into gaseous arsenic hydride.The silver nitrate-polyvingyl alcohol-ethanol system was absorbent liquid.Micro arsenic was determined by photometry.The recovery of the method found was 85.3%~93.7% with an average RSD 3.7%.The method offered the advantages of simplicity and sensitivity while the reagents were nontoxic.It has been applied to the analysis of commodity cosmetics with satisfactory results.
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    Studied on Scavenging Effects of 5 Kinds Healthcare Medicines to Free Radical
    XU Shen-Hong, HANG Hu
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 73-75.  
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    The free radical in vitro scavenging effects of 5 kinds healthcare medicines were studied.Their scavenging effects to 1,1-Diphenyl-2-picryl -h ydrazyl (DPPH·) had a quantitative relationship ,the larger the concentration,the stronger the scavenging effects.Scavenging effects to hydroxyl radical (·OH) had the best concentration.The scavenging effects would be weakened without it.Scavenging effects to superoxide radical ()were defferent with each other.The free radical scavenging effects might be of the basis of molecular pharmacology.
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    SHI Hong-Fei, CAO Hui, LU Guang-Nian, LIN Yu-Ping, DONG Jie, JIANG Yun-Sheng, CHEN Jian, YANG Li-Kun
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 75-77.  
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    Studies of Inorganic Elements and Vitaminc C in Four Hydrophytes
    NIU Feng-Lan, LI Chen-Xu, DONG Wei-Yan, LIU Guo-Liang, LIU Zhao-Bing
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 78-79.  
    Abstract1062)   HTML4)    PDF(pc) (69KB)(266)       Save
    Objective:Inorganic elements and vitamin are important component of nutrient in water plants.In order to judge the qualities of the four hydrophytes including taro, water chestnut,wild rice stem and water caltrop.Method:The flame atomic absorption spectrometry and titration with the 2,6-Dichloroindophenol sodium were applied to determine the content of the inorganic elements and the vitamins in them.Results:The determination results indicated that the content of the nutrients from the four water plants was higher than other common vegetable.Conclusion:It is a wide prospect that water plants could be exploited comprehensively.
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    HUANG Xue-Mei, PANG Xue-Qun, JI Zuo
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 80-83.  
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    Technique and Quality Control of Chilled Meat
    ZHANG Zi-Ping
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 83-89.  
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    Chilled meat was the fresh meat cut and deboned after quickly chilling to 0-4 ℃within 24 hours. The temperature of chilled meat was kept at 0-4℃ during packaging, distributing and being retailed. The quality of chilled meat was controlled by HACCP system.
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    Study on Antioxidants Functions and Assaying Methods of Antioxidative Activity in Vitro
    XIA Xiang-Dong, 吕Fei-Jie , TAI Jian-Xiang
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 89-93.  
    Abstract865)   HTML4)    PDF(pc) (153KB)(708)       Save
    The functions of antioxidants in food and human body were discussed.Antioxidants might protect components of the food against oxidative damage,improve the antioxidative power of human body,and cure some diseases.Methods for assaying antioxidtive activity in vitro were also reviewed.
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    PANG Xue-Qun, ZHANG Zhao-Qi
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 94-97.  
    Abstract735)   HTML5)    PDF(pc) (117KB)(375)       Save
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    How to Prevent lmpurities from Mixing with Food
    ZENG Min
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 97-99.  
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    The sources of all kinds of impurities were analyzed in detail and the effective preventive methods and counter measures were put forward in this article.It was pointed out that only by means of well provided facilities, strict rules and regulations,and constant employees’ training , the impurities contamination could be prevented from polluting food.
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    Sietz , ZENG Shu-Ping
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (1): 99-103.  
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    Study on Swelling Process and Mechanism of the Cross-linked Tapioca Starches Granules
    ZHANG Ben-Shan, LIANG Yong, GAO Da-Wei, LI Guo-Ji
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 15-18.  
    Abstract787)   HTML1)    PDF(pc) (845KB)(357)       Save
     With the reaction of tapioca starches and phosphors oxychloride,the swelling of cross-linking starch granules was controlled successfully through different degree of substitution.In the different swelling processes,structure characteristics and tendency changes of starch granules were discussed. Furthermore the swelling process and mechanism of starches granules also showed that the cross-linked tapioca starches swelled like a bud blooming into a flower.
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    Study on the Rertogradation Properties of Instant Rice
    XIONG Shan-Bai, Zhao-Si-Ming, Zhang-Sheng-Hua
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 18-21.  
    Abstract1293)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (611KB)(347)       Save
    The retrogradation properties of instant rice during storage were studied.Results indicated that onset glass temperature was increased,and glass temperature range was decreased with storage time.Crystallization properties were changed slightly,but the change of crystallization degree was not obvious.Crystal melt temperature had little increased during storage.Inner water diffuse coefficient of instant rice during rehydration was decreased obviously with storage time.The onset glass temperature that influenced water diffuse coefficient strongest was the most important factor to the rethogradation of instant rice.
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    Study on Optinal Conditions of Immobilized Chifosanase on Chitin
    Zeng-Jia, Zheng-Lian-Ying
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 21-24.  
    Abstract845)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (752KB)(299)       Save
    Chitosanase was immobilized on chitin with glutaraldehyde by cross-link reaction,the immobilization conditions and characterization of the immobilized enzyme were studied.The optimal conditions for immobilization were as follows:0.1g chitin was treated with 5ml 5% solution of glutaraldehyde,then 2mg chitosanase was immobilized on the carrier.Optimal temperature and pH for the immobilized enzyme were 60℃ and 4.0 respectively.Kinetic parameter Km was 17.66g/L.The immobilized enzyme showed good temperature stability,and its operation and storage stability were also very good.
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    Study on the New Reverse Micelle for Increasing Resolved Water
    YANG Hong-Shun, Chen-Fu-Sheng
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 24-27.  
    Abstract915)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (539KB)(370)       Save
     Tween,Span,Triton X-200,emulsifier OP,AOT and saccharose ester resolved in iso-octane have been studied. When Tween-60:AOT was 1,water resolved in reverse micelles increased from 1.03(ml)to 2.01 while Tween-80:AOT was 0.25,water resolved increased from 1.03 to 1.21.The W0 increased from 24.3 to 28.5.
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    Study on Mechanisms of Molecular Forces Affecting Formation of Soybean Protein Transparent Gels
    CHEN Fu-Sheng, Li-Li-Te, Chen-Si-Ying-San
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 27-32.  
    Abstract916)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (936KB)(336)       Save
     Relationships between optical properties、rheological properties of soybean protein isolate/soybean 7S globulin gels and solvent、bovine serumalbumin(BSA)、fatty acid salts(FAS) concentration have been studied thoroughly in this paper. The mechanisms of molecular forces affecting the formation of soybean protein transparent gels were studied.These experimental results showed that hydrogen bonds、electrostatic forces and hydrophobic interactions have given importhant contribution for soybean protein to form transparent gels.Theoretical bases were put forward to further study optical properties of soy bean protein gels and develop transparent products of soybean protein.
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    Study on the Isolation of Egg Yolk Immunogloublin by Water Dilution Method
    CHEN Hong-Bing
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 32-35.  
    Abstract1055)   HTML2)    PDF(pc) (443KB)(345)       Save
    In this Paper,the main technological parameters in the isolation of IgY from egg were studied.The extraction ratio of IgY was 6.73 mg per ml yolk and purity 14.66%,when the dilution time was six folds at pH5.2. Here two kinds of methods,water dilution method (WD) and polyethylene glycol method (PEG),in the isolation of IgY were compared. The conclusion was that WD could be used in isolation of IGY on a large scale.
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    Study on Characteristics of Immobilized Acetobacter Cells
    LUO Zi-Sheng, Xi-Yu-Fang, Zhang-Wei-Guang, ZENG Fan-Kun, Wu-Yong-Xian
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 35-37.  
    Abstract849)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (597KB)(231)       Save
     Characteristics of immobilized acetobacter cells for limonin debittering debittering in citrus juices were investigated.The immobilized cells for optimal debittering showed that the shaking flask should be running 106r/min,pH 4.5,25℃, while the shaking tlask of the relative debittering of the free cells were running at 160r/min,pH5.5.25℃.Low concentration of sodium chloride inhibited debittering of immobilized and free cells.Debittering rate came to a saturation with limonin concentration of 30 mg/kg for the immobilized cells while for the free cells with the concentration of 35mg/kg.Heat stability of immobilized cells worked better than that of free cells.
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    Study on Plasticization Mechanism of Starch Applied to Biodegradable Food Containers
    XIONG Han-Guo, Li-Jian-Lin, Liu-You-Ming, Dai-Zi-Fei, ZENG Qing-Xiang
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 37-38.  
    Abstract969)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (478KB)(578)       Save
    The changes of property and construciton of starch plasticization were studied,By the methods of DSC、IR and X-ray,the mechanism of starch plasticization was expounded.Furthermore,The application of starch plasticization to biodegradable sing leuse food containers was discussed.
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    Study on Cell Growth and Metabolism of Oxygen-Resistant Bifidobacterium
    WU Yong-Jun, Wang-Jia-Fu, CAI Jin-Teng, LUO Min
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 40-43.  
    Abstract914)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (765KB)(357)       Save
    The process of cell growth and metabolism of oxygen-resistant Bifidobacterium in two different kinds of media(GAM medium and PTYG medium)were studied.The high consuming ratio of oxygen-resistant Bifidobacterium was determined.The living oxygen-resistant Bifidobacterium number was 8.4×109 cfu/ml after fermentation 12h 37℃ and the pH of ending point of the fermentation was ≤4.2.The cumulation of lactitic acid higher than acetic acid.
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    Study on Extraction of Polyphenols from Grape Seeds and Extract Inhibition of Oil Oxidation
    Zhang-Jun, JI Wei-Zhi, QI Xin
    FOOD SCIENCE    2001, 22 (10): 43-45.  
    Abstract948)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (426KB)(821)       Save
    The extraction of polyphenols from grape seeds was studied and the antioxidant activity of the extrct towards edible oils was evaluated as well.It was found that,the acetone-water(80:20 to 60:20)mixture was the optimum extractant for the grape seeds with moisture content of 8%.The extraction yield of polyphenols showed no obvious increase from 20℃ to 50℃.The ratio of grape seeds to extractant was optimal at 1∶20 for one extraction or twice but 1∶5 for three times of extraction with 30min each.The oven-storage experiment indicated that the grape seeds extract showed stronger protection for lard and grape seed oil from oxidation than the BHT.
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