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    FOOD SCIENCE 2006 Vol.27
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    Latex Particle Reagent Prepared for of Escherichia coli O157 Shiga-Toxin 1
    LIU Jian-qing1,ZHOU Zhi-jiang1,HAN Ye1,ZHENG Feng1,BO Qing-ru2
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 29-33.  
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    The sequence encoding of the mature protein of STX1 A of E.coli O157 strain 94H, isolated from some patient in China, was amplified by PCR. The primers were designed from STX1 toxin gene sequence of E. coli strain 933W. The amplified gene was cloned into prokaryotic expression vector pET-28a. Then the recombinant pET28a-stx1A was transformed into host strain E. coli BL21 (DE3). Expressed recombinant STX1 A was used to immunize rabbits to prepare anti-serum. The IgG fraction of the antiserum was cross-linked with the latex particle suspension to yield a final immunoglobulin. The described methods enabled a sensitive and simple assay of STX1 A production.
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    The Applicability of Apparent Viscosity in the Investigation of Synergistic Interaction between Biopolymers
    ZHOU Jia-hua
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 33-36.  
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     The applicability of apparent viscosity in the investigation of synergistic interaction between two different polymerswas studied. Simple concentration additivity and viscosity additivity are the two commonly used criteria for judging the synergistic effect in binary biopolymer systems. When the viscosity indexes of both polymers are greater than one, the viscosity of mixture calculated from viscosity additivity is lesser than that calculated from concentration additivity. When the viscosity indexes of both components are less than one, the viscosity of mixture calculated from viscosity additivity is greater than that calculated from concentration additivity. The relationship between two methods is quite complex when the viscosity index of one component is greater than one and the other one is less than one. When the viscosity indexes of two components are both equal to one, the two methods are identical.
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    In vitro Study on Digestibility of Soy Protein Isolates and Effects of Thermal Treatments
    ZHOU Zhi-hong,TANG Chuan-he,YANG Xiao-quan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 37-40.  
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    The in vitro digestibility of soy protein isolates (SPI) and the effects of thermal treatments were investigated. SDS- PAGE analysis showed that, glycinin of SPI was the most easily digested by pepsin, andβ-conglycinin was the most difficult. In all the subunits of β-conglycinin, theα-subunits were the most susceptive subunits. TCA-NSI analysis indicated that, at a certain protein concentration, the nitrogen release of SPI by pepsin during the enzyme incubation was dependent upon the enzyme concentration applied. In addition, the in vitro digestibility of SPI was affected by different thermal treatments. The dry heat-treatment (i.e., at 80℃ for 30~60min) nearly did not affect the in vitro digestibility by pepsin, while under the same conditions, the wet heat-treatments could remarkably improve the digestive extent of pepsin and trypsin upon SPI. This result suggested that the in vitro digestibility of SPI depended on its extent of denaturation.
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    Inhibition Effects of Magnetic Fields on Yeasts Growth
    XU Xi-lin,GUO Si-yuan,LI Lin
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 41-43.  
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    Some food’s spoilage was related to the growth of yeasts, but the yeasts could be affected by the static magnetic field (SMF). So the SMF would be useful to control the yeast’s hazard in food industry. So far the use of SMF was limited as the systemic researches effects of SMF on yeasts were rather scarce. In this paper, the effects of magnetic induction and treatment time on yeasts, the survival probability of yeasts under SMF were studied for investigating the regularity of action. These studies would lay the basis of SMF application in food industry on theory and practice.
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    Inhibition Effect of Carnosine on Protein Oxidation and Saccharification
    HAN Li-qiang,YANG Guo-yu,WANG Yan-ling,GUO Shuang
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 44-46.  
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     Carnosine is a dipeptide found in skeletal muscle and nervous tissue, reported to possess antioxidant activity. To determine its antioxidant activity, three methods were used, namely: the reduction of K3Fe(CN)6, the system of BSA oxidation induced by CuCl2-H2O2 and BSA glycation induced by glucose. The results showed that carnosine possessed the reducing power; the presence of carnosine significantly decreased the protein carbonyl formation in a dose-dependent manner (p<0.01) and inhibited BSA oxidation. Carnosine was saccharified by glucose and the amount of saccharification end products increased (p< 0.01) with the increasing concerntration of carosine.
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    Study on Activity of β-galactosidase Produced by Lactobacillus acidophilus with Ultrasionic Cell-break Method
    ZHAO Rui-xiang,WANG Da-hong,NIU Sheng-yang,SU Juan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 47-50.  
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    The extraction of the β-galactosidase produced by La-A and La-B was studied with the ultrasonic cell-break method. Meanwhile, the activity of β-galactosidase was assayed with reagent ONPG as substrate.Through the single-factor experiment and orthogonal experiment, the optimum technology was chosen. The results showed that the optimum conditions on cell-break of La-A with the ultrasonic method were: work time 7.6s,work/terral time 28s/20s, and temperature 36℃ and B was work time 6.8s, work/intermission time 20s/20s, and temperature 37℃. In these conditions, the activity of β-galactosidase produced by La-A and La-B reached 5.963μmol ONP/L·min and 6.683μmol ONP/L·min respectively. Therefore, Lactobacillus acidophilus had higher activity of producing β-galactosidase.
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    Preliminary Studies on Antimicrobial Action of Tea Saponin
    HOU Ru-yan,WAN Xiao-chun,WU Hui-ping
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 51-54.  
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    The antimicrobial actions of tea saponin from the Camellia Oleifera were studied in vitro. The results showed that the high concentration of crude saponin has relatively strong inhibition effect to Staphylocooccus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Saccharomyces cerevisiate respectively, especially to Saccharomyces cerevisiate. Its MIC is 3.2mg/ml. It had no abvious action to Aspergillus fungi. It had selectivity inhibition effect to different plant pathogeny fungus. And its effieacy correlated to teasaponins’c oncentration.
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    Edible Membrane Studies on Deacetyl Konjac Glucomannan
    ZHANG Sheng-hui,WU Shao-yan,XIN Hou-hao
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 54-57.  
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    Konjac glucomannan (KGM) was deacetylized for membrane. The membranes made of denatured KGM showed better tensile strength, water resistance and water-cleansing endurance than those of undenatured KGM. By means of infrared absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and seanning electron microseope, the relationship between structures and func- tional properties was discussed. A study on the conservation of fruit by modified konjac glucomannan was carried out under room temperature. The results showed that the modified konjac glucomannan had better fresh-keeping efficacy.
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    Study on An New Non-thermal Pasteurization Technique for Liquid Foods
    LIN Xiang-yang,RUAN Rong-sheng,ZHU Rong-bi1,DENG Shao-bo, CHEN Ling,RAO Ping-fan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 57-61.  
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    A new non-thermal pasteurization technique using non-thermal plasma (NTP) was investigated. This study showed that NTP was capable of killing foodborne pathogens, such as Escherichia coli, in liquids such as water, apple cider, and orange juice. Five logs reduction in the bacteria counts was achieved under the experimental conditions. At or above plasma ignition voltages, the NTP bactericidal effect varied with different treatment time and volumes. The characteristics of sample materials also affected the treatment. Vitamin C loss was substantially reduced with the treatment compared with other methods.
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    Changes of α-L-Arabinofuranosidase Activity and Relevant Factors of Ethylene Biosynthesis during Peach Ripening and Softening
    JIN Chang-hai1,KAN Juan,SUO Biao,WANG Zhi-jun,LU Zhao-xin,YU Zhi-fang
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 61-64.  
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     A peach cultivar“ yuhuasanhao” was used to investigate by GC the changes of the ethylene production, ACC (1-aminocyclo propane-1-carboxyli acid) content and the activity of ACC oxidase in five different maturity stages. At the same time the changes of α-L-Arabinofuranosidase activity were analyzed. Their effect on peach softening was discussed. It was found that the time peak of ethylene was similar to that of ACC content and ACC oxidase. The activity of α-L-Arabinofuranosidase changed gently at initial stage and after that it experienced an increasing stage. In this paper, the result preliminary showed that the affecting mechanism of α-L-Arabinofuranosidase and ethylene on peach ripening and softening.
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    Preparation and Reaction Mechanism of Soy Protein-Polysaccharide Conjugate Obtained by Dry-heat Medium Temperature Treatment (Ⅰ)Preparation of Protein-dextran Conjugates and Forming Mechanism of Protein-polysaccharide Conjugate
    QI Jun-ru,YANG Xiao-quan,LIAO Jin-song,PENG Zhi-ying
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 65-68.  
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    Abstract】 A functional soybean acid-precipitated protein (SAPP)-polysaccharide conjugate was prepared by dry-heat medium temperature (60℃) treatment. The covalent attachment of polysaccharides to protein was confirmed by SDS-PAGE. The reaction path of protein-polysaccharide Maillard reaction was analyzed. It was reported that the protein-polysaccharide products were obtained in 2 steps, and could be acceptably put in the products as the Amadori groups. The molecular structure features of conjugate were analyzed through IR-spectrums.  AbstractFilter('EnChDivSummary','ChDivSummaryMore2','ChDivSummaryReset2');
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    Study on Conditions of Producing β-glucosidase from Pleurotus tuber regium (Fr.) Sing
    BAO Shui-ming,LI Rong-tong,YU Zhi-jian,CHEN Chuan-hong
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 68-70.  
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    The optimum liquid culture conditions producing β-glucosidase from Pleurotus tuber regium (Fr.) Sing were studied. The optimum conditions for fermentation were: the soybean milk as the nitrogen source, the glucose as the carbon source, the initial optimum pH was 6.0. Under the optimal incubation condition: culture temperature was 25℃, volume 50ml/250ml, rotate speed 150r/min and culture time 72h, the highest β-glucosidase activity was obtained at wet weight of 1.86U/g (wet mycelium).
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    Effects of Cold Shock Treatments on Endogenous Phytohormones Contents and Proteins Variations of Nai-plume Fruits
    WANG Feng1,TAN Xing-he,GAN Lin,WU Yong-yao,WANG Ruo-zhong,LI Qing-ming
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 71-74.  
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    High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to detect endogenous phytohormones (IAA, GA3, ABA, ZR) of Nai-plum fruits (Prunussalicina Lindl.Var.cordata). Through comparing the variations of their contents after different cold shock treatments and the chilling injuries (CI), the regularity of phytohormone variations and the relationship between phytohormones level and the chilling tolerance of Nai-plum fruits during the cold storage were discussed. Furthermore, through SDS-PAGE analysis, the cold shock treatment was found able to delay the discomposition of proteins, hence to raise the tolerance of CI of Nai-plum fruit.
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    Lysis Study of Bdellovibrios on Seafood-Borne Potentially Pathogenic Vibrios
    CAI Jun-peng,HAN Yun,WANG Zhi,SONG Zhi-ping
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 75-78.  
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    It is a fact that Bdellovibrio can lyse gram-negative pathogenic bacteria. In this study, 4 strains of Bdellovibrio sp., designated Bh04-4, Bh04-41a, Bh04-A+ and Bh04-1f, were respectively isolated from seawaters using Bh04 as a host bacterium. 41 strains of vibrios from either aquatic waters or seafood were used as hosts. After confirmation of being Bdellovibrio sp. by electron microscopy and specific PCR method, lytic ability on 41 vibrios was assayed. Results showed that taking all four Bdellovibrios together, 36 lysed out of 41 strains, amounting to 87.8% lysis ability. The lysis abilities on Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio alginolyticus were 88.9%, 83.3%, 81.8% respectively. Results of this study fully demonstrated the potential application of Bdellovibrio on lysing vibrios from seafood origin.
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    Study on Affecting Factors of Mung Bean Starch with the Acidic Steeping Liquor
    LIU Wen-ju,SHEN Qun,LIU Jie
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 79-82.  
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    The effects of Streptococcus lactis, enzyme and acidity in acidic steeping liquor in producing Mung bean (Phaseolus aureu Roxb.) starch were studied in this paper. The result showed that when pH was around 5.9, the streptococcus lactis and pH played an important role in processing mung bean starch, so as to hasten the enzyme flocculation of the mung bean starch liquor, and the yield of starch as well. The flocculation function sequence was Streptococcus lactis>pH>enzyme induced by the streptoccus.
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    Study on Metal Ion Chemical Modification of Nattokinase
    Qu-Tao, XU 尔Ni, ZHOU Xin-Ping, GUO Xiao-Yan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 82-85.  
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    Nattokinase, a new kind of food fibrinolytic enzyme, extracted from the Japanese traditional food natto, is foundto be a strong fibrinolytic enzyme. Compared with some traditional thrombolytics, nattokinase, is found to be safe and low-cost. The chemical modification has become an effective method to improve nattokinase activity. The experiments has obtained the optimum concentration of metal ion for nattokinase chemical modification. The 6mmol/L Mg2+ can obviously activate the modified NK 45% higher activity than the natural NK. Howerer the Ca2+, Mn2+ or Ni2+ can inhibit the NK activity to different extents.
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    Primary Study on Glucose Oxidase and Potassium Bromate on Denaturing Wheat Flour Protein
    WANG Xue-Dong, LI Qing-Long, ZHANG Sheng-Hua, XIA Wen-Shui, CHENG Han-Ying, NIU Zai-Xing
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 86-89.  
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    The influence of the glucose oxidase (GOD) and potassium bromate on the -SH in wheat flour protein was studied. The variation of the extract content of albumin, globulin, gliadin, glutenin in wheat flour and the composition change of the amino acid in gluten protein was aslo investigated. The results indicated that compared with potassium bromate, GOD has a strong effect on denaturing the wheat flour protein and in addition, excessive GOD might result in overoxidation.
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    Effects on Determining Mannitol Content of Myceliun of Cordyceps Sinensis byD ifferentC ultureC ondition
    LIU Yan-Wei, SU Jing-Liang, HAN Bo, TIAN Xiang-Rong
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 90-92.  
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     Object: To study the effects of mannitol content and mycelium weight by different culture condition in mycelium of cordyceps sinensis. Method: Colorimetric method was used to determine mannitol content. Mycelium weight was weighted after drying. Result: The mycelium weight was maximum at 16 days of shaking with ammonium nitrate as the optimum source of nitrogen. To obtain a high mannitol content in culture and mycelium, it was necessary to have 8 days of shaking and the optimum source of nitrogen was ammonium ohloride. Conclusion: The mannitol content and mycelium weight were affected by shaking time and source of nitrogen.
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    Analysis on Nutritional Components and Polysaccharide Composition of Gracilaria lemaneiformis from Chaoshan Coast
    YU Jie, WANG Xin, CHEN Mei-Zhen, ZHANG Yong-Yu, LONG Zi-Jie
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 93-97.  
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    In this paper the main nutritional components and polysaccharid composition of the Gracilaria lemaneiformis collected from the Nanao sea area were analyzed. The results showed that the contents of the crude protein, carbohydrate, crude fat, crude fiber and ash from the Gracilaria lemaneiformis were 19.14%, 43.76%, 0.5%, 4.8% and 28.77% respectively. The Gracilaria lemaneiformis also had a high content of eight essential amino acids and taurine together with essential microelements such as iron and zinc. The content of polysaccharide from Gracilaria lemaneiformis is 31.05%; The polysaccharide extracted by hot water was isolated by DEAE- celluose column chromatography. Three polysaccharide fractions were obtained by eluting with different concentrations of NaCl solutions. The chemistry analysis, paper chromatography and infrared spectroscopy method all showed that polysaccharide from Gracilaria lemaneiformis was polysaccharide sulfate which was mainly composed of D- galactose and 3,6-AG-L-galactose. To every fraction, the contents of SO4- and 3,6-AG-L-galactose had great discrepancy. The polysaccharide eluted by low concentration NaCl solutions was mainly composed of D-galactos(55.8%),3,6-AG-L-galactosee (42.1%) and sulfate-(9.12%).
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    Study on Formation and Regeneration of the Protoplast from Monascus ruber M9x
    DAI De-Hui, JIANG Jia-Xin, HUANG Guang-Rong
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 97-100.  
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    The formation and regeneration of the protoplast from Monascus ruber M9x were studied. The results showed that the soybean sprout juice used to culture mycelium and the mycelium aged 60h used as operated material were easily processed to form protoplast. Under the action of 1.5% mixed enzyme (snail enzyme: cellulose enzyme =7:3) and with 0.6mol/L MgSO4 used as osmotic stabilizer, the protoplasts could reach 1.61×1 07/ml, and the regeneration rate was 8.49%.
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    Study on Relationship between Fatty Acids Composition and Oxidative Stability of Chilled Pork
    HUO Xiao-Na, LI Xing-Min, LIU Yi, DU Yan, NAN Qing-xian
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 101-104.  
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    The paper studied the fat content and fatty acids composition in intramuscular and subcutaneous fat of male and female pigs. Meanwhile the change of lipid oxidation of chilled pig stored in (4±0.5)℃ and dark was assayed. The results showed: 1. The effects of sex on the components and contents of intramuscular and subcutaneous fatty acid were not significant ( p>0.05). 2. The lipid oxidation of intramuscular fat was higher than subcutaneous fat (p<0.05) during storage. 2-thiobarbituric acid (TBA) value of intramuscular fat was close to 0.5mg/kg while the subcutaneous fat was below 0.2mg/kg at the fifth day. It was usually felt off-odour when the TBA value was over 0.5mg/kg. Hence it was crucial to control the intramuscular lipid oxidation so as to ensure good chilled pig quanlity.
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    Studies on Screening and Mutagenesis of Special Lipase Production Strains of α-linolenic Acid
    WEI Jue, FU Zhong-Xu, SHEN Yu-Han, YU Zhi-Qiang, CHAI Xue, PENG Su
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 105-107.  
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     60 samples were selected from oil dregs of oil refining plant, screened by plate and liquate medium and menstruated lipase activity, starting strain was obtained by compared diameters of colony and hydrolyzed transparency circle on screening plate. The strain were obtained by mutagenesis with UV, which has high and special hydrolyze to perilla oil with rich a-linolenic acid and its lipase activity was 52.3% higher than that original strain.
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    Study on Seperation of Fatty Acids of Rice Bran Oil in Liquid Crystal State
    LIU Wen-Sheng, XU Zi-Qian
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 108-111.  
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    Based on requests of coarse rice bran oil refining technology ,main effect factors were determined by temperature, circulation water quantity, oil remaining acid value, change of oryzanol content, height and forming time of liquid crystal. Based on principle that fatty acids can be transformed into fatty acid sodium in certainty range of pH, an efficient method was provided for separation of fatty acids in liquid crystal state of rice bran oil with high acid value.
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    Effects of Homogenization and Addition of Stabilizing Agents on Stability of Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Juice
    ZHANG Li-Hua, HAN Yong-Bin, GU Zhen-Xin, CHEN Pei-Qi, LIU An-Hu, QIU Yong-Xin
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 112-114.  
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    Raw strawberry, tomato, carrot and grape were juiced respectively. The four kinds of juices were mixed proportionally, added with different gels, and then subjected to a range of 10 to 50 MPa for homogenization. The stability of the mixed vegetable and fruit juice was investigated. It indicated that minimum suspended substance content (SSC) was observed with a homogenization pressure (HP) of 30 MPa. The optimum combination of stabilizing agents was 0.15% xanthan gum (XG), 0.05% CMC and 0.05% pectin.
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    Study on Microencapsulation of Cinnamaldehyde Oil by Spray-drying with Chitason,Malt Dextrin and Sucrose
    Tan-Long-Fei, WEN Yu, HUANG Yong-Jie, CHEN Lin-Lin, CHEN Chun
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 115-118.  
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    This paper studied microencapsulation of cinnamaldehyde oil by spray-drying, selected mixtures of chitason, malt dextrin and sucrose as wall materials. The results showed that the composition of the mixture affected its viscosity and stability, and was important to production rate and quality of cinnamaldehyde oil microencapsulation. The viscosity of the mixture showed be kept at 125~150mPa·s. The optimum wall composition was 1.0% chitason, 1.0%~1.5% sucrose, 1.0%~2.0% malt dextrin.
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    Study on Effects of Various Pretreatments Respectively with Microwave for Sugar Permeability during Processing Sugared Apple
    MA Dao-Rong, PAN Li-Jun, MAO Li-Qin, SHI Lei
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 119-121.  
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    Different pretreatments, such as scalding, brining, sulfurated or freezing, with microwave respectively on sugar permeability have been studied through tracking down the content variations of VC and sugar in the sugared apples. The results showed that the ways of pretreatment with sulfuring and sugar permeability with low power microwave were optimal. The optimum conditions were as follows: content of sugar 20%, and content of VC 4.11mg/100g, to reach the values of sensory 90 scores.
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    Technology Study on Preparing Complex Amino Acids from Plant Spent Protein Resources
    SUN Zhi-Min, WEI Jia-Qian, ZHANG Wen-Qi, WANG Dong-Wu, WANG Zhi-Ye, ZHOU Jian-Ping
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 122-124.  
    Abstract1112)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (164KB)(332)       Save
    This paper reported the producessing technology on preparing complex amino acids from plant spent protein resources-cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake hydrolyzed by HCl, and the optimum parameters were: the HCl concentration 4mol/L, the ratio of cake to water is1:4(g/g), reacting 9h under 126℃ with added pressure. The results showed that the hydrolysis degree of cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake are up to 11.34% and 13.96% respectively, and the toxic components of cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake could be reduced or wiped off .
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    Extractions of Melanoidins in the Long- Ripenned Douchiba(DCB) and Analyses of Amino Acid Compositions in Its Peptide Skeltons
    QIN Li-Kang, DING Xiao-Lin
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 125-129.  
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    The contents of melanoidins in the long- ripenned Douchiba(DCB) fermented for 18 months in the amount of 4. 76%(dry basis) according to Hashiba’s method. The analyses of the amino acids in melanoidin fractions separated by optimized extraction procedures at ambient temperature showed that a part of the melanoidin skeleton was composed of peptide structure, in which the most reactive amino acids residues to form melanoidins mainly were aspartic acid, glutamic acid, arginine, lysine and proline.
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    Study on Lactose Isomerisation to Lactulose
    GAO Xin, ZHANG Xiao-Yan, BAI Hai-Tao, ZHANG Xian, LI Yan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 130-134.  
    Abstract1065)   HTML1)    PDF(pc) (248KB)(502)       Save
     A feasible way to produce lactulose, employing milk ultrafiltrate as source of lactose and egg shell as catalyst, is proposed as an alternative means for utilising these industrial wastes. Influences of catalyst loadings, lactose concentration and pH on lactose isomerisation were studied. Optimal production of lactulose was reached at 98℃, employing 6 mg/ml of catalyst loading within 60 min of reaction. Quantities of lactulose of 1.18 g/100ml and low levels of secondary products (epi-lactose, galactose and organic acids) were produced under these conditions of reaction. Methodology to remove coloured by-products from lactulose syrup in a range of 65%~92% was established.
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    Research on Resin Separation Technology of Resveratrol and Procyanidin from Peanut Red Skin
    LIU Da-Chuan, LIU Qiang, WU Bo, XU Jin-Fa-
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 134-140.  
    Abstract990)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (232KB)(374)       Save
     Research has been carried out on the technology of separating resveratrol and procyanidin extracted from the peanuts red skin. The macroporous adsorption resin AB-8 have been selected from 3 kinds of carriers by static adsorption and de-adsorption test. The single factor tests and orthogonal experiments have been applied to optimize the enrichment and separation condition of resveratrol and procyanidin. The optimum adsorption conditions were as follows: feeding rate 1ml/min, pH value 7.0 with the concentrations of resveratrol and procyanidin to be respectively 2μg/ml and 0.6mg/ml. The optimum elution conditions were elution rate 1.5ml/min and pH value 5.0. Resveratrol and procyanidin could be purified and separated by different concentration of methanol. Resveratrol was eluted by 20% methanol while procyanidin by 40% and 60%. After combining the same components, the products could be obtained by concentration and lyophilization with the contents of resveratrol and procyanidin as respectively 43.6%  and 93.05%. 
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    Study on Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Phospholipid from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb
    GENG Yan-Ling, WANG Xiao, CHENG Chuan-Ge, LIU Jian-Hua
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 140-143.  
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    To study the technology of supercritical CO2 extraction of Phospholipid from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb, the effects of pressure, temperature, time, kinds and content of entrainer on the phospholipid extraction were explored. The optimum technological conditions were identified with the orthogonal design. The optimum technological conditions were as follows: temperature 50℃, pressure 30Mpa , Folch reagent as entrainer with content 60% and time 120min.
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    Studies on Screening, Mutation and Fermentative Conditions of High Productivity Strain CF10 for Bacteriocinoid Substance
    CHANG Feng, YI Kui-Xing, LIU Xiao-Lan, CHEN Hong-Ying, CHEN Yuan-Zhao, HU Cheng, WANG Zhong-Yan
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 143-147.  
    Abstract973)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (212KB)(311)       Save
    CF10, a strain producing inhibitory activity substance, screened out by scrip method and cylinder-dish method from the by product yellow-liquor, was identified as Lactobacillus buchneri. The supernatant of CF10 culture exhibited strong inhibitorya ctivitya gainstt heg ram-positiveb acteria,i ncludingS taphylococcusa ureusa ndB acillus subtilis, andr esistedi nterfering effects of organic acids and hydrogen peroxide. A strong inhibitory activity was also observed against the gram-negative bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas pyocyanea, Saccharomyces cerevisiae K and some epiphyte. CF10 was complexly mutated by ultraviolet radiation(UV) and diethyl sulphate(DES). The relative protency of supernatant thus increased 258% with stable inheritance. The culture medium composed of maltose as carbon source and peptone and yeast extract asnitrogen source would enhance, the maximum inhibitory activity of the mutant bacteriocinoid under the optimal conditions: culture temperature 37℃, initial pH6.0~6.5 for 48h, 1% inoculation, in anaerobic condition, and presence of K+、Mg2+ and Mn2+.
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    Study on Sodium Octenylsuccinate Starch with Low Viscosity Used as Wall Materials to Microencapsulate Oil
    ZHANG Yan-Ping, GONG Chen
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 148-152.  
    Abstract1306)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (190KB)(434)       Save
    The sodium octenylsuccinate starch and gum arabic of low viscosity were used as wall material respectively to microencapsulate oil. The relative emulsion stability was analyzed. It was found that the viscosity of sodium octenylsuccinate starch was lower than that of gum arabic. The emulsion stability when sodium octenylsuccinate starch was used as wall materials to microencapsulate oil was better than that when gum arabic was used as wall material. The higher the degree of substitution in sodium octenylsuccinate starch, the better was the emulsion stability. Both microencapsulation efficiency and storing stability when sodium octenylsuccinate starch was used as wall material was higher than that when gum arabic was used as wall material. The storing stability of microencapsulated oil would be higher with the increase of the degree of substitution of sodium octenylsuccinates tarch.
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    Study on the Agaricus biosporus Soakage Process Technology with Edible Organic Acid Admixture
    HE Xin-Sheng
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 153-155.  
    Abstract1040)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (156KB)(340)       Save
     Used different concentrations of edible organic acid admixture or common salt and organic acid admixture or common salt alone, to infuse the fruit-body of mushrooms. The results showed that during storage the quality keep time of the soaked mushrooms could exceed 500d by 2.0%~2.5% edible organic acid admixture treatment.
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    Ditferent Processing Methods Study on Extraction Conditions of Flavonoids from Tartary Buckwheat Bran
    XIAO Shi-Ming, ZHANG Zhong, LI Yong, ZENG Ji-Guang
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 156-158.  
    Abstract859)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (166KB)(667)       Save
    s: Three approaches, ethanol immersion extraction water immersion extraction and ethanol Soxhlep Extractor extraction, were used to extract flavonoid compound from the tartay buckwheat bran. The results showed that the optimum conditions of the ethanol immersion extraction were 70~75℃ and 10:1 of 75% ethanol extraction 4h and the water immersion extraction 70~75℃and 20:1 of water extraction 6h, while the optimum conditions of the ethanol soxhlet extraction were 95% ethanol back-flow extraction 8h.
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    Extraction of Chlorogenic Acid from Sunflower Seeds by Water Solution and Alcohol Sedimentation
    ZHENG Xi-Qun, JIANG Ji-Feng, LIU Xiao-Lan, SUN Xiu-Yun
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 159-161.  
    Abstract1203)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (159KB)(524)       Save
    Chlorogenic acid has biological activity such as anti-microbes, anti-virus , oxidation prevention and so on. Sunflower seeds are full of chlorogenic acid. This experience extracted chlorogenic acid out of waste aqueous solution from water-enzyme method sunflower seeds oil extraction. The experiments results showed that when concentration of solid substance of the waste aqueous solution was condensated to 13% (W/V)on vacuum, 95% alcohol(1:1,V/V) was added to the condensated solution to sedimentate polysaccharose, sedimentation was centrifugalized, repeated above treatment, and filtrate was collected and condensated on vacuum, then chlorogenic acid crystal of 76% purity was obtained.
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    Research on Spectophotometric Flow-injection Rapid Analysis of I- in Kelp
    XIAO Xin-Feng, ZHANG Xin-Shen, CHEN Guo-He, GONG Zheng-Jun, LUO Ya-Jun
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 162-166.  
    Abstract1052)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (210KB)(279)       Save
    A new, simple and rapid spectophotometric FI technique for accurate determination of I- has been developed. The method was based on the decrease of absorbance intensity of rhodamine B due to the complexation with [I2Br]-, which I- could be selectively oxidated to form I2 by Ce(Ⅳ) in acidic medium where I2 reacted with Br- to form [I2Br]-. Which I- could be selectively oxidated to form I2 by Ce(IV) in acdic medium where I2 reacted with Br- to form [I2Br]-. At this moment, some changes of the solution’s color took place. It was found useful for sensitivity test in CTMAB media. The absorption peak of the complexation increased linearly by addition of I-, occured at 585nm. Optimization of chemical and FI variables has been made. Under the optimized conditions, the calibration curve obtained was linear over the range 50~1000μg/L, while the detection limit was lower than 20 μg/L, and the precision level ( RSD=0.85%, n=10 ) was found quite satisfactory. This method showed good sensitivity and selectivity. Proper amount of inorganic acid radical ions, metal ions and other halide ions would not interfere the determination. Application of the method to the analysis of I- in kelp, laver, common salt or sea salt would result a good agreement between the expected and found values.
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    Study on Volatile Flavor Compounds of Nanjing Water Boiled Salted Duck
    LIU Yuan, ZHOU Guang-Hong, XU Xing-Lian, ZHANG Jian-Hao
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 166-171.  
    Abstract978)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (182KB)(682)       Save
    Volatile flavor compounds of traditional Chinese Nanjing water boiled salted duck were analyzed by headspace solid phase microextraction (HS-SPME) combined with GC-MS. Results indicated that total 99 volatile flavor compounds were identified including aldehydes(23 kinds), N-,S-,O- containing compounds(11 kinds), esters(2 kinds), alcohols(10 kinds), acids(7 kinds), hydrocarbons(24 kinds), kentons(8 kinds) and other compounds(7 kinds), whereas forty compounds were firstly identified in duck meat. The major volatiles identified were degradation products of fatty acids. Results showed that the important flavor compounds contributed to water boiled salted duck meat were possibly some aldehydes and N-,S-,O- containing compounds.
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    Determination of Alliin in Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Based on Reaction of 4-Mercaptopyridinew ithT hiosulfinates
    HUANG Xue-Song, WEN Li-儿, YAN Ri-An
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 171-174.  
    Abstract1100)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (188KB)(418)       Save
    In order to assay the alliin in garlic (Allium sativum L.),the content of alliin was assayed by the reaction of 4- mercaptopyridine with thiosulfinates formed from the alliin.The optical difference at 324 nm between the samples with and without alliinase was proportional to the contents of alliin. The alliin was amounted to 0.74%~0.92% in the three types of garlic. The method is simple, fast and easy to be used in the plant of garlic processing.
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    Extraction and Determination of β-Carotene in Elsholtzia bodinieri V. Seeds
    HU Hao-Bin, ZHENG Xu-Dong, JIAN Yu-Feng, ZHANG Yu-Quan, LIU Jian-Xin
    FOOD SCIENCE    2006, 27 (1): 175-177.  
    Abstract969)   HTML0)    PDF(pc) (184KB)(552)       Save
    The β-carotene in Elsholtzia bodinieri V. was studied quantitively and qualitatively with chromatograpphy and spectrophytometry methods. The results showed that the seed was of high nutritive values and pharmaco- logical efficacy, and of promising prospects in exploitation and utilization in food and medicine.
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