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Advances in Research on Polysaccharides from Fruits and Vegetables: Bioactivity, Extraction and Purification

LIU Susu, LÜ Changxin*, FENG Xuqiao*, LI Mengmeng, DENG Yamin, SHI Chao, DU Jingfang, WANG Yali   

  1. Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Food Safety, College of Food Science and Project Engineering, Bohai University,
    Jinzhou 121013, China
  • Online:2015-09-15 Published:2015-09-11


Fruits and vegetables constitute an important part of our daily diet. Being rich in vitamins, minerals and
bioactive substances, fruits and vegetables play a vital role in human health. Polysaccharides are a group of significant
bioactive substances with many health benefits, such as antitumor, antioxidation, anti-aging, anticoagulation, antidiabetics,
hypolipidemic, etc. The outstanding advantages of polysaccharides from fruits and vegetables as natural active substances
are extensive sources and no toxic or side effects. China has fruit and vegetable resources, creating a unique advantage
in researching and applying plant polysaccharides. This paper provides a description of the classification and structure
of polysaccharides from common fruits and vegetables, elaborates the bioactivities and mechanisms of action of the
polysaccharides and summarizes the current status of the application of polysaccharide extraction and purification techniques
on fruits and vegetables. The existing problems and solutions in the process of polysaccharide extraction and purification are
pointed out. Furthermore, the future development and application prospects of polysaccharides from fruits and vegetables
are also envisioned.

Key words: polysaccharides from fruits and vegetables, biological activity, extraction, purification, application prospect

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