Aims and Scope


    Food Science accept two types of articles on food science: original research articles and review articles on frontiers. Research articles must be novel and complete. Review articles should focus on research hot spots and the latest advances to provide strong forward-looking guidance. High-quality articles with in-depth defined topics, reliable results, insightful interpretations and conclusions are especially welcomed.

    The columns of Food Science can be divided as follows: Fundamental research, Biological engineering, Nutrition and hygiene, Reviews, Process technology, Composition analysis, Safety inspection, Packaging, storage and transportation. The content relates to subjects of food chemistry, food microbiology, food biochemistry, food nutrition, food quality and food safety, food engineering, food biotechnology, food immunology, food enzymology, food processing and packaging, postharvest physiology, food storage and preservation, etc.

    The range of topics covered in the journal do not include:
    •Tobacco, Chinese medicine that is not food and medicine homologous, food machinery design, cooking techniques, pure medicine, pharmacy, mathematical derivation.
    •Antibacterial, anti-oxidation and animal experiments performed without using extracts with specific functional components.
    •Reviews adapted from proposals, reviews of listed techniques and English reviews that do not represent characteristics of Chinese food.
    •Survey reports, market analysis, consumer behavior analysis.
    •Functional or toxicological experiments on specific commercial products.
    •Content of education reform.
    •Related patent pending, reluctant to open compositions of experimental materials.
    •Active components with only description of extraction techniques. 

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