FOOD SCIENCE ›› 2019, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (12): 220-225.doi: 10.7506/spkx1002-6630-20180522-325

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Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Pueraria Radix Using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (HS-SPME-GC-MS) Combined with Automated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System (AMDIS)

ZHANG Pengyun1,2, LI Rong1,*, CHEN Lisi1, LIN Shumian1, YANG Fang1, ZHANG Feng3   

  1. 1. Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center, Zhongshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Zhongshan 528400, China; 2. School of Public Health, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Zhongshan 528458, China; 3. Institute of Food Safety, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, Beijing 100176, China
  • Online:2019-06-25 Published:2019-06-28

Abstract: A method for the determination of volatile compounds in Pueraria Radix by headspace solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME)-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) combined with the automatic deconvolution software automated mass spectral deconvolution and identification system (AMDIS) was established. Total peak area and number of peaks were used as response variables to optimize the extraction conditions of HS-SPME by one-factor-at-atime and orthogonal array design methods. The results showed that the extraction conditions were optimized as follows: 3.0 g of sample, equilibration time 13 min, extraction for 50 min at 90 ℃ using 50/30 μm DVB/CAR/PDMS fiber and then desorption for 5 min. Under these conditions, 67 volatile components were identified, including 11 esters, 22 aldehydes, 9 alcohols, 5 ketones, 8 terpenes, and 12 others.

Key words: headspace solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), Pueraria Radix, volatile compounds, orthogonal array design

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