FOOD SCIENCE ›› 2022, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (9): 223-231.doi: 10.7506/spkx1002-6630-20211029-331

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Effect of Light Emitting Diode Blue Light Combined with Ultraviolet Treatment on the Storage Quality of Fresh-Cut Pleurotus eryngii

ZHU Kai, WU Weijie, FANG Xiangjun, CHEN Hangjun, LIU Ruiling, HAN Yanchao, GAO Haiyan   

  1. (Key Laboratory of Post-harvest Handling of Fruits, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Key Laboratory of Fruits and Vegetables Postharvest and Processing Technology Research of Zhejiang Province, Key Laboratory of Postharvest Preservation and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables, China National Light Industry, Food Science Institute, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 310021, China)
  • Online:2022-05-15 Published:2022-05-27

Abstract: This work was carried out in order to study the effect of light emitting diode (LED) blue light and/or medium-wave (UV-B) and short-wave ultraviolet (UV-C) on the storage quality of fresh-cut Pleurotus eryngii. Results showed that light irradiation treatments effectively maintained the color of fresh-cut P. eryngii, delayed the decrease of total phenols, flavonoids and vitamin C contents, and inhibited the growth of microorganisms. After the combined treatment, the vitamin D2 content of fresh-cut P. eryngii was increased to 0.77 μg/100 g mw, the soluble protein content was increased by 20.85% compared with the initial value on the second day of storage, and the reducing sugar content was 2.06 folds higher than that of the control group on the 10th day. The combined treatment significantly enhanced the activity of enzymes associated with reactive oxygen species (ROS) metabolism and secondary metabolism, and delayed the production of superoxide anion radicals. Transmission electron micrographs showed that both lights could delay cell wall and mitochondrial degradation of fresh-cut P. eryngii. In summary, LED blue light combined with UV-C/B treatment could effectively maintain the storage quality and nutritional value of fresh-cut P. eryngii and prolong its storage period.

Key words: fresh-cut pleurotus eryngii; light emitting diode; ultraviolet; storage quality

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