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Suitability of Different Broad Bean Cultivars for Producing Pixian Broad Bean Paste-Meju

LI Xiongbo, FAN Zhiyi, YANG Mei, DENG Weiqin, XIANG Chao, LI Heng   

  1. (1. Sichuan Food Fermentation Industry Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Chengdu 611130, China; 2. Crop Research Institute, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chengdu 610066, China; 3. Sichuan Dongpo Chinese Paocai Industrial Technology Research Institute, Meishan 620030, China)
  • Online:2022-12-15 Published:2022-12-28

Abstract: To explore the suitability of different broad bean cultivars for producing Pixian broad bean paste-meju, 11 broad bean cultivars were studied for their physical properties and nutritional value. Also, the physicochemical and textural properties and sensory quality of Pixian broad bean paste-meju made from these cultivars were analyzed. Factor analysis was used for comprehensive quality evaluation of Pixian broad bean paste-meju. The results showed that there was significant difference in quality indexes among the 11 cultivars of broad bean and Pixian broad bean paste-meju from them (P < 0.05). Through factor analysis, the dimensionality of the 14 quality indicators of Pixian broad bean paste-meju was reduced to three principal factors, which contributed?cumulatively?to 90.410% of the total variation. A comprehensive evaluation model for Pixian broad bean paste-meju quality was constructed based on the results. The 11 Pixian broad bean paste-meju were divided into three groups by cluster analysis. Group I included Pixian broad bean paste-meju made from the cultivars QY, CDDB and CH, whose quality was evaluated as good. Group II included that made from the cultivar TCX, whose quality was evaluated as medium. Group III included those made from the cultivars YD and SCZG, whose quality was evaluated as poor. Correlation analysis indicated that cultivars with high protein content, low starch content and moderate seed size such as QY, CDDB and CH were more suitable for processing Pixian broad bean paste-meju. This study can provide reference for the comprehensive quality evaluation of Pixian broad bean paste-meju and the selection of special broad bean varieties for processing.

Key words: broad bean cultivar; Pixian broad bean paste-meju; quality analysis; comprehensive evaluation

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