FOOD SCIENCE ›› 2005, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (9): 511-514.

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Study on Health Function of Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil

 LI  Jia-Xing, CHEN  Shuang-Ping, MA  Cheng-Jin, WANG  Xiao-Yong   

  1. 1. Institute of Food Science, Jishou University; 2.Center of Kiwi Fruit Industrialization Engineering and Technology of Hunan Province; 3.Hunan Laodie Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Online:2005-09-15 Published:2011-09-20

Abstract: This paper introduces the method of extracting Kiwi seed soil. several experiments were used to evaluate the health function of it, and the clinical experiments were also be done. The result shows that the Kiwi seed soil is abundant of lonoleic acid, α-linolenicd acid and other unsaturated fatty-acids. So the Kiwi seed soil is the best source of natural unsaturated fatty- acids. Moreover, the Kiwi seed soil with the functions of adjusting HDL, anti-oxidation, puting off senescence, preventiong coronary heart disease, gout and etc. Kiwi seed soil would be full of wide uses.

Key words: Kiwi seed soil, α-linolenicd acid, lonoleic acid, experiment evaluation, clinical experiment, health function