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15 September 2005, Volume 26 Issue 9
The Characteristics of the POD from Fresh-cut Artemisia selengensis
YU Zhi-Fang, LU Zhao-Xin, LI Yan, SONG Wen-Wen
2005, 26(9):  29-33. 
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The fresh Artemisia selengensis after leaf and inedible part being removed, was cleaned in ice water and cut and smarshed and centrifuged (10000r/min,30min) at 4℃. The obtained crude POD was used to measure the enzyme activity and investigate the characteristics of the enzyme. The results showed that the POD in the fresh-cut Artemisia selengensis had its greatest activity at pH5.0 and temperature 40.0℃, and lost its activity quickly when temperature went above went 60℃. The POD activity increased fast when H2O2 was below 0.4%, and increased a little afterwards, reached the maximum at the H2O2 level of 0.6%. The order of combining capability of POD to various phenolic substrates was in the order of PPA>Chlorgenic acid>Guaiacol> Catechol>Tyrosine and Phenol.
The Preparation of the Oligopeptides and the Investigations of the Antioxidative Activity of Oligopeptides from the Corn Gluten Meal
ZHANG Xiao-Feng, CHEN Qing-Sen, PANG Guang-Chang
2005, 26(9):  33-35. 
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It is significant to make full use of corn gluten meal(CGM) with enzymolysis in that it contributes to produce biological active products with full nutrition, easy absorption and high added value. In this paper, CGM was hydrolyzed by Alcalase AF 2.4L and Flavourzyme under the optimum condition. The results showed the degree of hydrolysis was up to 31% in two hours as well as the yield of oligopeptides was 70%. In addition, oligopeptides were separated by SephadexTM G-25 and antioxidative activity of CGM was examined. The research indicated the inhibition rate was up to 43.9% when it’s concentration was 1mg/ml as same as that of 5U/ml SOD.
Study on the Application of MRI in Evaluation the Quality of Pork ——the TR Value’s Influence on Its Quality of Imaging
ZHANG Jin-Sheng, LIN Xiang-Yang, RUAN Rong-Sheng, HE Cheng-Yun
2005, 26(9):  36-38. 
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This article is studying the rule of the image signal value when TR value is changed by MRI of SE sequence. The result is fit to the signal formula of SE sequence. A series of the image outcome show the T1 value on muscle and fat by the use of a fitting software.. The rule between TR value and image signal value can be found. As a result, the best TR value scope will calculate an accurate T1 value. These results will be benefit for the quality analysis of meat in future work, and produce a method for food quality analysis.
Study on the Stability of β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex of Oneothera Biennis Oil
OU Yang-Yu-Zhu , LI Zhi-Ping, MA Cheng-Jin, LI Hui, LIU Xian-Gang
2005, 26(9):  39-42. 
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The structure of the inclusion complex of Oneothera Biennis oil by β-cyclodextrin was characterized with IR, UV- Vis and differential thermal analysis technique.The influence of the type, concentration of the heavy metal cation and the temperature on the stability of β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex was investigated. The results showed that the absorbance of Oneothera Biennis oil and its inclusion complex by β-cyclodextrin increased with the concentration of metal cation and the temperature. When the reaction was carried out for 2 .5h at 120℃, ΔA/A0 for the two substrates increased to 1.69 and 1.2 times of the original values, respectively. When reacted for 8h at 0.08mol/L Pb2+,ΔA/A0 for the two substrates became 2.29 and 0.49 times of the original values, respectively, indicating a greatly increased stability of the inclusion complex to the variation of the metal cation concentration and the temperature relative to the Oneothera Biennis oil.
Study on Adsorption of Anthraquinones from Semen cassiae with Some Adsorption Resins
LI Hai-Bin, GUO Bao-Jiang, LU Cui-Ting , LI Xu-E, BAI Xian-Fang, WANG Yong
2005, 26(9):  43-47. 
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The performance of adsorption and deadsorption for anthraquinones from Semen cassiae with seven adsorption resins NKA-9、X-5、AB-8、D-101、S-8、D3520 and D4006 was compared in this paper. Effects of pH, salt iron concen- tration and the concentration of anthraquinones from Semen cassiae were studied. The result showed that AB-8 resin exhibited superior adsorption properties. The resin is easy to regenerate. AB-8 adsorption resin can be used packing material to separate anthraquinones from Semen cassiae.
Isolation and Identification of Garlic Polysaccharide
HUANG Xue-Song
2005, 26(9):  48-51. 
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Aim: To isolate and identify the garlic (Allium sativum L.) polysaccharide. Methods: The polysaccharide was got by the extraction, DEAE chromatography etc. The pure polysaccharide was detected by the HPLC,GC and IR,UV, 13CNMR spectrum were obtained and analysed. Results: The polysaccharide is consisted of 85% fructose, 14% glucose and 1% galactose. Its molecular is 7.1kDa. The saccharides were connected on the β-2,1-glycosides. Conclusion: Polysaccharide is a kind of heteropolysaccharide which contains fructose, glucose galactose and is connected by β-2,1-glycosides.
Study on the Separating by TLC and Properties Defining of the Pigments from Loropetalum chinense var.rubrum flower
TANG Ke-Hua, CHEN Xuan, CHEN Gong-Xi
2005, 26(9):  52-57. 
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Seperating by silca-G&H thin-layer chromatography(TLC) on the pigments from Loropetalum chinense var.rubrum flower, the optimum volume ratio of the seperating layer reagent is water12 to eathnol 8 to plus-butanol 24 to acetic ester36. To developing the flower pigment by the optimum layer reagent, seven colour spot, which obtained from the pigment , have the same colour and the same Rf. Seperating and scanning results showed that the characteristic wavelength of the pigment in the L. chinense var.rubrum flower is 277nm and it,s seven mono-component are 272, 278, 277, 270, 273, 274, 271nm repectively, and the maximum content of the mono-component is the third component (277nm). Combinding the results of scanning on the pigment component with the chracteristic colour reaction in Anthocyanidin and Flavonoid and Anthraquinone of the pigment, the main mono-component in the flower pigment must belongs to flavanonol.
Study on the Capability of Functional Soy Protein Concentrate in Meat Ware
BAI Bao-Lan, ZHENG Hong-Yan, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang
2005, 26(9):  58-61. 
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The properties of functional soy protein concentrate(FSPC) in emulsified comminuted meat product(ECMP) were compared with those of conventional soy protein products. It was observed that although the functional properties of FSPC was marginally lower than that of soy protein isolate(SPI) the emulsifying ability for solid fat was much higher than SPI by adding FSPC in ECMP. A higher cook yield and an improved texture property were obtained the soluble protein.
Evaluation of Antioxidant Property of Extracts Obtained from Laoshan Mushroom
HUANG Hai-Lan, XU Bo, LI Zeng-Xin, WANG Bin-Gui
2005, 26(9):  61-66. 
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Laoshan mushroom was extracted with methanol:chloroform(1:1), and the extraction was then partitioned with petroleum ether, CHCl3, EtOAc and BuOH successively. Antioxidant activity (AA) of the extractions was evaluated in three different assays, namely, the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging assay, the deoxyribose assay and the potassium ferricyanide reduction methods, and compared with that of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), gallic acid (GA), propyl gallate(PG) and ascorbic acid (AscA). The results showed that the ethyl acetate-soluble fraction exhibited the highest AA at all of four concentration levels tested (from 0.4 to 50μg /ml), and was further fractionated into six subfractions EAF1–EAF6 by silica gel vacuum liquid chromatography. EAF4 was found to be the most effective subfraction in three assays, which was greater AA than BHT,PG and GA and similar to AscA in the DPPH assay at the concentration of 50μg /ml, while, in the deoxyribose assay, the EAF4 exhibited higher AA than four kinds of synthetic antioxidants at all of four concentration levels tested and in the potassium ferricyanide reduction methods exhibited higher AA than PG at the concentration of 10μg /ml and similar to PG at the concentration of 50μg /ml. The total phenolic content was determined using the Folin–Ciocalteu. Statistical analysis indicated a significant association between the antioxidant potency and total phenolic content.
Effects of Metal Ions Addition on the Growth of and Arachidonic Acid Production by Diasporangium sp.
WANG An-Qi, DAI Chuan-Chao, CHEN Jia-Xin, YAO Jun-Jie
2005, 26(9):  67-72. 
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The culture conditions for arachidonic acid(AA) production and the growth by Diasporangium sp.were investigated. Ca2+ or Fe3+ enhanced the cell growth, but suppressed the AA production, while Mn2+ revealed the possibility of the enhancement on cell growth but suppression of AA production. With the addition of Zn2+, AA yield reached higher, but there was little effect on cell growth. A medium containing 5×10-6mol/L Cu2+ or 10-7mol/L Co2+ was found to be the optimum for the AA yield and cell growth.
The Antioxidation Activity of DMYL in Lard System
LI Wei, ZHENG Cheng, NING Zheng-Xiang
2005, 26(9):  73-76. 
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Hydroxy in dihydromyricetin(DMY)was esterified with lauroyl chloride and dihydromyricetin laurate (DMYL) was synthesized in this investigation. The structure of DMYL was tested using infrared spectrogram. The antioxidation capability of DMYL for lard was found better than DMY after comparison between DMY and DMYL in lard system. DMY acted as stimulative for oxidation in lard during late period while DMYL stably continued the function of antioxidation in lard for longer time. The investigated optimal adding amount of DMYL for lard system is 1.0mmol/L through investigation antioxidation capability of DMYL with different amount.
Effects of Microwave Heating of Rice Bran with Different Moisture Contents on Its Storage and Functional Properties
SUN Ming, YAN Mei-Rong, CHEN Jing, WANG Xue-Mei
2005, 26(9):  76-79. 
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Effects of microwave heating of rice bran with original moisture content and fully watering rice bran on contents of free fatty acids(FFA), protein solubility and emulsifying activity were studied. Results show that the effect of moisture content on rice bran stabilization is great. Microwave heating of rice bran with original moisture content can partially restrain the activity of lipase and has very little effect on protein solubility and emulsifying activity. It can be used for short period storage of rice bran. The FFA content of fully watering rice bran almost remained unchanged and its functional properties weredestroyed a lot after the rice bran was heated by microwave and then storaged at 35℃ for 4 weeks.
A Study on Browning Characteristic of Fresh-cut Produce of Taro
WANG Jia-Hong, YU Zhi-Fang, LU Sheng-Min, DU Chuan-Lai, ZHOU Xian
2005, 26(9):  80-83. 
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Two different breeds of taro that planted in Kunshan and in Weihai were used to study the changes of L*a*b* and PPO, POD, PAL, browning potential, reducing sugars, VC, etc during storage at 4℃. The result indicated that the primary problem of the fresh-cut produce was browning caused by mainly polyphenol oxidases . L*a*b* was fitted for showing the browning of taro and a height content of reducing sugars and VC was useful to reduce the browning. Though the comparison of the browning characteristic between the two breeds of taro, we found that the taro planted in Weihai was much suitable for fresh-cut produce than that from Kunshan.
Optimization Conditions for Liquid Culture of Protocorm-like Bodies of Dendrobium Huoshanenes
LIU Yong, LUO Jian-Ping
2005, 26(9):  84-87. 
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In order to exploit an advanced beverage for the health of human beings’ throats from the protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) of medicinal Dendrobium Huoshanenes, the optimal conditions for PLBs culture are studied. On the basis of a single factor experiment, the orthogonal test is designed. Results showed that (1) 1/2MS was suitable for the growth of PLBs of Dendrobium Huoshanenes, (2) Combination of potato solution 100g/L, banana solution 30g/L, IBA 1.0mg/L and sucrose 30g/L in 1/2 MS was the best culture condition. When PLBs were cultured in optimized medium, proliferation of PLBs increased 12.56 times, and polysaccharide content was 8.30mg/gFW.
Preparation and Properties of Low Fat Ice -cream
YANG Yu-Ling, XU Shi-Ying
2005, 26(9):  87-92. 
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Low fat ice-creams were prepared by replacing fat with long rice-based fat substitute. The overrun rate, anti-melting capability, hardness, storage modulus and sensory properties of the ice-cream were studied. The results showed that the overrun rate of the ice-cream gradually increased with less fat content. The anti-melting capability of the ice-cream decreased appreciablywhile fat content decreased. The fat substitute could increase the overrun rate of the ice-cream and improve anti-melting capability of the ice-cream. The hardness and G’of the ice-cream became lower with less fat content in ice- cream formula. The fuzzy mathematics method was used to evaluate the sensory quality of the ice-creams, which showed the optimal fat content in low fat ice cream was 4%. The fat substitute could meliorate the sensory properties of low fat ice cream. The sensory properties of low fat ice cream with 4% fat was as good as that of the middle fat ice cream.
Study on the Effection of Prevent Browing of Fresh-cut Potato
LI Quan-Hong, ZHAO Ya-Song, CAI Tong-Yi, LI Shu-Yan
2005, 26(9):  92-95. 
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The fresh-cut potato anti-browning effects has been studied. The selected anti-browning agents: ascorbic acid, L- cysteine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, cinnamic acid and β-cyclodextrin was treatmented with fresh-cut potato. The relative effectiveness of these anti-browning agents for inhibition of enzymic browning in sliced potatoes was determined in terms of colour and enzyme activity measurements. The most effective agents were determined as L-cysteine, cinnamic acid and benzoic acid.
Research on Grade Flavor Quality Index of Dry-cured Ham
ZHANG Jian-Hao, ZHU Jian-Hui, WANG Li, ZHOU Guang-Hong, LIU Yang-Min, WANG Li-Ping
2005, 26(9):  95-100. 
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Jinhua ham flavor quality grade differences were researched by analyzing Free-amino acid(FAA)、NaCl, water content and volatile flavor compounds in grade Jinhua ham. The result showed that FAA gross separately was 7.49% and 4.87% in first and two grade ham, and difference marked. Therein Glu, Ala, Leu, Lys in first-grade ham separately increased 26%, 24%,55% and 107% as compared with two-grade ham. NaCl content was higher and water content lower. 77 and 80~82 species in ham muscle and fat of volatile flavor compounds were checkout. Aldehydes, carboxylic acids, alcohols, esterswere were dominant volatile flavor compounds. Flavor compounds in subcutaneous fat was more abundance than in muscle. The manner of handcraft workshop and uncultured processing condition of traditional Jinhua ham mainly caused for produceing quality grade differences. The modernization and standardization for traditional processing of dry-cured ham is necessary condition for increasing flavor quality.
Immobilized PLA1 by Chitosan/Alginate Microcapsule and Study on Its Structure
SUN Wan-Cheng, JIANG Du-Xiao, LUO Yi-Hao
2005, 26(9):  100-103. 
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Chitosan, alginate, loaden enzyme have prominent effect for activity of immobilized enzyme by orthogonal experimental design, and getting optimum condition . IR spectra analyze chitosan/alginate microcapsule, and study on the inner structure of microcapsule by the ways of SEM which shows that it have regular micro-hole which have very large inner superficial area. Consequently, microcapsule can enhance activity of immobilized enzyme, increase interface area of reaction of lecithin and PLA1.
Study on the Stability of the Pokeberry Fruit Pigment
YANG Zheng-Shui, LUO Xian-Hua, HUANG Jing, YU Jian-Sheng
2005, 26(9):  104-107. 
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This paper studied the stability of the pokeberry fruit pigment. The result shows that the stability of the pokeberry fruit pigment has influence in various degree of temperature, pH, oxidant, reducing agent, illumination, metal ion, additive and so on. The having more obvious in influence pigment stability of high temperature, sunlight, sulphurous acid of hydrogen sodium, Cu2+, Fe3+.
Initial Study on the Effects of Food Enrichments on Processing Quality of Steamed Bread Flour
WANG Xue-Dong, LI Qing-Long, XIA Wen-Shui, SHEN Jiong, CHEN Hu, XIN Feng
2005, 26(9):  107-111. 
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Effects of exogenous CaCO3, FeSO4•7H2O, ZnSO4•H2O,VB1,VB2, niacinamide and folic acid on the processing quality of steamed bread flour was studied by rheology test, steamed bread -braising experiments and texture analysis.The results indicated that CaCO3 could improve the quality of the test flour, FeSO4•7H2O weakened the dough, but had no notable negative effect on the general quality of the flour, while, VB2 showed a slight effect on the colour of the steamed bread, and for the other food enrichments, no significant influence was observed.
On the Possibility of Using Instantaneous High Pressure Treatment to Modify Physical Properties of Dietary Fiber in Soybean Dregs
LIU Cheng-Mei, XIONG Hui-Wei, LIU Wei, RUAN Rong-Sheng, TU Zong-Cai
2005, 26(9):  112-115. 
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Instantaneous high pressure (IHP) was used to modify the physical properties of soybean dregs dietary fiber. Soybean dregs was diposed by enzyme to produce dietary fiber without most protein. The dietary fiber was then processed by the Microfluidizer, which is the basic equipment of IHP operation. The water retention capacity, swelling capacity and water combining capacity of DF products were higher. Broolfield programmable rheometer was used to determine the viscosity of the DF solution, the time sensitivity, speed sensitivity and temperature sensitivity were studied.
Effect of Cultivation Condition on Xanthan Gum Ratio from Ice-nucleation Active Bacteria of Xanthomonas ampelina TS206
LI Hong-Yan, CHEN Qing-Sen, YAN Ya-Li, LIU Lei, CUI Wei
2005, 26(9):  116-119. 
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The cultivation condition affected the cell growth, the ice nucleation activity and the xanthan gum ratio. Through single factor test ,the best culture condition of Xanthomonas ampelina TS206 was determined. The optimum initial pH value was 7.0, the optimum broth capacity was 100ml, the optimum cultivation time was 48h .But the xanthan gum ratio could not be reduced effectively by the variation of the above mentioned culture condition. During the cultivation, changing temperature from 30℃ to 18℃ not only promoted the biomass and the ice nucleation activity but also inhibited the xanthan gum ratio and reduced the culture time obviously.
Antifungal Effects and Mechanism of Bioactive Components of Allinm chinense on Candida albicans
MENG Song, HU Sheng-Biao, XIE Wei-An, DING Xue-Zhi, SUN Yun-Jun, XIA Li-Qiu
2005, 26(9):  119-123. 
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The bioactive components of Allium chinense inhibited multiplication of Candida albicans and its minimal inhibiting concentrations(MIC) was 0. 2%(V/V). The leakage of 260nm absorbing materials was increased in a dose-dependent manner after C.albicans treated by the bioactive components. The bioactive components inhibited glucose-induced acidification of the medium and increased Methylene Blue staining, also in a dose-dependent manner. The structure of β-(1-3)-D-glucan , which is a main composition of C.albicans cell wall, was changed by the bioactive components, analyzing by FT-Infrared spectrometer.
Research of the Influence of the Extent of Succinylation on Wheat Gluten Modified by Succinic Anhydride
ZHONG Xi-Yang, JIANG Shao-Tong, SUN Han-Ju, PAN Li-Jun, CHEN Guo-Qiang
2005, 26(9):  123-127. 
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In this article, wheat gluten was modified by the succinic anhydride.The influence of the extent of succinylation on solubility, emulsifying activity, emulsifying stability, foaming capacity and foaming stability was discussed. Finally, the modified wheat gluten in the optimum condition was used in the noodle. The result shows that the optimum extent of succinylation of wheat gluten is 66.1%; solubility, emulsifying activity, emulsifying stability, foaming capacity and foaming stability is 5.09mg/ml, 56.8%, 56.4%, 44.8%, 25%, respectively. Compared with the usual wheat gluten, the quality of the noodle made with the succinylated wheat gluten is better.
Purification, Preliminary Component Analysis and Structure Identification of Fungi Polysaccharides
ZHAO Yu-Ping, JI Li-Lian, ZHU Xiao-Qing
2005, 26(9):  127-129. 
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The polysaccharides of fungi were studies in this paper. The two kinds of EPS were obtained by Sephadex G75. Then the components of these EPS were considered by thin-layer chromatography, and they were xylose, mannose, glucose and rhamnose. Finally, the structures of polysaccharides were analyzed preliminarily by infra-red spectrum.
Studies on the Properties of the Edible Film of Chitosan
DONG Wen-Yan, XIN Yu, CONG Feng-Song, CHENG Wei-Dong, MAI Sheng, LIU Xia
2005, 26(9):  130-133. 
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This paper studied the effect of different ingredients on the physical and mechanical properties of the edible coatings of chitosan. The results showed that the water vapor permeability(WVP) and the moisture absorption(MB) increased with the increase of the concentration of CH and GLY, and decreased with the increase of the concentration of SUC, SPAN and SPI respectively. The elongation(E) increased with the increase was of the concentration of GLY, and decreased with the increase of the concentration of GLY, SUC, SPAN and SPI respectively. GLY has an maximal effect on WVP, MB and E. SUC and SPI has an great effect on gas permeability. The regressive models of the permeabilities of O2 and CO2 was established by SAS 8.2 respectively.
Breeding of Bacillis Subtilis Strain Produced High Fibrinolysin Activity by Induced-mutation with γ-ray and Diethyl Sulfate
LU Feng-Xia , LU Zhao-Xin, BIE Xiao-Mei, LIANG Si-Yu
2005, 26(9):  134-137. 
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Bacillus Subtilis FM-S2, as parental strain, was mutagenized withγ-ray and DES. 200 mutants were selected by the isolation on the milk protein plates from 2341 survival.mutants. Seven of mutants over 2000UK.U/ml were obtained by measuring the fibrinolysin activity. It was found that γ-DES36 strain had the highest fibrinolysin activity, which reached 2719.89±242.51UK.U/ml, and that it was stable for 10 generations.
Study on an Inverse Microemulsion and Its Application for Preparing Starch Microsphere
XIE Cai-Feng, YANG Lian-Sheng, MO Jia-Lin
2005, 26(9):  137-141. 
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A new stable miciroemulsion, consisting of cyclohexane and chloroform with Span80 and Tween60 as complex surfactant, was found and could be used for preparation of starch microspheres. The effects of main factors affecting starch microsphere size and size distribution, i.e. stirring speed, initial volume ratio between oil phase and aqueous phase etc, were investigated based on single-factor studies. The multi-factor linear equation was deduced by SPSS.
Differentiate between Pasteurized Milk and Ultra High Temperature Milk Utilizing with Isoenzyme Electrophoresis
LU Yu-Feng , PANG Guang-Chang, SHI Jin
2005, 26(9):  141-143. 
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Peroxidase(POD), Lactic dehydrogenase(LDH) and Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase(G6PDH) in pasteurized milk and ultra high temperature milk were analyzed utilizing with isoenzyme electrophoresis in order to distinguish pasteurized milk and ultra high temperature milk. The result showed that Peroxidase and Lactic dehydrogenase in milk after dealing with more than 85 degrees sterilization were totally passivated. While the activation of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in pasteur- ized milk is still high. But after ultra high temperature sterilization the activity is being absolutely lost. So this method can be used to differentiate between pasteurized milk and ultra high temperature milk.
Study on Promoting Fermentation Factors of the Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermented Milk
ZHAO Rui-Xiang, WANG Da-Hong, NIU Sheng-Yang, ZHANG Ling-Yun
2005, 26(9):  144-146. 
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Using 100g/L skim milk as basal medium,the influence on forming acid and curding time of Lactobacillus acidophilus was studied by adding different kinds and content sugar,vitamine,amino acid and protein.The results showed that lactose0.5%, pantothenic0.08%, cyanic acid1% and hydrolyzed bean protein0.5% could give the obvious effects and made the curding time shorten from 18~24h to 4h and pH reached to 4.30~5.25. Therefore, these four nutrients were promoting fermentation factors of Lactobacillus acidophilus fermented milk.
The Change of Components in Soybean Residue Fermented by Monilia Sitophila Mont
YU Yong-Hong, DENG Ze-Yuan, LI Jing, LIU Wen-Qun
2005, 26(9):  147-149. 
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The change of the isoflavone, the crude fiber, the crude protein and the water-soluble solid substance in soybean residue fermented by Monilia Sitophila Mont about 3~5 days at 30℃ was investigated. The results showed that the content of the crude fiber in the fermented soybean residue was about 23%, decreased by 50%, the content of the water-soluble solid substance, isoflavone and the crude protein about 37%, 0.66mg/g and 32.59% respectively, increased by 5 times, 10% and 32% compared to the fresh soybean residue. It indicated that fenmentation by Monilia Sitophila Mont could influence the components and processing features of soybean residue.
Study on the Antioxidation of Hydrolysate of Soy Protein Isolate with Chemiluminescence Method
LI Yang-Yang, ZHANG Kun-Sheng, REN Yun-Xia, WANG Ran
2005, 26(9):  149-152. 
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s: This paper was related to the study on the hydrolysis of soy protein isolate by solid Neutrase produced from Bacillus subtilis. The scavenging percentage of hydrolysate on different hydrolyzing conditions were studied by chemiluminescenceto determine the best condition. The result showed that the scavenging percentage of the sample were not positive relation with hydrolyzed degree.
Effect of Apple Polyphenol on Color Stability and Lipid Oxidation of Fresh Meat
SUN Cheng-Feng, YANG Jian-Rong, HE Hong-Jun
2005, 26(9):  153-157. 
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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of apple polyphenol on color stability and lipid oxidation of fresh pork packed with oxygen permeable film. The results were as follows: Apple polyphenol not only prohibited the oxidation of lipid in meat but also stabilized the red color of fresh pork. The color could be effectively protected by 0.05% apple polyphenol used alone. The effect of antioxidation and color stabilization was greatly enhanced when apple polyphenol was used with ascorbic acid or nicotinic amide. The color of meat samples treated with 0.05% apple polyphenol+0.05% nicotinic amide could keep stable redness for 7 days when stored at 5±1℃. The TBA and TVB-N value were 0.3mg/kg and 14.7mg/100g respectively.
Study on the Anthocyanin Extraction, Isolation and Its Stability, Function from Draff of Blackberry
ZHAO Bo-Tao, QIAN Hua, ZHANG Wei-Ming, HUANG Xiao-De, SUN Chun-Yan
2005, 26(9):  157-161. 
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In this study, anthocyanin were extracted and purification from draff of Blackberry, extraction conditions were optimized by orthogonal expriment, macroporous resin column chromatography was conducted for further separation and purification. The results showed that the anthocyanin was extracted effectively when draff was dipped with 70% of alcohol at 25℃ for 1 h. Among these factors, temperature of extraction had the most effect on extraction of anthocyanin, then the concentration of alcohol and the duration. The macroporous resin AB-8 was optimum for separating anthocyanin from draff of Blackberry, its adsorption capacity was 2.49mg/cm3, 50% ethanol used as eluant was effective, the purity of anthocyanin was 25%. On the basis of investigation on stability, it was indecated the stability of anthocyanin were better at pH3, at lower temperature and in dark. The purified anthocyanin extract could reduce the content of hyperoxide lipoids in the mouse liver and appeared high antioxidant activity .
Study on Waxberry Wines’Clarified Technique with Chitosan
LIN Xiao-Zi, HE Zhi-Gang, LI Wei-Xin, LU Dong-He
2005, 26(9):  162-165. 
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s: The influence of clarification and main physical chemistry ingridient of waxberry wine with chitosan treatment was studied. The result showed that 0.06g/L chitosan could increase transmittance of waxberry dry wine from 61.2% to 93.4 %, while 0.07g/L chitosan could increase transmittance of waxberry rum wine from 67.5% to 84.0 %, both of them showed ideal stability; The transmittance of waxberry wine with different sugar content was different; Chitosan can adsorb mostly yellow coloring matter of wine; Flocculation can be formed bigger and faster than that of bentonite, it influences weakly on main physical chemistry ingridient and amino acid of wine, while the dosage of chitosan was only 5%~10% of bentonite.
Effects of Frozen Storage on Freeze Denaturation of Clam Protein and the Study of Improvment
GUAN Zhi-Qiang, SONG Xiao-Yong, LI Min
2005, 26(9):  166-169. 
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The effects of frozen storage condition on salt-solubility and Ca2+-ATPase activity of myofibrillar protein in Meretrix Linnaeus and Paphia Undulata were studied in this paper. The results show that the storage temperature effects the protein freezing denaturation evidently, and the lower the frozen temperature, the less extent of freeze denaturation; surimi is impacted the most serious and minced shellfish is the second. the frezz denatureation of myofibrillar protein in shellfish meat could be efficiently reduced by means of cryoprotectants especially in surimi.
Research on the Purification and Anti-Oxidize Activity of Tremella Polysaccharide
YAN Jun, XU Guang-Yu, GUO Xiao-Qiang, LIU Wei, LI Xiao-Guang, GOU Xiao-Jun
2005, 26(9):  169-172. 
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The tremella polysaccharide was purified by DEAE-Cellulose and Sephadex G-200, and then obtained a pure homopolysaccharide TPP2. The ability of the tremella polysaccharide to scavenge the hydroxyl free radical in the test was carefully observed, and the outside anti-oxidize activity of acidity polysaccharide was researched. It was proven in the test that TPP2 showed active ability in scavenging the hydroxyl free radical, the sample thickness was 66.5μg/ml in 50% scavenging rate.TPP2 restrains obviously the peroxide of lard.
Changes in Chemical Composition of Alxa Bactrian Camel Milk during Lactation
JI Ri-Mu-Tu, ZHANG He-Ping, ZHAO Dian-Bo
2005, 26(9):  173-179. 
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Changes in chemical composition of Alax bactrian camels reared in the desert area of Alxa District of Inner Mongolia during lactation were investigated. Colostrum and milk samples from ten nomadic camel females at their first season of lactation were collected periodically from parturition until 90d post partum (PP). The average contents of gross composition were 14.23% protein, 4.44% lactose, 0.27% fat, 0.77% ash, and 20.16% total solids (TS) in colostrum at 2h PP, and the respective mean values were 3.55%, 4.24%, 5.65%, 0.87%, and 14.31% for normal milk on the 90th day. A fifteen-fold increase was shown by fat content during the first 24h, whereas a sharp decrease was shown during the first 12 h of lactation in protein, ash, and TS contents. Variation in lactose content were small (4.24%~4.71%) throughout the study period. Total N, non-protein N, casein N and whey protein N were found to be 2.23, 0.06, 0.86, and 1.31g/100ml of the colostrum at 2h PP; and 0.56, 0.04, 0.45, and 0.07g/100ml for the milk at 90d PP. Percentages of caseins increased steadily, while whey proteins declined gradually, until 3 months of lactation. Gas liquid chromatography analysis of milk fat showed that the content of even-numbered saturated fatty acids (C12:0~C18:0) in camel colostrum (2h~7d PP) was lower than that of normal milk (15~90d PP). The predominant saturatedfatty acids were C14:0, C16:0, and C18:0, regardless of the stage of lactation. There was considerable level of polyunsaturated fatty acids (mainly C18:1) in Alxa camel’s milk fat. The levels of Ca, P, Na, K and Cl were 222.58, 153.74, 65.0, 136.5, and 141.1mg/ 100g, respectively, at 2h PP; the values of the minerals were 154.57, 116.82, 72.0, 191.0, and 152.0mg/100g, respectively, for the normal milk on the 90th day. The levels of vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, and D were 0.97, 29.60, 1.45, 0.12, 1.24, 0.54mg/ L, and 640 IU/L respectively in Alxa camel milk at 90d PP. Vitamins A and C contents were higher and vitamins E and B1 were lower than those in colostrum.
Studies on the Isolation, Purification and Composition of Water-solubility Polysaccharides from Agrocybe Chaxingu
FU Gui-Ming, LIU Cheng-Mei, TU Zong-Cai
2005, 26(9):  180-184. 
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This study is in the interest of providing the theoretical basis for the healthy food exploitation of Agrocybe Chaxingu, and to do research on the fungal water-solubility polysaccharides in it. Five kinds of water-solubility polysaccharides are first isolated from Agrocybe chaxingu. The study also analyzes the physical and chemical quality of AP2, the most part of the five. The results is showed that the molecular weight of AP2 is 122460, and AP2’ sugar composition comprises: D-Glu, D-Man, D- Xyl and Gal acid. It is an acid polysaccharide and the Gal acid content is 6.8%.
Study on the Immobilized Chitosan by Alkaline Protease
WU Jun, TAO Hong, LIANG Qi
2005, 26(9):  184-186. 
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Alkaline protease has been immobilized on chitosan with glutaraldehyde as crosslinking agent. The factors involving with the activity of immobilized alkaline protease, such as the concentration of glutaraldehyde,amount of alkaline protease,reaction temperature, time and pH, were studied.The results showed that the optimum condition for immobilization were as follows: 0.2% solution of glutaral dehyde; the load of enzyme was 11000U/g; pH10; the reaction time was 2h at 50℃.
Antioxygenation of Raffinose to Fish Oil
WEN Hui-Liang, FANG Zhi-Jie, YUAN Mei-Lan
2005, 26(9):  187-188. 
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This paper discussed the antioxygenation of raffinose to fish oil. The research results show that raffinose have stabilization on fish oil and some other high unsaturated substances.
Research of Inhibition Kinetics for Activity of α-amylase by SPC
LIU Rui, PAN Si-Yi, LIU Liang, MA Li-Xia, XIE Bi-Jun
2005, 26(9):  189-192. 
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To study the inhibition effect of α-amylase by SPC (Sorghum procyanidins), the inhibition kinetics equation was established to analysis the inhibition type. Results showed that the activity of α-amylase was obviously inhibited by SPC via reversible competitiveness, the constant of inhibition (Ki) was 2.71mg/ml.
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Para-hydroxybenzoate Chitosan Ester
ZHAO Xi-Rong, XIA Wen-Shui
2005, 26(9):  192-195. 
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After protection of amine group, chitosan reacted with 4-acetoxy-benzoate chloride to form a ester, and the ester was reacted with hydrazine hydrate to be deprotected, para-hydroxybenzoate chitosan ester was obtained. Under optimum reaction conditions, esterification degree of para-hydroxybenzoate chitosan ester was 130%, and yield reached 80%. IR spec- trum showed the ester bond was formed between para-hydroxybenzonic acid and chitosan. Water solubility of the ester was slightly better than heptyl para-hydroxybenzoate, but alcohol solubility was greatly improved. The antimicrobial activity for Staphyloccus aurueus and Escherichia coli was better than heptyl para-hydroxybenzoate and much better than chitosan.
Mechanism of Carotenoids Absorption Controlled by Intestinal Environment
ZHOU Guang-Hong, GAO Feng, ZHU Xu-Dong
2005, 26(9):  196-201. 
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This study aims to explore the potential factors resulting in selective uptake and deposition of carotenoids by animals. The results showed that absorption mechanism of carotenoids was passive. There were significant differences in the intestinal environment between different species, such as, pH, bile salt content, free fatty acid composition. The results also showed that these intestinal factors affect absorption of carotenoids. Therefore the hypothesis was put forward that the absorption of carotenoids was controlled by intestinal environment in the first time.
Effects of Different Zinc Sources on Milk Yields and Milk Quality in Cows
GAO Feng, JIANG Yun, HUANG Xian-Lin
2005, 26(9):  202-203. 
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Nine Chinese Holstein cows were used in a replicated 3×3 Latin square design to study the effects of different zinc sources on milk yields and milk quality. Based diets supplemented with Zinc methionine(Zn-Met) and Zinc oxide(ZnO) containing 400mg zinc. The results showed that different zinc sources could increase milk yields, Zn-Met was better than ZnO, but not significant(p>0.05). No significant effect on milk fat rate (p>0.05). Zinc added to diets could increase the content of zinc in milk, significant effects were observed Zn-Met comparing with ZnO (p <0.05).
Optimization of Enrichment Culture of DVS Lactic-acid Bacteria Starter
LIU Dan, PAN Dao-Dong
2005, 26(9):  204-207. 
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In order to prepare Direct Vat Set (DVS) lactic-acid bacteria starter, the enrichment culture of Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 4356 was studied by orthogonality tests of carbon source, nitrogen source, nutrition factors and buffer salts. The optimum culture composition was as following: improved MRS culture,10% tomato juice,10% carrot juice,10% juice of plerotus sapidus, 0.1g/100ml CaCO3, 0.5g/100ml NaAc. The number of viable cells got to 8.56×109cfu/ml in the culture for 10 hours at 37℃. A notable effect of concentration was gained comparing with simple liquid starter.
Sdudy on the Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Isoflavones from Soybeans
LI Chang-Biao, ZHAO Xiu-Hong, LIU Chang-Jiang, ZHANG Chun-Hong, MENG Xian-Jun
2005, 26(9):  207-210. 
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Isoflavone derivatives from freeze-dried soybeans were extracted by pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) and determined by reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) .At the same time ,carry through experiment forinfluence factor about several extraction solvents , temperatures, pressures, etc.as well as establish the optimization of the extraction protocol: 0.1 g of sample, 100℃, three (7min) static extraction cycles and ethanol 70% as extracting solvent. the most rate of picking-up is 93% .The stability of the isoflavones during the PLE was also determined. Indication: degradation of malonyl glucoside forms of the isoflavones takes place using temperatures higher than 100 ℃ whereas degradation of glucosides takes place above 150℃
Factors Influenced the Extraction of Apple Polyphenols by Organic Regents
LUAN Yan, JI Bao-Ping, JIANG Hui, ZHOU Feng, CHEN Long-Fei
2005, 26(9):  211-215. 
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Apple polyphenols is a kind of functional compounds in apple with strong antioxidant activity. Several extracting reagents, different extracting temperature, time, times and ratio between material and organic reagents. It indicated that the optional conditions for organic reagents extraction is: 70% ethanol solvent was used to extract apple polyphenols from the dried apple powder by 1:20(apple dried powder: ethanol solvent) under 30℃ two times and 30min for each time. And the optional conditions for ultrasonic wave extraction is: 70% ethanol solvent was used to extract apple polyphenols samt to that of organic reagents, the extracting temperature is ice bath and the ratio betweent apple powder and 70% ethanol solvent is 1:30 not farmilar to that of organic reagents extraction, and the extractiong times is 2 times same as that of organic reagents extraction. From all above, the optional method for apple polyphenols extracting is ultrasonic wave which can be used to get more apple polyphe- nols than that by organic reagents.
Study on Extraction Technology of Phycobiliproteins and Stability of Phycocyanins from Nostoc sphaeroids Kutz
FAN Gang, CHEN De-Wen, PAN Si-Yi, WANG Xing-Ping
2005, 26(9):  215-218. 
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Effect of one factor on extraction of phycobiliproteins from Nostoc sphaeroids Kutz and stability of phycocyanin were studied. The results show that concentration, pH value and extraction time of buffer affected the extraction rate of phycobiliproteins mostly. When concentration of buffer was 0.24mol/L, pH7, extraction time was 4.2h, the yield of phycobiliproteins was the highest, which was 7.004%, 7.438%, 5.924% respectively. And phycocyanin is stable under 30℃, 10% alcohol concentration and pH6~8.
Studies on the Fat Replacer V-Research of Application of Fat Mimics of Carbohydrate Style in West Style Fast Food
YANG Ming-duo,YU Ya-li,GAO Feng
2005, 26(9):  218-222. 
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In this paper, fat mimics of carbohydrate style was applied in the west style fast food: ice-cream and hamburger(bread fraction), the substitutes were get by single factor experiments and orthogonal experiments. The correlation analysis has been done between the sensory estimate and value get by apparatus, and the main parameters which can forecast the sensory quality and grade of low fat content ice-cream and hamburger (bread fraction) were get at the same time.
Extract of Sedum Sarmentosun Bunge and Mix Sanitarian Drink
WAN Zhong-Min, JU Xing-Rong, PAN Hong
2005, 26(9):  222-225. 
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Steep some Sedum Sarmentosun Bunge separately in the distilled water, boil, filter and use ethyl acetate and petroleum ether to extract the percolate, we can recuperate the ethyl acetate and petroleum ether simultaneously, ultimately in the bottle is what we want. Meanwhile we mix several different drink with extraction、 fresh and dried Sedum Sarmenhe Bunge. The drink made up with the fresh Sedum Sarmentosun Bunge has a kind of particular flavor and the drink made up with the dried Sedum Sarmentosun Bunge is poor. Because during Sedum Sarmentosun Bunge drying, main effective element will be lost. Convenient formula: extraction 0.05%, dextrose 5%, honey 1%, salt 0.03%, vitamin C 0.01%, essence 0.03%.
Study on the Purification of Gingerol by Macroporous Resin
LIU Wei, LIU Cheng-Mei, LI Ming, TU Zong-Cai, LIANG Rui-Hong
2005, 26(9):  226-228. 
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This paper studied the method for gingerol purification from ginger by macroporous resin absorption resin and its relevant influential factors for extraction. The optimum process conditions were gathered as following: AB-8 for the resin type, the resin quantity adopted at 40mg gingerol per dry resin, hexane to ethanol at 7:3 as the eluting solvent, elution rate at 0.4ml/min. The content of gingerol in the purified oil reached 48.3%.
Study on Extraction Technology, Purification and Structural Appraisal of Flavonoid from Ginger
MO Kai-Ju, CHENG Chao, HUANG Peng, WU Shu-Hua
2005, 26(9):  229-233. 
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Had studied the extraction technology purification method and structural appraisal of ginger’s flavonoid. The results showed that the best excellent condition was adopting 40multiples’ raw materials weight of 90% methyl alcohols solvent, current soaking 4h under 60~65℃. But the best combination was that adopting 40multiples’ raw materials weight of 75% methyl alcohols solvent , current soaking 2h under 60~65℃. The highest obtain rate was 1.250%. The main composition is flavanones.
Study on the Extraction of Pigment from Purple Sweet Potato Powder by Microwave-assisted Technique
XU Zheng-Hong, GAO Yan-Xiang, SHI Su-Lan, LIU Xuan
2005, 26(9):  234-239. 
Asbtract ( 1211 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (157KB) ( 363 )  
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Anthocyanin was extracted by microwave-assisted technique from purple sweet potato powder. The effects of average microwave output power、microwave irradiation time、different solvents and their concentrations on the extraction yield were investigated, the parameters of extraction process were optimized through Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and average microwave output power was 700w(temperature 70℃), microwave irradiation time was 6.37min, liquid/solid ratio 15:1 and hydrochloride concentration was 0.3%.
The Separateness of Producing Colloid Gene XanA from Xanthomonas campestris
LIU Ying
2005, 26(9):  239-241. 
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The separate method of producing colloid gene XanA from Xanthomonas campestris was promoted in this thesis. By the means of genetic engineering, the genetic DNA of Xanthan Gum was acted as template to obtain the gene XanA. And in the course of which, optimizing experiment of PCR analysis was made. Ultimately, the yield of Xanthan Gum is expected to increase geminately. This approach could be used to separate gene XanA rapidly. The purity of the obtained gene XanA was good enough for the establishment of genomic library and recombine plastid.
Separation and Preparation of Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG)
WANG Xia, GAO Li-Juan, LIN Bing-Chang
2005, 26(9):  242-246. 
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Separation and preparation of Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG) from tea polyphenols was investigated by HPLC. The EGCG was enriched after green tea polyphenols(30%) was extracted by ethyl acetate. The purity of EGCG was 60%. EGCG was Separated and purified by HPLC. The high purification solution of EGCG was collected .The solution was evaporated and freeze-dried under vacuum. Finally, the product was abtained and its purity was more than 99%.
The Effects of Salt Factors and Spice Compounds on the Quality of Packaged Fermented Vegetable
JI Feng-Di, JI Bao-Ping, LI Bo, LIU Zong-Lin
2005, 26(9):  246-250. 
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In order to get a kind of good quality, low salt, safety fermented vegetable product. In this study, the effects of the salting time (4, 10, 16, 24h), salting temperature (15, 25℃), different spices, salting methods etc, on the microorganism, nitrite forming during the fermentation of packaged vegetable(4℃)were investigated. It was showed that the total bacterial was 102~ 104cfu/g and the nitrite content was below 0.5g/L.
Studies on Extracting Keratin in the Eggshell Membrane
ZHANG Rui-Yu, CHEN Jia-Cong
2005, 26(9):  251-254. 
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The methods for separating eggshell from its inner-membrane, which have been mentioned in some literatures before have been compared, and certain improvements of the separating technology have been made. It has been found out that if one- step alkali treatment was only used during separation, any acid needn’t be used, and the separation technology could be simplified, the separation was very thorough. Meanwhile, the main factors closely related with the results of keratin hydrolysis, including extracting temperature, alkali concentration and ratio of solid/liquid, have respectively been studied, then based on this, the orthogonal test has been conducted and optimal combination of the three has been obtained, under 85℃, 5.2% of alkali used, and 1:16 of solid/liquid, the extracting rate of keratin from eggshell inner-membrane was 48.6% under this experiment. The keratin in hydrolysis liquid could be purified by dialysis, dehydration by polyethylene glycol, and vacuum drying.
The Applications of Chitosan and Pectinase to the Clarification of Red Wine
XU Chun
2005, 26(9):  255-257. 
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The effect of chitosan and pectinase on the clarification of red wine was investigated in the study. The best clarification condition was obtained through an orthogonal experiment, which was at 20℃, natural pH condition, 0.04% of pectinase, 0.04% of chitosan for 2.5h. The clarification degree, stability and optic effect of red wine was improved significantly with the mixed applications of chitosan and pectinase, and the sensory qualities of clarified red wine was much better than single clarifier.
Nutritional Health Function of Loquat and Research of Chuanbei Low Sugar Loquat Jam
HE Zhi-Gang, LIN Xiao-Zi, LI Wei-Xin, LU Dong-He
2005, 26(9):  258-260. 
Asbtract ( 998 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (60KB) ( 458 )  
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This paper introduced the nutritional compositions and health function of loquat, the process technology and parameter of Chuanbei low sugar loquat jam were confirmed. The result showed that 0.3~0.5g/kg VC could prevent oxidation browning effectively while the loquat fruit were crashed, the optimum recipe of Chuanbei loquat jam was 30% sugar, 0.8% acidity and 5g/kg Chuanbei.
Study on Microencapsulation of Eucommia Key-Fruit Seed Oil and Its Anti-oxidative Property
MA Cheng-Jin, OU Yang-Yu-Zhu , GU Ren-Yong, LI Jia-Xing, ZHANG Yong-Kang
2005, 26(9):  261-264. 
Asbtract ( 1251 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (69KB) ( 269 )  
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With β-cyclodextrin as wall material, eucommia key-fruit seed oil was microencapsulated with embedding method. The microencapsulation technical conditions were investigated with Uniform design test.Meanwhile, the anti-oxidative property of microencapsulated eucommia key-fruit seed oil was also discussed. The results show that the microencapsulation yield reaches 83.6% and the average inclusive ratio is 1.88:1, when β-cyclodextrin is 3.0g, eucommia key-fruit seed oil is 2.5ml, reaction time is 60min and reaction temperature is 30℃. The anti-oxidative property of microencapsulated eucommia key-fruit seed oil is better.
Study on the Purification of Resveratrol by Macroporous Adsorption Resin
LIU Shu-Xing, CHENG Li-Ying, GAO Lian-Zhou, GENG Wei
2005, 26(9):  265-269. 
Asbtract ( 1041 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (78KB) ( 324 )  
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Resveratrol is purified by macroporous adsorption resin from polygonum cuspidatum .The experiment results show that a resin type of NKA-9 is better in adsorption and desorption to resveratrol. Resveratrol can be purified well under the condition of material concentration 3~4mg/ml, sample flow velocity 1ml/min, sample quantity 0.5BV, pH=4 for adsorption; 75% ethanol as desorption solvent, desorption velocity of flow 1.0ml/min, pH=8 for desorption.
Effect of Acid Hydrolysis on Extraction of Pectin in Banana Peel
XIA Hong, DU Quan-Hong, LI Hong-Qin
2005, 26(9):  269-271. 
Asbtract ( 2699 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (53KB) ( 821 )  
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Extraction of pectin in banana peel was studied using 0.2mol/L hydrochloric acid solution as an extractant. The operating conditions, including amount of the extractant, extraction temperature and time were optimized by orthogonal experimental investigation. It was found that the optimal concentration of extractant was twice as that of the raw material, and the time and the temperature were 1.5h and 85℃, respectively, which was correlated with hydrolysis of pectin substances.
Preparation on Solidified Matrimony-Vine Yoghurt
LI Gang, WANG Shu-Ning, ZENG Wei-Li
2005, 26(9):  272-275. 
Asbtract ( 1142 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (67KB) ( 331 )  
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The matrimony-vine yoghurt is obtained through the processes of allocating, with matrimony-vine, skim milk as main materials, sugar and stabiliser as auxiliary materials, and fermenting with Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus therphilus which have acclimated.through the perpendicular test, the best recipe of product was matrimony-vine juice:skim milk 1:12, sugar 6%, inoculum size 8%, gelatin 0.20% and color fixative was 0.20% ascorbic acid, and sterilization and fermentation conditions were 83℃ 30min and 42℃ 280min. The new yoghurt has rich nutrition, proper acid and sugar and it is a health and function food.
Studies on Purification and Properties of Konjac Glucomannan
ZHANG Sheng-Hui, WU Shao-Yan, YAN Yi-Zhi, SHAO Yu
2005, 26(9):  275-277. 
Asbtract ( 1052 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (62KB) ( 499 )  
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Konjac Glucomannan (KGM) with good water solubility has been isolated from Konjac Flour, through defatting, deprotein, decolor, ultracentrifuge, precipitation etc. The structure of product was analysed by means of infrared absorption spectrum.
Study on Processing Technology Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill Winesap
WEN Lian-Kui, ZHANG Jiu-Li, JIANG Ming-Zhu, FU Cheng-Guo
2005, 26(9):  278-280. 
Asbtract ( 1033 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (57KB) ( 388 )  
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The study introduces processing technology Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.)Bail1 winesap with dry Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.)Bail1 as material .through extraction in water and alcohol, clarifying and preparation .The results are as follows: Using Et OH precipitate of water extract produced extract liquid ,the extract liquid with the material liquid ratio of was 1:10,acid content was 0.5%,sugar acid ratio was 20:1 was clear and delicious.
Studies on the Extraction and Stability of Chestnut Shells Brown Pigment
ZHANG Jie-Li, MA Tian-Fang, LI Tie-Chun, HUI Rui-Hua, HOU Dong-Yan
2005, 26(9):  281-284. 
Asbtract ( 1000 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (348KB) ( 371 )  
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The extraction,physical and chemical property of chestnut shells planted brown pigment in Xiuyan of Anshan of Liaoning Province were studid.Its stability experiment shows that it is a kind of water-soluble pigment and has certain light and heat stability. When pH is form 3 to 9, the stability of pigment is good. This pigment has endurance ability to oxidizer H2O2 and reductive Na2SO3. The sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid and phosphate greatly affect pigment stability.
Study on the Extraction and Stability of Xanthophyl Ⅱ
CHEN Zhi-Xing, WANG Jian-Ping, HUANG Chuang-Xing
2005, 26(9):  284-288. 
Asbtract ( 1165 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (393KB) ( 369 )  
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The xanthophyl had been studied. as a natural pigment. The orthogonal test design was used to test the main factors of percolation process, including time for extraction(A), quality of xanthophyl powder(B), volume of absolute alcohol(C) and tune for ultrasonic(D).As a result that the volume and the quality had a great effect on the extraction of the pigment, and time had a less effect, the best technologic condition was 0.0500g of lutein powder is extractived in 90ml alcohol for 60min, including ultrasonic for 2min. Through the different preserved condition: metallic ion, pH, oxidation inhibitors, the xanthophyl changes in cereals had been analyzed; the orthogonal test results showed that the metallic ion Ca2+ had a great effect on the stability of the pigment, and pH had the smallest one, next is the EDTA - Na2, the best technologic condition was Ca2+ 0.7 × 10-6, EDTANa2 3.5 × 10-6, pH4.8.
Study on the Processing Technology of Jujube Soft Sweet 
ZHU Hong-Li, ZHANG Xiu-Qi, YANG Bin-Bin, YANG Li-Li
2005, 26(9):  288-290. 
Asbtract ( 1127 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (271KB) ( 384 )  
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A type of soft sweet which is popular with everyone has been prepared with glucose and granulated sugar by adding appropriate amount of coagulants and jujube extraction. The best technologic process and formulations have been acquired after studing the influence of coagulants type and amount of sugar and citric acid on the process.The soft sweet is of special taste attractive and smooth with the functions of anti-inflammations, relieving pain ,moistening the throat ,eliminating halitosis and improving health.
Study on the Deodorizing of Protein in Silkworm Chrysalis
JIN Ming-Xiao, QU Hong-Guang, CHANG You-Quan, ZHENG Hong-Yan
2005, 26(9):  291-294. 
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Three ways are studied on the deodorizing to protein in silkworm chrysalis in this paper. NaClO method, adsorbent method and composite fibre method. Among them, the third one is the best.
Study on the New Method of Extraction Placental Peptide and Analysis of Nutritive Composition in Sheep’s Placenta
WU Yun
2005, 26(9):  295-297. 
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A new method of extraction placental peptide and trace elements,amino acid in sheep’s placenta was reported .The result indicate that the product contained many lands of elements and more man 18 amino acids. Sheep’s Placental Peptide can influnce average life-spine and the flitting ability of Drosophila melanogaster and promoted signally the phagocytosis of mouse abdomical cavity megalophage.
The Technical Study on the Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Linolenic Acid Oil from Pine Nutlet
LI Gui-Ling, ZHENG Hong-Yan, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang, MA Jin-Rong, MA Yan, XI Xiao-Wei
2005, 26(9):  297-299. 
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The technical coditions on the supercritical fluid extraction(SFE) of Linolenic acid oil From were studied, including pressure and temperature of extraction, temperature of rectifying column and extracting time .Though orthogonal experimens,the optimal extracting condition was got .Compared with the method of seqeezing ,the extracting rate is higher and the active component are better conserved by supercritical fluid extraction(SFE).
Determination of Ginkgo Biloba Flavonoids in Gingkgo Tear,Fig Leaf,Guava Leaf
PENG Shan-Shan, XIAO Feng
2005, 26(9):  300-302. 
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Flavonoid is an important natural organic constituent for curing diabetes. Flavonoid was extracted in gingkgo tear, fig leaf,guava leaf with ethanol soak extraction and ultrasound, and determined contents by spectrophotometry .The results snowed that contents the flavonoid of were rich in fig ,guava and gingkgo.
The Studied of Extracting Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide by Ultrasound
2005, 26(9):  302-305. 
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The extraction technique of Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide by ultrasound Optimum extraction for LBP was at 50℃ and 60 volume of adding water keep for 2.5h, then extracted by ultrasound for 5min,the extraction rate was 50.36 % ,which were obtained by orthogonal test. Furthermore the contents of Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides(LBP) was analysed by spectrphotometric methods.
Extraction Method of Pigments in Black Rice
DENG Kai-Ye, WU Guo-Jun, WANG Da-Wei
2005, 26(9):  305-308. 
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This experiment was conducted to estabilish the efficient extraction condition for pigments in black rice. Efficiency of the pigments extraction was maximal when the content ratio of mixed solvent of methanol (3): ethanol (7) was 70%. In black rice pigment, 70%-80% ethanol containing 0.5% malic acid showed the best extraction efficiency and stability with a maximum absorbance wavelength at 538nm. The relative optical density of the pigments increased until the solvent temperature was reached at 70℃.The higher amount of the pigment was extracted from the longer stirring time of the solvent 10min was enough for the grindingtime of rice. Supernatant of the pigment extractives after one day storage at 4℃ in refrigerator revealed higher optical density.
Study on Extracting Oil from Blackcurrant Seed and Determining γ-linolenie acid of Blackcurrant Seed Oil
LIU Guo-Yan, XU Xin, WANG Jing
2005, 26(9):  309-311. 
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The article explains the study on abtaining blackcurrant seed oil by solvent extraction. It confirmed the optiumum extraction condition through orthogonal trial as follow: extraction temperature 55℃, extraction time 40min,material:solvent 1:2. 5(W/V). The extraction rate under the optimum reaction conditions was 87.31%. Blackcurrant seed oil contains γ -linolenie acid, which is a kind of functional ingredient. The content of Y -linolenie acid determined by Gas Chromatography was 17.68%.
Study on the Extracting Technology of the Salvia splendens ker Red Pigment
MA Yin-Hai, PENG Yong-Fang, FU Yun-Mei, WANG Qiu-E, YANG Yong-Zhen
2005, 26(9):  311-313. 
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This article studied the extracting technology of Salvia splendens ker red pigment with resin. We have compared seven resins.The best resin was D101 -A. We selected D101-Aresinin our experiment, in the course of desorbing the absorbed red pigment with 70% ethanol during the experiment. After using of 21 times, the absorption factor was very stabilization and had 2.35%decrease.
Extraction and Determination of Flavonoids in Rowers of Coreopsis basalis
ZHU Du, CHEN Fei-Biao, XIA Jian-Hui, LI Chang-Sheng
2005, 26(9):  314-316. 
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The flavonoids content in flowers of Coreopsis basalis was determinated by use of the color metric method with rutin as standard material. The analytical result showed that the average content of flavonoids in flowers of Coreopsis basalis was 25.99%, and the method for determining flavonoids content of Coreopsis basalis is simple and useful, meanwhile the determination repeatability is very good. The optimum extracting conditions were: extract temperature 85℃, extract time 1.5h, extract for 3 times with the extraction reagent 65% alcohol.
Syntheses of Flavoring Compounds 1-Methylthio-2-Propanone and 1-n-Butylthio-2-Propanone
ZHENG Fu-Ping, CHEN Hai-Tao, SUN Bao-Guo, XIE Jian-Chun, LIU Yu-Ping, TIAN Hong-Yu, LIANG Meng-Lan
2005, 26(9):  317-320. 
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Two flavoring agents 1-methylthio-2-propanone and 1-n-butylthio-2-propanone were synthesized by the reaction of sodium hydroxide and chloroacetone with exess amount of methyl mercaptan and butyl mercaptan respectively. The yields was 66.4% and 78.4% in turn (based on the amount of chloroacetone). Structure of the target compounds was identified by means of elemental analysis, FTIR, 1 H NMR and GC-MS date.
Study on Fine Separation of Vitamin E Succinate
WU Lin, WANG Yan, LU Liang, QIN Xiao-Rong, YI De-Lian
2005, 26(9):  320-322. 
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Compared with vitamin E (VE), vitamin E succinate (VES) is stabler and has a wide use in medical and cosmetics fields. The reaction solution was prepared by vitamin E and succinic anhydride as resource, acetone as solvent, triethylamine as catalyst. The reaction solution was placed at 3FFC for about ten hours and the succinic anhydride can be cemented out from the mixture, the reclaiming can reach 82.6%. Then the distillation cut of triethylamine and acetone were got in the vacuum of 0.08MPa. The residue was dissolved in hexane. The solution precipitated and separated quickly, then it was filtrated and washed; the reclaiming of VES is 82% and purity of the product is 93%.
A Study on Processing Technology of Yellow Flower Camellia Beverage
ZHAO Yan-Hua, TIAN Cheng-Rui, XU Chang-Bo, WEI Neng, QIN Li-Hu
2005, 26(9):  323-326. 
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This article has studied the basic processing technology of yellow flower camellia beverage in the productive condition and the clarified technology to prevent yellow flower camellia beverage from being cloudy in shelf life. Through the multifactor orthogonal trial, the study identifies the best processing technology of yellow flower camellia beverage.
Fermentation Conditions for High-Level Expression of Trichosanthin Gene in Gene Engineering Strain
ZHAO Qiao-Yun, LI Zhi-Dong, SONG Ji-Rong, DONG Zhao-Lin
2005, 26(9):  327-329. 
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Objective: Engineering Strain(T239) was cultivated under different conditions in order to find the optimal Fermentations that would lead to maximal fusion protein yield. Methods: The strain was cultured under different temperature, pH, rotating rate, time, and capability of bottle Results and conclusions: The proper Fermentation Conditions consist of: 30℃, pH7.3,200r/min, 50ml/500mlculture bottle, 30h, rotating cultivation bed, with 2.0g/L glucoseon added.
Increase Extraction Pureness Research of Effective Composition for Gastrodia elata BL
LIU Jin-Long, CHEN Gen-Hong, ZHENG Xiao-Jiang
2005, 26(9):  329-333. 
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This is a research result :Firest - retrieve rate of combination for orthogonality design is use Three eliminote impurity reagent of ZTC 1+1; use three 0.1% active carbon powder; use 90% ethanol. Analyze result of the method and difference: Use number of times factor of eliminote impurity reagent of ZTC 1+1; Use number of times factor of 0.1 % active carbon powder, Factor of ethanol consistency all attain standard of maximal notable. It is had reference value in Increase extraction pureness research of effective composition for Gastrodia elata BL.
Study on Technology of Microwave Shelling of Cut Chinese Chestnut
WANG Wu, ZHANG Li, FANG Hong-Mei, CHEN Cong-Gui
2005, 26(9):  333-336. 
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The microwave shelling technology of cut Chinese chestnut was studied in this paper.The results showed that the Chinese chestnuts’ dipping in sodium chloride solution and then being cut could improve its shelling e→ct under the microwave. The optimized technology conditions were as follows: raw chestnut→ weighing and classifying → dipping in 2% sodium chloride solution at normal temperature for 7 hours →cutting → treating by microwave for 20 seconds (750W)→ removing the shell and inner cover → chestnut kernel.
Extraction of Polysaccharide of Rana chensinensis David by PEF
HAN Yu-Zhu, YIN Yong-Guang, LI Feng-Wei, DING Hong-Wei
2005, 26(9):  337-339. 
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In older to gain the optimization extract of polysaccharide of Rana chensinensis David by pulsed electric field (PEF), we have inspected single factor influence and then optimized them by orthogonal experiment. The result was showed that the largest extraction ratio is 55.59% by PEF on the conditions of 0.5% KOH and 20kv/cm electric field intensity and 6 μ s pulse number. Compared it with the alkali extract method and enzyme extract method and compound extract method, the extract ratio and polysaccharide content of PEF method are higher than the other three methods. The PEF extract ratio is 1.77 time of compound enzyme method and total sugar contents is more 6.34% than compound enzyme method and the impurity of extraction material is less. So PEF method is a novel and promising method to extract polysaccharide.
The Research on Condition for Pretreatment of Dietary Fiber of Bean Dregs
ZHENG Dong-Mei, XIE Qing-Hui, ZHANG Hong-Liang
2005, 26(9):  340-346. 
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What this text introduced is by means of a new pretreatment technology--Extrusion, dealing with the raw materials of bean dregs, and improving the yield of Soluble Dietary Fiber (SDF). Through the single factor experiment and L9(34)orthogonal experiments, it can be gotten to the optimum processing conditions of bean dregs dietary fiber: the consumption of NaOH was 5% and trypsin was 0.3%, soaking time with alkali was 60 min, soaking temperature was 80℃. The content of Insoluble Dietary Fiber (IDF) in this product was 81.07%, the SDF was 6.94%. Because the physiological function of the SDF was approved and was paid more attention in recent years, the reports about it were more and more too. It was acknowledged that the Extrusion technology can improve content of Soluble in dietary fiber, because the most of the semi-cellulose and a few of the cellulose could be decomposed to the SDF with high temperature, high pressure, high shear strength and friction. Therefore, putting the Extrusion technology in the pretreatment course of producing Dietary Fiber (DF) with bean dregs can obviously improve the yield of the SDF. Through L9(33)orthogonal experiments, got the optimum processing conditions of single screw extrusion: 25% of supplies moisture, push temperature 180℃, rotational speed of screw 175r/min. Under these conditions, the yield of SDF was raised to 19.45% from 6.94%.
Study on the Optimum Conditions of the Hydrolyzation of Feather Keratins by Alkaline
YIN Guo-Qiang, CUI Ying-De, LI Xin-Ming, JIA Zhen-Yu, LIAO Lie-Wen
2005, 26(9):  347-349. 
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A new method of extracting soluble protein from feather was introduced in the paper. Feather was preprocessed with sodium bisulfite and then hydrolysised by sodium hydroxide. After investigating the eωct factors such as amounts of sodium bisulfite, alkaline solution concentration, ratio of liquid to solid, hydrolytic temperature and hydrolytic time, the optimum hydrolytic conditions were obtained as follows: ω ( sodium bisulfite); ω ( feather)=30:100, alkaline solution concentration 0. 4%, ω(liquid); ω(feather)=15:1, hydrolytic temperature 90℃ and hydrolytic time 2 h. Under these conditions, the recovery ratio of the soluble feather protein was 65.7%.
The Preparation of Monoclonal Antibody Against Heavy Metal Ion Cadmium
TANG Yong, XIANG Jun-Jian, LUO Hui-Wu, DENG Ning, WANG Hong
2005, 26(9):  350-353. 
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Heavy metal ion cadmium was chelated with Isothiocyanobenzyl-EDTA (IEDTA) and linked with vector protein KLH to gain the completed antigen (Cd-IEDTA-KLH). Several Balb/C mouse were immunized with Cd-IEDTA-KLH to make hybridoma cells. The strain 1F6 which can produce monoclonal antibody against Cd-IEDTA steadily was obtained. The ascites was obtained by immunized mouse with 1F6 cells. The titer of the monoclonal antibody in the ascites was about 1:51200.
Purification of Genistein and Daidzein from Pueraria Lobata(Wild.) Ohwi by Coordination Chromatography
PAN Jian, XU Tao
2005, 26(9):  353-355. 
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To establish a protocol for the purification of genistein and daidzein from Pueraria lobata(Wild.)Ohwi by coordination chromatography. The extract of Pueraria lobata(Wild.) Ohwi was mixed with Nickel sulfate and then purified by dry column chromatography in gradient systems composed of chloroform and methanol. The elution order of genistein and daidzein was opposite comparing with ordinary chromatography method, and the purity of genistein and daidzein were greater than 95%.
Study on Vacuum Freeze-drying Technology of Flower of Rape
SUN Han-Ju, ZHONG Xi-Yang, XU Hui-Hua, JIANG Shao-Tong
2005, 26(9):  356-358. 
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Based on the freeze-drying technology of the flower of rape, killing enzymes, protecting color and preservation rate of vitamin C were discussed in particular. The optimum blanching conditions were obtained, which made a good fundamental for industry production.
Study on Methods of Rapeseed Polysaccharides (RP) by Ultrasonic Extraction
CHEN Hao, HE Xiao-Min, FENG Rui, LI Sheng-Qing, XUE Ai-Fang, WU Mou-Cheng
2005, 26(9):  359-361. 
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Using ultrasonic extraction methods, RP was extracted from rapeseed-meal, and the content was determined by phenol-vitriol colorimetry. The main factors (extracted time, solid liquid ratio, times) were investigated, and finally the optimal extracting conditions were assured by orthogon:d experiments, while the content of RP was calculated. The results showed that: the optimal ultrasonic extracting conditions: 75min, 1:40,2 times and the content was 1.99%; Ultrasonic extraction was a better method for RP extraction with less time and solution, higher extraction rate.
Preparation of Natural Benzaldehyde from Amygdalus Ledebouriana Schlech
TANG Hui, CHEN Zhi-Ping, ZHANG Hua, JING Wen-Juan
2005, 26(9):  362-364. 
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In order to prepare natural benzaldehyde from amygdalus ledebouriana schleche in Xinjiang, the UV absorb method is used to determine the content of benzaldehyde and inspect its efficiency of preparation by steam distillation after getting rid of the fat in amygdalus ledebouriana schlecht by ultrasonic method. The content of natural benzaldehyde in amygdalus ledebouriana schlecht is 1.264%.The average recovery of preparation is 83.99% and RSD is 3.0%. The practical average productivity of natural benzaldehyde reaches 83.60% and RSD is 1.7%. So to prepare natural benzaldehyde under the conditions is available and the recovery is steady.
Extraction and Determination Oleanloic Acid from Chinese Quince
LIU Han-Lan, TANG Jing, WANG Zhi-Fang, ZHANG Peng, ZHAO Wei, LU Fei-Fei, LIU Jie
2005, 26(9):  365-367. 
Asbtract ( 1145 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (272KB) ( 235 )  
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A method was developed for the extraction and determination of oleanolic acid from Chinese quince. The performances of Reflux extraction, Soxhiet extraction, Leaching extraction and Ultrasonic extraction (UE) were investigated. The results obtained by HPLC indicated that UE had the highest extraction efficiency. The proposed method was charecterized as simplicity, fast and sensitivity.
SStudy on the Different Extraction Process of Polysaccharide from Chinese Date
LIN Qin-Bao, ZHAO Guo-Yan
2005, 26(9):  368-371. 
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Several extraction processes were used respectively, such as the traditional hot water extraction method, microwave method and supersonic method, the content of polysaccharide were determined by phenol-sulfuric method to optimize the extraction process of polysaccharide. The optimum conditions of extraction were obtained on the basis of single factor test, it indicates that: the latter two methods are simple, convenient and efficient.
Extraction and Separation of Natural Taurine from Enzymatic Hydrolysis Water of Marine ClamMeat
SU Gui-Jiao, YAN Yu-Xiao, QIN Jie, HUANG Yan-Ping, NIE Gui-Feng
2005, 26(9):  372-376. 
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In this paper, the technologcial conditions of extracting natural taurine from the fresh clam meat by means of hydrolysis of the acid protease at first and then boiling in water were studied.The results showed that the optimal technologcial conditions of extracting natural taurine could be summarized as follows: solid-to-liquid ration 1:3, hydrolysis at temperature 35FFC, pH2.5, quantity of enzyme E/S=2000U/g, hydrolysis time 3h, boiling time 0.5h. Then natural taurine was separated from the enzymatic hydrolysis water by strong acidic cation-exchange resin. Through comparison, H+ type cation-exchange resin is better than the Na+ type cation-exchange resin. Natural taurine could be separated from other amino acid such as glycin ,lysine on the column using water as eluant. Under the quantity of wet resin is 120ml in 25 × 400(mm)ion exchange column and the velocity of flow is 1 .SBV/h, the optimal exchengable quantity is 0.5mg amino nitrogen/ml wet resin; according to the pH-V eluting curve, pH0.9-3.5 is the high concentration stage of natural taurine.
Study on Analytical Method on Fipronil Residue in Pepper and Chinese Cabbage
CAO Hai-Qun, SHI Yan-Hong, HUA Ri-Mao, TANG Feng, YUE Yong-De
2005, 26(9):  377-380. 
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Gas chromatography was used to analyze the residue of fipronil in pepper and Chinese cabbage. Residues of Fipronil were extracted from pepper and Chinese cabbage with acetonitrile, cleaned up by column chromatography of Al2O3, and determined with GLC equipped by ECD.The average recoveries and coefficient of variations of the method were 81.20%~ 90.58%, 3.94%~9.46% for pepper, and 82.48%~89.35%, 2.77%~9.21% for Chinese cabbage, respectively. The minimum detectable amount of fipronil was 2×10-13g , the minimum detectable concentration of fipronil in the samples of tomato and soil was 25ng/kg. These results showed that the method was in accordaue with demands of residue analysis of pesticide.
Detection of Genetically Modified Components in Maize and Its Products by Single PCR and Multiplex PCR
SHAO Bi-Ying, CHEN Wen-Bing
2005, 26(9):  380-384. 
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The total DNAs of maize and its products were extracted by CTAB method. The positive samples were screened by detecting of several genetically modified components such as Cauliflower mosaic virus(CaMV) 35S promoter, Agrobacterium tumefaciens nopaline synthase(nos) terminator, A.tumefaciens strain CP4 EPSPS gene, Treptomyces hygroscopicus bar gene and Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki cryIA(b) gene with single PCR. The multiplex PCR methods detecting synchronously of maize endogenous zein gene and several genetically modified components were developed. The results showed that the multiplex PCR methods developed for detecting synchronously of endogenous gene and genetically modified components were practical and worthy of being popularized, and there is no commercial genetically modified maize in our country, but foreign commercial transgenic maizes were inpoured into fujian province.
Analyse on Element Content of Cardamine Urbaniana O.E. Schlz
ZHAO Li-Xia, TAN Jun, PAN Si-Yi, WANG Xing-Ping
2005, 26(9):  385-387. 
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Adopt ICP-OES(VISTA-MPX, VARIAN, U. S. A) to determine 8 kinds of human body of Cardamine Urbaniana O.E. Schlz in HuBei EnShi and the polysaccharide abstract Cardamine Urbaniana O.E. Schlz ,and make a tentative comparison. This result can offer experimental data and theoretical foundation to utilize scientifically for Cardamine Urbaniana O.E. Schlz from the belt found lots of Se, It is reliable that this method is accurate.
An in-situ Analysis of Curcumin from Foodstuffs
HUI Bo-Di, PEI Ling-Peng, WANG Zheng, TANG Xiu-Hua
2005, 26(9):  388-391. 
Asbtract ( 1209 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (82KB) ( 849 )  
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In this study, a bathochromic spectral shift of curcumin in alcohol under alkali condition was observed. The spectral character of curcumin before the bathochromic shift was consequently compared with that after the shift. Curcumin from foods was able to be identified based on this observation. Additionally, an attempt was also made in this study to quantify curcumin by visible spectroscopy at maximum absorption wavelength determined after bathochromic shift. Those efforts established a solid base to develop an in-situ analytical protocol of curcumin from foods.
Study on Volatile Constituents of the Meat and Kernel of Canarium album(Lour) Raeusch From Fujian Province by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry(GC/MS)
ZHAO Li-Juan, XIN Guang, ZHANG Jie-Li
2005, 26(9):  391-395. 
Asbtract ( 840 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (71KB) ( 256 )  
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The volatile oil was extracted from the Meat and Kernel of Canarium album(Lour)]Raeusch from Fujian Province by using simultaneous distillation and extraction. The content of the volatile oil was 0.96% and1.57%. 10 compounds and 32 compounds were identified by GC/MS. The contents of the identified compounds make up 66.05% and 88.94% of total volatile substances. The relative content of the components were determined with area normalization method. The main components of the Meat are Butylated Hydroxytoluene(38.09%),Caryophyllene(6.82%). The main compounds of the Kernel are Caryophyllene (36.25%),α- Caryophyllene(8.13%)
Study on Determination of Multiply Trace Elements in Zingiber Officinale Rosc by ICP-AES
ZHANG Sheng-Bang, GUO Yu-Sheng
2005, 26(9):  395-397. 
Asbtract ( 1313 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (55KB) ( 338 )  
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Determination of multiply trace elements in the food cooked with medicinal herbs Zingiber officinale Rosc was studied by ICP-AES after HNO3-H2O2 digestion. The average recovery of the method for K,Mg,Cu,Fe,Cr, Zn, Mn in Zingiber officinale Rosc were found to be 91.8%~110.2% and Pb be(114.6%),while RSD(n=10)is 0.4%~4.9% for the multiply trace elements in Zingiber officinale Rosc. The method was applied to the analysis of some practical samples and the results obtained were satisfactory. It is of important significance to assess the value of the food cooked with medicinal herbs by determination of multiply trace elements in Zingiber officinale Rosc with ICP-AES.
Determination of Sn~(4+) with Water-soluble Polymer Extraction by Spectrophotometry
DU Jian-Zhong, SUN Li-Wen, DENG Xiang-Ping, HUANG Xu
2005, 26(9):  397-400. 
Asbtract ( 901 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (67KB) ( 221 )  
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A extraction-photometric method for determination of Sn4+ in water-soluble polymer was studied. The method in based on the water-soluble polymer solution separated two phases in the presence of inorganic salts. The separation and determination condition of Sn4+ in polyethylene glycol-4000, phenanthroline, chrome azurol S and ammonium sulfate system. The results shows that Sn4+ can be quantitatively separated from the Al3+、Co2+、Cu2+、Fe3+、Hg2+、Ni2+ and Zn2+ system. Stannum is coupled with phenylfuorone, CTMAB fespond and produced orange complex. The Stannum is determined by spectrophotometry. The linear range for determination of Sn4+ is 0.05~0.60μg/ml. The recovery was 95% ~105%.
Studies on the Volatile Flavor Compounds of Moon Cakes Containing California Almond Flour
JIA Chun-Li, HUANG Wei-Ning, YUAN Yong-Li, DUAN Li, LI Xian-Yu, GAO Bo
2005, 26(9):  400-407. 
Asbtract ( 983 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (120KB) ( 311 )  
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Volatile flavor compounds of blanched whole almond (roasted), wheat moon cakes and almond moon cakes (containing 50 % full-fat or 50% fat-free almond flour) were assayed by use of Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) and Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS) methodology. The effects of storage time and different atmosphere in package (air, air without oxygen and vacuum) on the volatile flavor compounds of moon cake containing 50% full-fat almond flour were also investigated. Results showed that the main volatile flavor compounds of blanched whole almond (roasted) were 2-methyl-butanal, acetic acid and 2,5-dimethyl-pyrazine, and that the most important volatile flavor compounds of these three kinds of moon cakes were hexanal. The effects of storage time and packaging method on volatile flavor compounds of moon cakes were not significant during short period of storage.
Effect of Immune-enhanced Enteral Nutritional Preparations on Trophic and Immune Index of Mice
LI Li-Li, REN Fa-Zheng, ZHANG Lian, PAN Wei-Song, ZHANG Yao-Chun
2005, 26(9):  408-410. 
Asbtract ( 743 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (54KB) ( 233 )  
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Multiplication of lymphocyte, phagocytosis of Macrophage and killing ability of NK cell of Mice spleen were used as index to study the immunoregulation activity of immune-enhanced enteral nutritional preparations in this paper. The results shown that the immune-enhanced preparations could remain the normal physiochemical function of mice, stimulate the immune functions of normal rats in certain extent, especially the low concentration immune enhanced formula. It can improve the proliferation of lymphocyte and the killing ability of NK cell of mice spleen evidently, and has an equal impact to the import immune enhanced preparation.
Analysis of Fatty Acid in Laminaria Japonica by Gas Chromatography—Mass Spectrometry with Chemical Modifying Reagent Ortho—aminophenol
ZOU Yao-Hong
2005, 26(9):  411-414. 
Asbtract ( 823 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (82KB) ( 251 )  
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A gas chromatography—electron impact mass spectrometry method was developed for analyzing the composition of the fatty acids from Laminaria japonica. Ortho—aminophenol was developed for chemical modifying reagent of fatty acids so as to modify carboxyl group into nitrogen—containing heterocycle which effectively suppresses the migration of double bonds of the alkenyl under the electron impact source. The empirical rule in which the position of double bonds of olefinic acids were located was refered to by analyzing election impact mass spectra of the chemical products modified by ortho—aminophenal of the fatty acids in Laminaria japonica.12 fatty acids were identified according to the analysis of GC—EIMS and the position of double bonds of the fatty acids from Laminaria japonica was located. The contents of the unsaturated fatty acids and the polyunsaturated fatty acids are 57.41% and 34.01%.
The Detemination and Extraction of Total Flavonids from Sorbus tianschanica of Variety Organs in Xinjiang
ZHAO Yong-Xin, PA Ti-Gu-Li-?Ma-He-Mu-Ti
2005, 26(9):  414-415. 
Asbtract ( 969 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (44KB) ( 236 )  
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This paper studied the detemination and extraction of total flavonids from Sorbus tianschanica of variety organs in xinjiang.The result that the order of the extracting of total flavonidswas xylem>phloem>fruit>leaf.
Geo-authentic Medicinal in Shan Dong- Flos lonicera’s Quality Inspect
SUN Qing-Lei, LIN Yun-Liang, WANG Xiao, LI Fu-Wei, GENG Yan-Ling
2005, 26(9):  416-418. 
Asbtract ( 930 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (63KB) ( 268 )  
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The HPLC and 1HNMR fingerprints of the general characteristic extracts of Flos lonicera were determined by HPLC and PFT-NMR spectrometer. The comparison of HPLC between the general characteristic extracts from the Flos lonicera showed that the HPLC fingerprints of the general characteristic extracts had good repeatability and characteristics. The 1HNMR fingerprints were systematically assigned and compared with its effective component Chlorogenic acid, and the characteristic peaks were also obtained. The results showed that all the general characteristic extracts displayed the characteristic peaks of Chlorogenic acid. The characteristic peaks of the general characteristic extracts had good repeatability and characteristics. The HPLC and 1HNMR fingerprints could become the identification criterion of the truth or false of Flos lonicera during the quality identification of Flos lonicera.
Quantitative Determination of Total Flavonoids in Sisal Flower by UV Spectrophotometry
LIU Yu-Fen, XIA Hai-Tao, YANG Shu-Ping
2005, 26(9):  418-419. 
Asbtract ( 992 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (47KB) ( 669 )  
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Using rutin as the standard sample, the flavonoids substances in sisal flower were determined through methyl alcohol ultrasonic extraction and ultraviolet spectrophotometer. The determination result shows : under the chosen experiment conditions, there was a linear relationship between the concentration of the rutin solution and absorption spectrum in the range of 1.00~30μg/ ml with correlation coefficient of 0.9980. The average recovery of this method was 98. 9%, and the relative standard deviation was0. 07%. The sample dilutes directly for determination.This analysis method develop was simple, fast and accurate.
Determination of Pb in Foods by Dithizone Spectrophotometric and Self-controling Pressure for Microwave Digestion
SI Wen-Hui, LI Ke-Jian
2005, 26(9):  420-422. 
Asbtract ( 1154 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (58KB) ( 280 )  
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Analyzing sample blending adequately strong nitric acid, high chlorin acid and hydrofluoric acid by self-controlling technology for cleaning microwave digestion under the pressure of optical fiber. Rapidly decomposing by adopting increasing ladder pressure in 0.5MPa 2min, 1.0MPa 2min, 1.5MPa 1min under the fixed deferent power 650W of microware with a simple and convenient, quick, accurate result also reducing analytic liquid polluting. Correctitude across examination was adopted to choose the best digestion system. The detection limit was 0.20μg/cm3, RSD 1.90%, CV 98.70%~100.70%.The method has been used for the determination of Pb in foods with a satisfactory result.
The Swift Determination of the Microscale Iodine in Iodo-salt by the Direct-reading Method of Concentration
GAO Xiang-Yang, RAN Hui-Hui, WANG Cui
2005, 26(9):  423-425. 
Asbtract ( 1071 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (56KB) ( 320 )  
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Objective: It afford a visualized and swift method to the determination of the micro-iodine in iodic-salt. Methods: This article adopted ion-selective electrode-direct reading method to determine the iodine in iodic-salt. The experiment re- searched the TISAB, reducing agent, the recovery, the precision and the detection limit and the interference of this method, and the samples was determined. Results: The recovery is 95.2%~111.5%, the RSD( n=11) is 0.9%, the detection limit is 1.10× 10-2mg/L. Conclusions: This method is infallible and the result is satisfying.
Determination in Dairy and Development Change during Fermentation of Hippuric Acid
XIE Guo-Xiang, WU Li-Li, SONG Ru-Sen, YU Jing, ZHANG Cun-Zheng
2005, 26(9):  426-429. 
Asbtract ( 1367 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (71KB) ( 498 )  
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A HPLC method for determination of hippuric acid in dairy is established, and the development change of hippuric acid in plain yoghurt is studied. Hippuric acid can be well separated by RP-HPIC on ODS column and with methanol-water- acetic as mobile phase and UV detector at 254nm. The average recovery ranges from 96.2% to 104.4%; CV is 1.60%; the detection limit is 1.8ng and the detected concentration limit is 0.09mg/Kg. The reserch shows that hippuric acid in the raw milk of plain yoghurt can be converted to benzoic acid 3 hours after the inoculation of Lactic acid bacteria . The method for forecasting the content of benzoic acid during fermentation is of greater use value in controlling the content of benzoic acid in plain yoghurt.
Discussion about Facility Distinguish Methods of Tongjiang Basswood Tremella
XU Guang-Yu, YAN Jun, GUO Xiao-Qiang, LIU Wei, LI Xiao-Guang, GOU Xiao-Jun
2005, 26(9):  429-432. 
Asbtract ( 1021 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (122KB) ( 395 )  
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This article compares the quality Tongjiang basswood tremella, which uses basswoods as its substrate, with tremella produced in other places in physical features and characters. From the physical features, moisture absorption ratio, dust and the character of Tongjiang basswood tremella’s water secretion, we can make some necessary preparations to set up a series of Tongjiang basswood tremella quality standards. At present, there is a lot of fake Tongjiang basswood tremella in the market. In order to protect the development of the local produce and to defend the consumers’ rights, setting-up a series of reliable and easy standards to distinguish Tongjiang basswood tremella is of great practical importance.
Study on the Chemical Components of Essential Oil Extracted in Various Ways from the Lavender by GC-MS
HU Xi-Lan, ZHAO Hong, LIU Yu-Fen, LI Ying-Lei, YIN Fu-Jun
2005, 26(9):  432-434. 
Asbtract ( 972 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (58KB) ( 493 )  
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The compare the main chemical components of both essential oils obtained by distilling on water and in water was analyzed and identified by GC-MS. The main components and contents of essential oils abstracted in two ways from lavender have large distinctive. This experiment identified twenty components in all, in which six compounds exist in both ways and theirrelative percentage is 63.03%,75.57%respectively. That may be the main reason of the distinctness between essential oils of the total antioxidative capacity.
Determination of Total Fiavonoids in Actinidia Arguta(Sieb.et Zucc) Planch by Double-wavelength Spectrophotometry
ZHANG Lan-Jie, XIN Guang, GU Hao, SUI Xiao-Hui
2005, 26(9):  434-436. 
Asbtract ( 1017 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (63KB) ( 352 )  
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In this paper, a double-wavelength spectrophotometry was applied to determine the total fiavonoids in Actinidia arguta(Sieb.et Zucc)Planch. The detective wavelength was 510 nm ,while the reference one was 584nm, the recovery was 98.63%. The result indicated the average total fiavonoids in Actinidia arguta (Sieb.et Zucc)Planch was 3.42%,the method was stable, reliable and accurate in the determining process.
The Oil Extraction of Six Kinds of Plant Seeds and the Evaluation of Their Oil Quality
LU Yu, LI Wei-Jie, ZHANG Zhen-Hui
2005, 26(9):  437-439. 
Asbtract ( 1013 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (54KB) ( 293 )  
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The oils of teak seeds, citrus seeds, camphore tree seeds, Hami melon seeds, tomato seeds and tea tree seeds were extracted by supercritical CO2 fluid . The components of fatty acids were analysied by GS. The results of extraction show these seeds had higher oil contents which were about 35% and the analysis show higher linolic acid content which of Hami melon seeds was as high as 64.19%. Their exploitable prospect were discussed according to the testing result.
Component Analysis and Refining Method of Cinnamon Oil
ZHU Jun, ZHOU Lei, WANG Yan-Bin
2005, 26(9):  439-441. 
Asbtract ( 1107 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (58KB) ( 534 )  
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The chemical composition of Xijiang and Dongxing Cinnamon Oil were identified by means of GC technique. By reduced pressure distillation, the refining of the oil protected by nitrogen were researched. The extraction, analysis and use of Cinnamon Oil were also briefly introduced in this paper.
Determine the Main Nutrient of Kinds from Wild Herbs in Beijing Area
ZHAO Chen-Xia, SHI Jin-Chao, ZHAO Zhi-Qiang, LIU Ji-Wei, ZHENG Zhi-Yong
2005, 26(9):  442-445. 
Asbtract ( 809 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (74KB) ( 242 )  
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This paper studied kinds of edible wild herbs growing under natural conditions and greenhouse terms in Beijing area, whose leaves were picked, treated and stored. The content of amino acid and vitamin C were determined regularly. The results show that amino acid kind and quantity contained do not change much with the preserve time in wild herbs and the content of vitamin C of wild herbs, which were grown under greenhouse, was less than the content of vitamin C when growing under the natural conditions. Heat treatment can obviously reduce the content of vitamin C.
Study on Antihypertensive Characterization of Yogurt
WU Ling, PAN Dao-Dong
2005, 26(9):  446-450. 
Asbtract ( 936 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (90KB) ( 248 )  
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The angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity of f yogurt fermented with four lactic acid bacteria was investigated. The results found that the yogurt fermented with L. helveticus ATCC15019, 15009 and L. thermophilus ATCC14485 had the potent inhibitory activity on ACE. After the oral administration of the yogurt or its whey to spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) for three days, results showed that both of them had the antihypertensive effect, with the most decrease value of 24.10±2.69mmHg and 29.14±3.07mmHg of systolic blood pressure(SBP), which showed outstanding differences, compared with the control groups.
Hypoglycemic Effect of Polysaccharides from Sweet Potato Vines
LUO Li-Ping, GAO Yin-Yu, WANG Ying-Xiang, HONG Xue-E, XIA Dong-Hua
2005, 26(9):  450-453. 
Asbtract ( 1013 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (71KB) ( 235 )  
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To observe the hypoglycemic effect of polysaccharides from sweet potato vines (PSPV) on experimental diabetic mice, mice were divided into different groups. Each group was given PSPV, glybenclamide or normal Saline respectively. Water intake and body weight were recorded daily. The concentrations of serum glucose were measured at the end of experiment twice. The influences of PSPV on the serum glucose of the normal mice were studied too. Results: Symptoms of diabetic mice fed PSPV are alleviated obviously. PSPV can remarkably decrease the serum glucose and water intake of diatetic mice, but increase their body weight. Especially the effect of high dose PSPV is the most remarkable. On the other hand, PSPV has no significant influence on the serum glucose of normal mice. Conclusion: PSPV has significantly hypoglycemic effect on diabetic mice and is worthy to being utilized.
Study on Anti-fatigue Function of Acanthopanax Senticosus Extract
XU Feng, ZHAO Jiang-Yan, LIU Tian-Shuo
2005, 26(9):  453-456. 
Asbtract ( 965 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (65KB) ( 429 )  
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Objective To study the anti-fatigue effect of Acanthopanax senticosus extract. Methods The male mice of BALB/ c were randomly divided into four groups according to their body weight: a solvent control group , Acanthopanax senticosus extract 200, 400 and 700mg/kgbw group. The mice were administered respectively with water and 200 , 400, 700mg/kgbw Acanthopanax senticosus extract. After 15 days, the forced swimming test, blood lactic acid and hepatic glycogen content were determined. Results: The swimming time of mice in 700mg/kg.bw group was significantly prolonged as compared with that in control group (p<0.05) . 400mg/kgbw, 700mg/kgbw groups could obviously increased hepatic glycogen storage (p<0.01). 700mg/kg.bw groups could significantly accelerate lactic acid clearance after mice swimming (p<0.01) .Conclusion: Acanthopanax senticosus extract has an anti-fatigue effect.
Study on the Immunity Function and Anti-oxidation Activity of Phycobiliproteins from Gracilaria Lemaneiformis
CHEN Mei-Zhen, YU Jie, ZHONG Qiu-Ling, CHEN Jie-Liang, GE An-Shan
2005, 26(9):  456-459. 
Asbtract ( 1012 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (70KB) ( 315 )  
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Objection: To investigate the immunity function and anti-oxidation activity of phycobiliproteins from Gracilaria Lemaneiformis in mice. Methods: The mice was treated by Gastric incubation with the crude phycobiliproteins, which were got from Gracilaria Lemaneiformis by ammonium sulfate precipitation, at doses of 100、200、300mg/kg/d .The phagocytosing function of celiac macrophage, the spleen index and the thymus index, the activity of erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (SOD) and the content of serum lipoid peroxide (LPO) in mice respectively were determined on the 15th day and 30th day of the treatment. Result: The crude phycobiliprotens could significantly improve the phagocytosing function of celiac macrophage, and stimulate the growth of spleen and thymus; and also can increased the activity of erythrocyte SOD and decreased the content of LPO significantly. Conclusion: The crude phycobiliproteins from Gracilaria Lemaneiformis has the abilities to increasing theimmunity function and anti-oxidation activity in mice.
Effective Study of Health Protection on Antioxidation and Reducing Blood Lipid of Babylon Weeping Willow Leaf
QU Hong-Guang, WEI Feng-Hui, CHANG You-Quan, ZHENG Hong-Yan
2005, 26(9):  460-462. 
Asbtract ( 1187 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (58KB) ( 292 )  
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The health protection with antioxidation and reducing blood lipid of Babylon weeping willow leaf in rats was studied. Fourty five wistar’s rats were selected, and randomly divided into hollow control group, experimental control group and experimental observation group,The results showed that after drinking Babylon weeping willow leaf ’s tea for 60 days, the LPO levels in serum in experimental observation group were obviously lower than experimpental control group,the SOD activities in RBC were significantly increased, the TG and TC levels in serum in experimental observation group were obviously lower than experimental control group.It was suggested that Babylon weeping willow leaf could improve the activities of antioxidant in vivo, and inhibit the occurrence of lipid peroxidation. Babylon weeping willow leaf is worthy of exploiting as the healthful diet for Human.
Antifatigued Effect of Protein in Silkworm Chrysalis in Human Samples
ZHANG Li-Ping, QU Hong-Guang, CHANG You-Quan, ZHENG Hong-Yan
2005, 26(9):  462-465. 
Asbtract ( 939 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (64KB) ( 301 )  
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58 volunteers (18 men, 40 women) were chosen to observe the antifatigued effect of protein in silkworm chrysalis in human body. 31 volunteers were treated with protein in silkworm chrysalis 0.3g/d, and the other 27 volunteers were given the same volume of placebo for 4 weeks. In this process, all volunteers did sport.Then measured sport and indexes pre- and post- experiment respectively. The results indicate that the protein in silkworm chrysalis has certain positive effect on volunteers: firstly, this protein neither produce the imbalance of urea accid in vivo significantly nor lead to hyperuricemia; secondly, this protein can attenuate the resulting elevation of blood lactic acid in the volunteers` body after sport and enhance the ability of antifatigue; in addition, this protein can enhance the maximum value of oxygen consumption and enforce the human body`s sport durability. These results demonstrate that protein in silkworm chrysalis has better antifatigued effect on the human body.
Experimental Study of Pineneedle on Anti-Aging
CHEN Chang-Wu, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang, MEI Zhe, FU Lin-Lin, MA Yan, XI Xiao-Wei
2005, 26(9):  465-467. 
Asbtract ( 1079 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (61KB) ( 374 )  
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Objective To evaluate the effect of pineneedle on anti-aging. Methods After the mice were treated with pineneedle 100、200、400mg/kg by administration of p.o for 3~7day continually, the survival time、swimming time and weight of immune organ were investigated. After the aged rats were treated for 20days, the content of serum LPO and the activity of SOD were determined. Results Pineneedle could obviously enhance the anti-fatigue and the hypoxia to lerance ability, increase the weight of immune organ and improve the macrophage function in the mice. In addition,pineneedle significantly decreased the content of serum LPO and increase the activity of SOD in the aged rats. Conclusion Our results indicated that pineneedle has effect on anti-aging.
Lipid-lowering and Antioxidative Action of Soluble Pentosan Isolated from Beer`s Spent Grains in Mice
WANG Jin-Hua, ZHANG Sheng-Hua, CHEN Xiong, XIE Ai-Di
2005, 26(9):  468-470. 
Asbtract ( 1140 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (58KB) ( 319 )  
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The mice experiments showed serum lipid-lowering and antioxidative action of the Pentosan isolated from beer`s spent grains. Compared with the hyperlipidemic group, Pentosan isolated from beer,s spent grains could significantly lower the cholesterol levels of mice, including the serum TC, TG, LDL-C and arteriosclerosis index(AI). It could also lower the liver weight, TC and TG. Pentosan isolated from beer’s spent grains also improved SOD activity, reduced MDA content in mice and enhanced GSH-Px activity in blood.
Effect on the Expression of Hormone-sensitive Lipase Gene
LIU Rong, LI Da-Jing
2005, 26(9):  471-474. 
Asbtract ( 1028 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (74KB) ( 325 )  
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Objective In order to explore effect on the expression of hormone-sensitive lipase(HSL)gene in white adipose tissue. Methods Fifty male Sprague-dawley(SD) rats were randomly divided into control group and high-fat group and they were fed with basic diet and high-fat diet respectively for 13 weeks. DIO-R and DIO rats were selected according to their body weight and the quantity of energy intake, then observing changing of the body fat content ,the level of blood fat was determined by enzyme method, the level of serum growth hormone was determined by radioimmunoassay and the level of the HSL mRNA in white adipose tissue was determined by RT-PCR. Results The body fat content of DIO-R rats were lower than those of DIO rats (p<0.05). The body fat contents, TG and CHO of DIO-R rats were lower than those of DIO rats(p<0.05),while there was no significant difference between DIO-R and DIO rats in the level of HDL-C(p>0.05).The level of serum growth hormone of DIO-R rats were higher than those of DIO rats(p<0.05). High fat diets increased the level of the HSL mRNA in DIO-R rats. Conclusion High fat diets increased the expression of HSL in white adipose tissue in resisting diet-induced obesity of rats.
Experimental Study of Panax quiquefolium tablet on the Anti-fatigue Effect in Mice
WANG Ting-Xin, ZHAO Wen, LIU Zheng-Hao
2005, 26(9):  474-476. 
Asbtract ( 959 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (54KB) ( 483 )  
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Objective To study of Panax quiquefolium tablet on the anti-fatigue effect in mice. Method: Mice were randomly assigned to control group, low dose, middle dose and high dose experimental groups according to their body weights. Panax quiquefolium tablet were administered in experimental groups at doses of. 67, 133, 200mg/kg. The control mice were given water. After 30 days., the swimming test were carried out and the death time was observed and recorded, after the mice swimming for a period the blood were taken for determining Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Serum Lactic-acid. The liver were taken for determining the glycogen. Results: 67, 133, 200mg/kg dose could significantly prolonged swimming time, reduce BUN level , increased the liver glycogen storage and accelerate lactic-acid clearance after swimming. Conclusion: Panax quiquefolium tablet could alleviate physical fatigue in mice.
Study on the Preparation, Prescriptions and Principles of Enhancing Physical Power and Anti-fatiguing
SHI Hong-Fei, TANG Shan-Yong
2005, 26(9):  476-481. 
Asbtract ( 1396 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (104KB) ( 321 )  
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The Objective: Study the principles and characteristics of blending, preparing and prescribing the enhancing physical power and anti-exhaustive mediated diets. Approach Use Visual FoxPro 6.0 to build a databank of medicated diet recipes and prescriptions extracted from The Chinese Medicated Diet Dictionary. Statistical analysis of a total 699 prescription recipes of enhancing physical power and anti-fatiguing mediated diets from The Chinese Medicated Diet Dictionary, with focus on the categories and metric details of the food, food-medicines and traditional Chinese medicine applied in prescriptions. The forma- tion of medicated diets and the frequency of their applications are also analyzed and studied using the statistical approach. Result the statistics indicate that the prescription recipes for this study have included those scattered in 123 kinds of classics throughout history. The prescription composition in percentage found a smaller proportion of medicines and food-medicines than that of the food materials, and thus a smaller prescription dosage of medical materials than that of the regular Chinese medicines. The medicines, the foods and the food-medicines are found to be functional and effective for enhancing physical power and anti-fatiguing. The ingredients of medicated diets include: Astragalus membranaceus, ginseng, asia bell, Chinese angelica root, white atractylodes rhizome, dried rehmannia root, food-medicines such as Chinese yam, Chinese dates, woffberry fruit, ginger, poria, tangerine peel, lotus seed and plain spirits, polished round-grained rice, powdered sugar, egg, ham, hen, mutton. The medical Astragalus membranaceus, ginseng, Chinese angelica root, asia bell, white atractylodes rhizome, achyranthes bidenata, Dried rehmannia root, prepared rehmannia root, desertliving cistanche, chuanxiong rhizome, Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata are combined with the foods plain spirits, tiger bone, hen, dog spinal cord, fermented herb, black soybean, polished round-grained rice,. The food-medicines tangirine peel, woffberry fruit, Chinese yam, ginger, Chinese dates, poria, pricklyash peel, dried longan pulp, cassia bark are commonly blended with the foods plain spirits, brown sugar, hen, polished round-grained rice, walnut meat, polish glutinous rice, wheat flour, egg, tiger bone. Statistics also indicate that the cooked foods are most commonly prescribed as medicated diets for medical applications and they include the soup, the gruel, the wine.
Study of Anti-fatigue Effect of Yuanmi-D on Animals
CHEN Yong-Hong, ZOU Zhi-Fei, XU Chong-Hui, LIU Hui-Zhi, WANG Lan
2005, 26(9):  482-483. 
Asbtract ( 923 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (49KB) ( 692 )  
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Objective: The anti-fatigue effect of Yuanmi-D,a kind of import health food,was identified with a series of animal tests.Methods:The acute toxicitity LD50 test in mice,30 days feeding test ,wheel rotation test,swim test. Result: Yuanmi-D had no apparent acute toxicity on mouse, LD50 >10g/kgBW.During the 30 days of mouse feeding,all the mice in the treated group and the control group grew normally.The mouse bodyweight and the organ index had no apparent difference between the two groups.Wheel rotation time and swim time in the treated group lasted longer apparently than in the control group(p<0.05 and p<0.01) after first Yuanmi-Dfeeding.There was a trend of longer wheel rotation time and swim time in the treated group than in the control group after 20 days feeding(p>0.05).Conclusion: Yuanmi-D was safe in use, and there were some anti-fatigue function in Yuanmi-D on mice.
Study on Antithrombosis of Gross Saponin of Tribulus Terrestris Injection
ZHENG Hong-Yan, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang, MA Jin-Rong, MA Yan, XI Xiao-Wei
2005, 26(9):  484-486. 
Asbtract ( 1392 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (61KB) ( 257 )  
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Objective: To study the effect on thrombosis in vivo and in vitro of SC. Method (1) To observe the effect of SC on thrombus wet weight and thrombosis time of rats in vivo, through Methods of Neck Artery-Vein Side-way Thrombosis and Artery Trombosis induced by electricity stimulation, and to observe the effect of SC on the thrombus lenghth, and thrombus wet and dry weight in rats in vitro.(2) To observe the effect of SC on the blood viscosity in blood stasis rats.Result (1) SC with dose of 20.8, 31.2mg/kg can significantly decrease thrombus wet weight(p<0.05,p<0.01), and prolong thrombosis time(p< 0.01), and shorten the thrombus lenghth(p<0.05), and decrease thrombus wet and dry weight(p<0.01,p<0.05). (2) SC with dose of 20.8,31.2mg/kg can significantly decrease blood viscosity(p<0.01). Conclusion: SC have the effect of antithrombosis, and its mechanism involves viscosity, hemorheology.
Protective Effects of SMVE on the Acute Alcohol Liver Injured Jaundice
WEI Feng-Hui, QU Hong-Guang, WANG Hong, YANG Shi-Jie, CHANG You-Quan
2005, 26(9):  487-489. 
Asbtract ( 1255 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (95KB) ( 257 )  
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objective to investigate the protective effects of Cucurbitacin B on acute alcohol injured jaundice model. methods after 7 days intragastric administration of alcohol. The changes of the content of GPT and TB in the serum were monitored, and the volume of MDA in the live homogenate was also monitored. We also dye the liver tissue with HE and PSA, then we can see the change of hepatocyte. results Cucurbitacin B can reduce the quantity of TB and MDA in the acute alcohol injured mice. conclusion Cucurbitacin B has protective effects on acute alcohol injured jaundice.
Experimental Study of Elaeo-fish Agent on Ameliorating Memory in Mice
PENG Xin-Li, ZHENG Hong-Yan, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang
2005, 26(9):  490-493. 
Asbtract ( 1086 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (67KB) ( 266 )  
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Purpose To explore the effect of elaeo-fish agent on ameliorating memory in mice. Method: to perform an jumping platform experiment and an avoiding darkness experiment seperately according to The way and procedure of evaluating healthy food function published by board of health in 1996.Result elaeo-fish has the effects on improving memory acquisition and memorial consolidation and has the obvious effect on improving the reappearance ability of passive avoidance and the response of the avoiding darkness. Conclussion: Elaeo-fish has significant effect on improving memory.
Comparison of Antiserum by Injecting Three Kinds of Mouses with Clenbuterol Immunoconjugate CL13.2-BSA
HUANG Li, PAN Ke, SUN Yuan-Ming
2005, 26(9):  494-497. 
Asbtract ( 953 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (68KB) ( 245 )  
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Immunizing Balb/c mouse, Kunming mouse, SD rat respectively with Clenbuterol immunogen whose coupling ratio is 13.2:1, getting the anti-Clenbuterol serum and detecting them with indirect ELISA and indirect competitive ELISA. the results show that the antiserum of Kunming mouse is lower than that of Balb/c mouse and SD rat in the matter of titer, specificity and sensitivity; the antiserum of SD rat has a higher titer and sensitivity, the linear detection scope was 0.01ng/ml~1μg/ml,which has the value of development and application with the feature of big blood volume.
Study on a Method of Measuring the Periphery Blood Targets of Mice on Anti-hypoxia Effect 
LIN Song-Yi, LIU Jing-Bo, CHENG Sheng
2005, 26(9):  497-502. 
Asbtract ( 908 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (465KB) ( 316 )  
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In order to decrease experiment times and the amount of tested mice, to decrease error caused by the difference of individual mouse, to decrease the fortuitous factors of functional evaluation, and overcome dissimilarity of the appearance of result, we did some animal experiments. The result of measuring the periphery blood targets of mice shows: different experiment time and stay time caused different results in Erythrocyte(RBC), Hemoglobin(HB), The bulk of condensation of the erythrocyte(HCT), Equally erythrocyte bulk(MCV), Equally the erythrocyte hemoglobin(MCH)、Equally erythrocyte hemoglobin concentration(MCHC).There will be some fruits if the alterable situation of the periphery blood targets of mice, which tested only 30days or 15days, were used in evaluating their anti-hypoxia. Therefore, In order to get accurate and objective evaluating results, the periphery blood targets of mice should be synthetically analyzed by different experiment time and stay time.
Preliminary Study on Antioxidant Activity of Water-soluble Coconut Shell Glycan with Copper(Ⅱ)
LIN Zhao-Hua, CHEN Yi-Ping, YAO Bo-Yuan, ZHANG Hua-Jun
2005, 26(9):  503-505. 
Asbtract ( 872 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (65KB) ( 232 )  
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Water-soluble coconut shell glycan and complexes of coconut shell glycan with copper(Ⅱ) were prepared, and their antioxidant activity were also studied preliminarily. The results demonstrated that the complexes showed good ability for scavenging the superoxide anion radical,and the ability was increased as the amount of the complexes increased.
AntiOxidative Effect of Persimmon Leaf Flavonoid in vitro
ZHANG Pei-Gang, ZHENG Hong-Yan, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang
2005, 26(9):  506-508. 
Asbtract ( 968 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (64KB) ( 310 )  
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Objective: To study the anti-ox idative effects of PF. Methods: The•OH scavenging effect was measured by salicy lic acid method, the content of MDA in liver m itochondria and microsome was measured by TBA assay; hem olysis of RBC and the swelling of m itochondria were detected by spectrophotometric methods. Results: PF can scavenge•OH, inh ibit production of MDA, swelling of mitochondria and hem olys is of RBC. Conclusion: PF has anti-ox idation effects in vitro.
Hypolipidemic Effects of Black Mulberry Dried Fruit on Diet-induced Hyperlipidemia in Rats
YANG Xiao-Lan, MAO Li-Xin, ZHANG Xiao-Yun
2005, 26(9):  509-510. 
Asbtract ( 982 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (50KB) ( 329 )  
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Objective To investigate the effect of Black Mulberry Fruit(Morus alba L.) on lipia metabolism in rats fed high- fat diet. Methods Wistar rats were randomly divided into 3 groups and fed on basal diet, high-fat diet (basal diet with 10% lard and 1% cholesterol), test diet (high-fat diet with 10% black mulberry dried fruit) for 4 weeks. Results The results showed for hyperlipidemia rats, the high-fat diet with10% black mulberry dried fruit l can markedly decrease the serum TC、TG、LDL- c、 AI and liver TC、TG, meanwhile can increase serum HDL-c and AAI. Conclusion Black mulberry dried fruit has effects on hypolipidemic and anti-atherosolerosis.
Study on Health Function of Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil
LI Jia-Xing, CHEN Shuang-Ping, MA Cheng-Jin, WANG Xiao-Yong
2005, 26(9):  511-514. 
Asbtract ( 1027 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (76KB) ( 311 )  
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This paper introduces the method of extracting Kiwi seed soil. several experiments were used to evaluate the health function of it, and the clinical experiments were also be done. The result shows that the Kiwi seed soil is abundant of lonoleic acid, α-linolenicd acid and other unsaturated fatty-acids. So the Kiwi seed soil is the best source of natural unsaturated fatty- acids. Moreover, the Kiwi seed soil with the functions of adjusting HDL, anti-oxidation, puting off senescence, preventiong coronary heart disease, gout and etc. Kiwi seed soil would be full of wide uses.
Research on the Technology of Peptides Derived from Walnut Protein and Its Effects on Scavenging of Hydroxyl radicals
BAO Yi-Hong, SHENG He-Jing
2005, 26(9):  515-518. 
Asbtract ( 933 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (69KB) ( 427 )  
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The enzyme in this experiment is flavor-enzyme. The best hydrolysis condition was get from the orthogonal experiment. Temperature is 40℃,pH is 6.5, dose of enzyme is 1.5%, hydrolysis time is 2 h, DH is 18.14%. The different DH of walnuts peptides has different ability to scavenge hydroxyl radicals. The results showed that when DH is 5% the scavenging activity is 50.90%.
Antioxidant Effects of Chimonanthus praecox Flower Extract
WANG Xiao, LI Fu-Wei, GENG Yan-Ling, SUN Qing-Lei, SHI Xin-Gang
2005, 26(9):  518-520. 
Asbtract ( 978 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (86KB) ( 318 )  
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The effects of the extract of Chimonanthus praecox flower on removal of active oxygen species in some modified chemical systems were investigated by chemiluminescence and spectrophotometry. The results showed that the extract could efficiently remove O2•OH, DPPH• and the 50% inhibition concentration (IC50) were 147.25, 47.71, 25.90μg/ml, respectively.
Study on Antioxidant Activity of Extracts of Sweet Potato Stem and Leaf
WU Yi-南, ZHANG Yu, GENG Xiao-Lu, GAO Yin-Yu, ZHU Bei-Wei
2005, 26(9):  521-523. 
Asbtract ( 907 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (61KB) ( 297 )  
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The paper studied the antioxidant activity of the extracts of sweet potato stem and leaf (SPSL) by using the assays of DPPH radical, reducing power, hydroxyl radical and lipid peroxidation of linoleic acid (LA) was studied in this paper. The results showed that the extracts of SPSL had strong effect of scavenging free radicals, but it was weaker on the inhibition of lipid peroxidation, and there was a close correlation between scavenging free radicals and inhibition of lipid peroxidation.
Protective effects of Cucurbitacin B on the Acute Liver Injury Induced by CCL4 
YANG Shi-Jie, CHANG You-Quan, ZHENG Li-Hua, WEI Zheng-Ren, QU Hong-Guang, CAO Shu-Gui
2005, 26(9):  524-526. 
Asbtract ( 1222 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (108KB) ( 312 )  
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Objective: To observe the protective effects of Cucurbitacin B on the liver injery in mice and rats. Methods: The model of acute liver injury in mice and rats were induced by CCL4, the content of GPT, GOT, ALP, TP, TBIL in serum were measured.The change of liver histopathology were observed.Results each group can reduce the content of GPT, GOT, ALP, TBIL in serum. Conclusion: Cucurbitacin B has the protective effects on the liver injury induced by CCL4.
Inhibited Effects and Mechanisms of Cucurbitacin B on Apoptosis of Neonate Rat Hepatocytes Induced by H2O2
CAO Shu-Gui, CHANG You-Quan, QU Hong-Guang, ZHENG Li-Hua, WEI Zheng-Ren, YANG Shi-Jie
2005, 26(9):  527-530. 
Asbtract ( 774 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (245KB) ( 259 )  
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Cucurbitacin B is a pharmaceutical component extracted from stalk of muskmelon. Previous studies have demonstrated that it can prevent damage of hepatocytes. But this mechanism was not cleared yet. The aim of our work is to study cucurbitacin B protecting effects on hepatocytes associated with inhibiting apoptosis signals transduction. The apoptosis model of neonate rat was constructed by induction of H2O2, and then hepatocytes were treated with cucurbitacin B in three concentrations of various dose(3,10,30mmol/L respectively).Flow cytometry were conducted to investigate early apoptosis ratio. The ratio of early apoptosis cells in high(21.4%) and middle dose groups(36.2%) was decreased significantly compared with model group(68. 3%, p<0.01). The results suggested that cucurbitacin B could inhibit the apoptosis of neonate rat hepatocytes induced by H 2 O 2 .
Effect of Daidzein on Anti-oxidative Ability of Body under Fatigue-Stress 
2005, 26(9):  531-533. 
Asbtract ( 786 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (59KB) ( 268 )  
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26 healthy volunteer undergraduates were selected to observe the anti-oxidative effect of daidzein under fatigue-stress, with the method of the gradual-loading-exercise. The results showed that, after exercising, the activities of CAT, GSH-Px, SOD and the content of MDA in the control group increased, and the change of the activity of GSH-Px was significant (p<0.05). In the daidzein group, the activities of three kinds of anti-oxidases all increased after exercising, and were higher than those of the control group. The activities of GSH-Px and SOD after exercising increased significantly compared with those before taking daidzein (p<0.05 or p<0.01) and the activity of SOD increased significantly compared with that after taking daidzein (p< 0.05). The content of MDA of the daidzein group increased little after exercising, and was lower than that of the control group. These results indicated that daidzein could improve the anti-oxidative ability and reduce the level of MDA under fatigue-stress and thus enhance the anti-stress ability.
Immunological Regulation of Chicory Polysaccharides
NI Xiu-Zhen, ZHENG Hong-Yan, CHANG You-Quan
2005, 26(9):  534-536. 
Asbtract ( 989 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (57KB) ( 262 )  
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Chicory polysaccharide (CPS) was administered orally to BALB/C female mice at low, medium and high dose, respectively, for 20 days. Immunological analysis showed that the number of antibody-producing cells at all doses, the phagacytosis index at medium dose and the weight of spleen and thymus at all doses increased significantly. These results indicate that chicory polysaccharide can improve mouse humoral immunity and, to some extent, phagocytic activities.
The Change of Functional Components in Asparagus officinalis during Storage Period
XIONG Guang-Quan, ZHOU Ming, YE Li-Xiu, DU Xin, ZHANG Ning-Bo
2005, 26(9):  537-539. 
Asbtract ( 977 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (56KB) ( 277 )  
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Changes of functional components such as asparagus,rutin,saponins of asparagus officinalis were investigated during storage period. The results indicated that asparagus content in asparagus officinalis had a little increase at initial stages and then quickly decreased; rutin and saponins contents reduced distinctly and the content loss was directly related to storage temperature.After storaged at 0~2℃ for 20 days, the components of asparagus,rutin,saponins were 67%, 59.5%,60% compared to each content before storage.
Study on Ultraweak Bioluminescence Characteristics of Different Maturity Tomatoes between Harvest and Storage
XU Shu-Lai
2005, 26(9):  539-541. 
Asbtract ( 939 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (57KB) ( 316 )  
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In this paper, the ultraweak bioluminescence characteristics of different tomatoes maturity of had been studied, A nondestructive inspection method to inspect and classify tomatoes was provided. At the same time, the ultraweak biolum inescence characteristics were assayed in the course of harvest and storage. The results accorded with National Food Criterion and theelemental relationship between the quality and storability was effirmatine. This provided the corresponding basis to harvest and store tomatoes.
Research of Fagopyrum Tatarium Biofavonoids and Its Quantitave Methods
LUO Guang-Hong, CHEN Tian-Ren, ZU Ting-Xun, YANG Sheng-Hui, ZHANG Han-Yi
2005, 26(9):  542-545. 
Asbtract ( 986 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (69KB) ( 562 )  
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The article anlysis the element. distract. Medical effect and quantitave methods of buekwheat(Fagopyrum,s tatarium) biofavonoids, in order to supply some reference to fagopyrum tatarium,s deep davelop and detect.
Research Progress on Microbial Glutamate Decarboxylase
YANG Sheng-Yuan, LU Zhao-Xin, LU Feng-Xia , BIE Xiao-Mei
2005, 26(9):  546-551. 
Asbtract ( 941 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (94KB) ( 926 )  
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The physiological functions of γ-aminobutyric acid were stated, and the research and development progress of γ- aminobutyric acid for the health food and food additive was also reviewed. Besides, it’s prospects were discussed in this paper.
Research Advances on Bioactive Peptides from β-Conglycinina
YANG Bai-Chong, GUO Shun-Tang, BAO Xiao-Lan
2005, 26(9):  552-554. 
Asbtract ( 1076 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (57KB) ( 356 )  
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β-conglycinin ,one of the dominant storage proteins of soybean, is a kind of glycoprotein. This review article presented the situation of present studies of several bioactive peptides derived fromβ-conglycinin hydrolysate, such as the immunomodulating glycopeptide and Soymetide, the antioxidative peptides ,the hypocholesterolemic peptides, the gastrointes- tinal-regulating peptides. Prospects of future study were demonstrated.
Biosynthetic Pathway of 10-HDA 
XIAO Ying, XU Yan
2005, 26(9):  555-558. 
Asbtract ( 1354 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (227KB) ( 420 )  
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 A possible biosynthetic pathway of 10-HDA was deduced by the following several processes of biosynthetic route of 10-HDA: decision of the precursor fatty acids, carbon chain shortening or elongation, form of hydroxyl group and double bond and 10-HDA modification, based on the result of study on the biosynthetic 10-HDA and other sex pheromone of insect and fatty acids.
Progress on the Study of Pig Carcass Grading Technology
ZHANG Nan, ZHOU Guang-Hong, XU Xing-Lian
2005, 26(9):  558-562. 
Asbtract ( 1329 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (67KB) ( 408 )  
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Pig carcass grading is to grade pig carcass ,based on its some characteristics ,to achieve higher price with better quality and promote the improvement of quality of pig. This paper provides a critical review to the current situation and prospect of development of technology of pig carcass grading. In addition ,some practical conceive were brought forward for establishing the pig carcass grading system which is suitable ,quick and nicety.
Research and Development of Functional Substance in By-products of Soybean
WANG Hua-Bo, CHENG Yu-Dong, BAO Hai-Rong
2005, 26(9):  562-566. 
Asbtract ( 945 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (72KB) ( 360 )  
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Functional substance in by-products of soybean was summarized in this paper. The processing technology of soybean oligopeptides , soybean oligosaccharides , soybean dietary fiber , soybean lsoflavons , soybean phosphatidyl cholines were introduced. This contributed to the development of soybean.
Determination of Lycopene’s Concent
HU Xiao-Bo, WEN Hui-Liang, XU Quan, LIU Chong-Bo
2005, 26(9):  566-569. 
Asbtract ( 1186 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (72KB) ( 1566 )  
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Lycopene is a kind of natural carotenoid, it has the function of various health cares, such as resisting cancer, increasing the immunity and deferring decrepitude etc. The main methods of determination of lycopene’s concent were introduced. So it can be expected to provide the theory and practice for the development of lycopene industry.
Research Summarize of Several New Active Peptides from Marine Animal
DONG Hua-Qiang, LIU Ben-Guo, WU Qiong, CAO Jin-Song, NING Zheng-Xiang
2005, 26(9):  570-573. 
Asbtract ( 785 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (81KB) ( 289 )  
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Marine animal contains quite specific and potent active molecules, and is a enormous resource for active peptides. In recent years, there have been some new advances in R & D of marine active peptides related to functional food. From the view of the functional food, the new research advances of Cationic antimicrobial peptides, Urotensin-II, gastrin/CCK-like peptides and tropomyosin were summarized in this paper.
Development of Functional Foods with Cultures of Edible Fungi Cultivated on Cron Medium
2005, 26(9):  574-578. 
Asbtract ( 1165 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (73KB) ( 420 )  
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It is well known that edible fungi, as a popular food, has high nutrient value and health care effect. Cultures of edible fungi with carbon resource of corn contain fungal metabolites, mycelium and many degradation products of corn. Development of function foods with this cultures is less in investment and makes for production in large scale. In this study, it is suggested that there exist some difficulties in function foods development, and some good ideas are put forward for solving problems.
Research Progress of Collagen Peptides
ZHAO Li, SU Wei, HU Huo-Gen, DAI Yin-Gen, YANG Yu-Ling
2005, 26(9):  578-582. 
Asbtract ( 959 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (98KB) ( 794 )  
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The structure of collagen was introduced and biology active of collagen peptides, include Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition, antioxidation, anti-platelet clotting and anticancer etc. were summarized in this article. The exploiting potential foreground of collagen active peptides was prospected.
Advances on Extraction and Analysis Methods of Lutein from Marigold(Tagets erecta) 
LI Da-Jing, LIU Chun-Quan
2005, 26(9):  582-586. 
Asbtract ( 993 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (75KB) ( 859 )  
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Lutein is dihydroxy-carotenoids with the ionone ring systems distributed widely in nature as well as the main component of the retina macular pigment in human eye. Lutein has potentially important commercial application in the area of physiologically active materials because it might prove to be protective against the development of age-related macular degeneration and cararact. Marigold(Tagetes erecta) is suitable material for the extraction and isolation of lutein in Industry. The researching progress in the lutein from marigold was reviewed in detail here, particularly in the novel extraction and analysis methods foridentity and quantity.
Research Status of Function Factors and Health Food of Zizyphus Jujuba
FAN Bao-Guo
2005, 26(9):  587-591. 
Asbtract ( 877 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (76KB) ( 488 )  
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There are high nutritional value and powerful health function in Zizyphus Jujuba’ fruit. The research present situation of nutritional ingredients, function components and health food of Zizyphus Jujuba’ fruit is summarized, and the research emphasis is proposed ,and the development future of health food of Zizyphus Jujuba’ fruit is predicted.
Progress of the Exploitation and Utilization of Silkworm in Food Field
WEI Zhao-Jun, JIANG Shao-Tong
2005, 26(9):  592-596. 
Asbtract ( 887 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (78KB) ( 417 )  
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According to the abundance in the protein content, the silkworm (Bombyx mori) shows prospective application in food field. In this review, present situations of the characters, production and technology of the application of the larval, pupae, silk and adult of silkworm in food were described. Based on the above, some advices about the exploitation of silkworm in food were suggested.
Study on Creative Way of Research and Exploitation in Edible Biologic Medicines
ZHANG Bing-Wen, HAO Zheng-Hong, WANG Jian-Jun, SONG Yong-Sheng
2005, 26(9):  597-601. 
Asbtract ( 967 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (78KB) ( 575 )  
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Edible biologic medicines and its composition of functionality was introduced ,and creative way of research and exploitation in edible biologic medicines was studied .The aim is to cause the concern of industry on the research and exploitation in Edible biology medicines ,and provide some theoretical bases for study on edible biologic medicines.
Progress in Nutrition and Functional Components of Loquat
ZHANG Yu, WANG Jian-Qing
2005, 26(9):  602-604. 
Asbtract ( 886 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (55KB) ( 679 )  
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Loquat has abundant nutrition which are essential to the health of man. The fruit, seed, flower and leaf have good medical function. The progress in the nutrition and medical function, the functional ingredients and pharmacology, and the methods for extraction,separation, and purification of functional components of loquat was reviewed. And the utilization prospect of loquat was analyzed in this paper.
A Review on Lipid Oxidiation of Irradiated Meat and Meat Products
ZHANG Hai-Wei, HA Yi-Ming, WANG Feng
2005, 26(9):  605-609. 
Asbtract ( 895 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (71KB) ( 708 )  
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Irradiation is among the best known methods for control of potentially pathogenic microorganisms in raw meat and meat products. It could enhance safety and extend shelf life of meat. One of the major concerns in irradiating meat, however, is its negative effect on lipid oxidation. In this paper the irradiation promoting lipid oxidation is discussed. And the effects of correlative factors such as irradiation dose, temperature, packaging conditions and antioxidants that strongly influence quality of meat on lipid oxidation are summarized.
Review of Functional Foods from Microorganisms
WU Qing-Ping, WU Jun-Lin, ZHANG Ju-Mei, WU Hui-Qing
2005, 26(9):  609-612. 
Asbtract ( 992 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (67KB) ( 708 )  
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The origin of functional foods was extensive including plants, animals and microorganisms. Functional foods gained from microorganism by means of fermentation were mainly functional factors and foods made by biotechnology. Some func- tional factors, existed in natural but their concentration are very low, could be enriched by microorganisms. Presently, gaining functional foods by microorganisms is a hot research point in functional foods study. These functional foods mainly include fungous polysaccharides, functional oil, microecologics, functional oligosaccharides, L-carnitine, bioactive peptides and monascus.
Action of Biology Polysaccharide Substance
NING Shu-Nian, ZHANG Gui
2005, 26(9):  613-614. 
Asbtract ( 930 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (45KB) ( 424 )  
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Biology Polysaccharide, a very import health care factor in foods, depiction the each health care action on clay
Function and Extraction of Health Factors in Wheat Germ
WU Ding, LIU Chang-Jin, LIU Chang-Peng, JU Xing-Rong, YAO Ming-Lan
2005, 26(9):  615-618. 
Asbtract ( 816 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (73KB) ( 349 )  
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The wheat germ contain some factors of health function such as the wheat germ oil, vitamin E, glutathione , flavonoid and wheat germ agglutinate. The paper introduced simple the biological function of main health factors in wheat germ such as antioxidant effect, anticancer, the decreased cholesterol in bleed of men’s body, the prophylaxis disease of heart and bleed vessel. The paper discussed the methods of the extraction and pure for most health factors in the wheat germ.
Study on Strengthening the Supervision and Management on Health Foods in China
2005, 26(9):  619-621. 
Asbtract ( 817 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (57KB) ( 185 )  
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The thesis is at the point of strengthening the admission of dietary supplements and the censor of functional ingredient. By information share, spread propaganda, credit record and scientific analysis, supporting and encouraging consumers to maintain their legal rights and building the dietary supplements supervision and management system from three aspects of censor, supervision and protecting rights.
The Functional Components in Functional Foods 
LI Zhi-Yong, LING Li, WANG Ju-Fang
2005, 26(9):  622-625. 
Asbtract ( 1139 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (64KB) ( 452 )  
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The physiological function and classify of the functional components in functional foods were summarized in this paper. Meanwhile, the safety and functional evaluation as well as the determination of functional components were systematically analyzed.
Research on Marketing Control Strategy of Function Food Safety
2005, 26(9):  625-628. 
Asbtract ( 1186 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (117KB) ( 318 )  
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The marketing strategy of function food is analyzed with the example of marketing compose theory, based on the analysis of marketing environment of function food. The marketing control strategy of function food safety is analyzed systematically from two points of view, enhancing the food traceability and modeling the credit system. These research results provide a feasible method to address the problem of food safety in our country’s marketing system of function food.
Nutritional and Healthy Function of Apricot kernel and Its Application in Food Industry
YANG Xiao-Yu, CHEN Jin-Ping
2005, 26(9):  629-631. 
Asbtract ( 1002 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (60KB) ( 455 )  
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This paper introduced the nutritional and healty function of apricot kernel and its application in food industry, which can provide the reference for further production and development of apricot kennel.
Research and Development on the Low Cholesterol of Fermented Meat Products
LIU Li-Li, YANG Xie-Li, ZHANG Zhong-Xin
2005, 26(9):  632-636. 
Asbtract ( 934 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (391KB) ( 292 )  
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his text sets about the danger of the cholesterol and the meaning of research and development on the low cholesterol of fermented meat products, to analyze and study domestic and international current situation and trend of lactic acid bacteria degrading cholesterol ; and at the same time put forward the extant questions. Expressing the low cholesterol fermented meat products to have the realistic possibility.
Comparative Study of Management System of Functional Food between China and Japan
ZHANG Xing-Lian
2005, 26(9):  637-640. 
Asbtract ( 1091 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (67KB) ( 270 )  
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This paper analyzes the management system of functional food between China and Japan respectively. Based on the comparison of management system of functional food between the two countries, the paper presents several countermea- sures for our country such as establishing uniform national standards, perfecting the system of laws and regulations, paying attention to security management of functional food, strengthening surveillance and management of market, and intensifying the important functions of industrial association.
Development of a Compound Health Beverage from the Passiflora caerulea
YIN Jian-Zhong, ZHOU Jian-Yu, WANG Qi, ZHOU Ling-Xian
2005, 26(9):  641-643. 
Asbtract ( 1067 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (58KB) ( 282 )  
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This paper introduced the process of compound health beverage, which used Passiflora caerulea Linn. as the main material,and fresh carrot juice, milk powder and vitamins were added. The beverage is of good taste,special flavor,and stable quality. The best formula of health drink was defined by using orthogonal design. The results showed that Passiflora caerulea Linn. juice 10%,carrot juice 6%,milk powder 5%,casein 1.2%,sugar 6.25%,vitamins and mineral material 0.1%,stabilizers 0.3%, lemen acid 0.2% were optimal.
Study on the Process of Compound Yoghurt with Amorphallus rivieri Durieu and ganoderma lucidum
LU Xue-Qin, KANG De-Can, HUANG Li
2005, 26(9):  644-648. 
Asbtract ( 1404 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (75KB) ( 274 )  
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We cultured ganoderma mycelium on the carrier made by Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu , then add composite powders of ganoderma mycelium and Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu into yoghurt. They play an important role in medicine cure、health care and stabilizer. We determined the optimum dosage(0.2g/100ml) of ganoderma -Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu powders by tasting experiment. The optimum prescription of compound beverage is 0.2% ganoderma -Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu powders,10% alive- bacterium yoghurt,0.3% stabilizer,4% sucrose and 0.1% sodium cyclamate. The color、tasting and aroma of yoghurt are all fine besides medicine cure and health care of ganoderma -Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu powders and nutritional function of milk, moreover it is safe for us. Our research supplied experimental model for developing functional-type compound beverage.
Research on the Tonic Sweet Rice Wine with Ganoderma applanatumuan 
LING Yun, HOU Wei-Guo, DONG Yuan-Rong, LIAN Bin, YUAN Sheng, DAI Chuan-Chao
2005, 26(9):  648-652. 
Asbtract ( 932 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (99KB) ( 266 )  
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Effects of different wine leavens on the sweet rice wine fermentation were studied and then rice wines mixed with two forms of G. applanatum respectively were compared. Ferment results of different quantity of G. applanatum added into rice wines and the changes about sugar degree and alcoholicity during fermentation were measured, and at last compositions of sweet rice wine with G. applanatum were analyzed as well as were compared with ordinary wine. The results indicated that G. applanatumand rice mix fermentation in the proper proportion in order to make the best of microbial decomposition and combination in the sweet rice wine and produce tonic sweet rice wine with G. applanatum. The investigation offered a new way of thoughts to further exploit fungi resources such as G. applanatum in order to let traditional pharmaceutical fungus which has sanitarian tonic efficacy to enter into ordinary people’s life in the form of common food.
The Technology Research for Gastrodia elata.BL Health Protection Beverage Production
ZHENG Xiao-Jiang, LIU Jin-Long
2005, 26(9):  653-655. 
Asbtract ( 865 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (78KB) ( 306 )  
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Effective composition of Gastrodia elata BL has protect the heart blood tube and the brain blood tube of efficiency and it is good raw materials to production health protection beverage. Use it science conciliation taste and adopt rational production technological can gain ideal obeverage product for sense organ.
Development of Drink of Ginseng Fruit and Hawthorn Mixture
LIU Xue-Jun, YIN Yong-Guang, YU Xiao-Xia, ZHU Chang, FAN Song-Mei
2005, 26(9):  655-659. 
Asbtract ( 1255 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (76KB) ( 312 )  
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In this experiment, Ginseng fruit and hawthorn juice are used as raw material. The main purpose is to research the processing technology of the mixture health drink ,by way of orthogonal test,combine physics and chemistry analysis,microor- ganism examines and sense target to decide the best technological condition on mixture.
Application of HACCP on Preserved Apricot Production 
GU Shu-Qin, LU Da-Xin
2005, 26(9):  660-661. 
Asbtract ( 1181 )   HTML ( 4)   PDF (47KB) ( 268 )  
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In this paper HACCP system was applied to production of preserved apricot. Based on the processing technology, hazards were analyzed in detail. Furthermore, a table of preserved apricot HACCP plan was set up, which can meet the need of quality and safety control for preserved apricot.