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Recent Progress in Studies and Development of Anti-visual Fatigue Functional Foods and Their Functional Components

JIN Xin, ZANG Xixi, GE Yazhong, DENG Qianchun, GAO Qing, CHEN Peng, HUANG Fenghong   

  1. 1. Infinitus (China) Co. Ltd., Guangzhou 510000, China; 2. Oilcrops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
    Wuhan 430062, China; 3. Hubei Key Laboratory of Lipid Chemistry and Nutrition, Wuhan 430062, China
  • Online:2015-02-15 Published:2015-02-10


Visual fatigue has become a common symptom that causes trouble to many people. With increasing health awareness of
people, the demand for anti-visual fatigue functional foods will be more and more vigorous. This paper reviews the mechanism of
visual fatigue as well as the functional components and development of the anti-visual fatigue functional foods.

Key words: anti-visual fatigue, functional foods, mechanism of visual fatigue, functional components

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