FOOD SCIENCE ›› 2020, Vol. 41 ›› Issue (21): 160-166.doi: 10.7506/spkx1002-6630-20191031-358

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Effect of Exogenous Melatonin Treatment on Storage Quality of Fresh-Cut Mango

LIU Shuaimin, HU Kangqi, LIU Gangshuai, ZHANG Shanying, PAN Yonggui, SHI Xuequn, ZHANG Zhengke   

  1. 1. College of Food Science and Engineering, Hainan University, Haikou 570228, China; 2. College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China
  • Published:2020-11-23

Abstract: Melatonin is a signal molecule similar to plant hormones and plays an important role in the physiological regulation of organisms. In the present study, fresh-cut mango fruit were sprayed with 0.5 mmol/L melatonin, sensory quality and nutritional quality were measured to investigate the effect of this treatment on the storage quality of fresh-cut mango, in order to provide a theoretical reference for its market application in freshi-cut mango. The results showed that melatonin treatment effectively slowed the decline in fruit color, firmness, soluble solids content and total titratable acidity content during storage. Melatonin treatment inhibited the reduction in the contents of β-carotene, ascorbic acid, total phenolics and flavonoids. Furthermore, this treatment significantly suppressed the rising in polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and peroxidase (POD) activity, thereby delaying enzymatic browning on mango pulp. In addition, melatonin treatment reduced the generation of reactive oxygen species (O2- · and ·OH) in fresh-cut mango while increasing 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity and reducing power. In summary, melatonin spray treatment can significantly inhibit the quality deterioration of fresh-cut mango, consequently contributing to extending the shelf life.

Key words: melatonin; fresh-cut mango; quality; antioxidant activity

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