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15 August 2007, Volume 28 Issue 8
Effects of High Pressure(HP) Treatment Parameters on Horseradish Peroxidase(HRP) Activity
ZENG Qing-Mei, YIN Yun-Xu, YANG Yi, WANG Hai-Xiang, PAN Jian, HU Bin, XU Di
2007, 28(8):  29-32. 
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Objective: The effects of high pressure(HP) treatment parameters on horseradish peroxidase(HRP) activity was studied. Method: The experiments was carried out under the high hydrostatic pressure (0.1~500 MPa), temperature (20~60 ℃), dwell time (2~34 min) and pH7.0 of the enzymatic solution. Result: ① The pH7.0 of the enzymatic solution is optimal acidity, and HRP activity value is highest at environmental pressure(0.1MPa) and ambient temperature(20℃). ② The effect of compression is significant on HRP activity under the treatment temperature 40 ℃, dwell time 10min and pH7.0; HRP activity increases abnormally in treatment of about 100MPa, and decreases slowly above 400 MPa. ③ HRP activity decreases slowly under temperature of less than 40 ℃ at the pressure of 500MPa and dwell time of 10min pH7.0; Decreases rapidly with increase of temperature above 40 ℃. ④ HRP activity arrives at the least level after compression of 25 min, increases little with prolonging further time; Dwell time is not main factor affecting HRP activity in HP treatment. Conclusion: HP treatment remarkably influences HRP activity. The pressure, temperature and dwell time is remarkable factors in HP treatment on HRP.
Effects of Composite Emulsifying Stabilizers on Glomeration of Dietary Fiber with Instantaneous High Pressure(IHP)
LIU Cheng-Mei, 蓝Hai-Jun , TU Zong-Cai, LIU Wei
2007, 28(8):  33-36. 
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This experiment mainly studied the effects of composite emulsifying stabilizers on the glomeration of dietary fiber with instantaneous high pressure(IHP) treatment. The glomeration of dietary fiber varied with the changes of the work pressure and number of times of the IHP. The results indicated that the glomeration was most conspicuous under the pressure of 140 MPa. The average granularity of the materials would increase to 1447.4 nm from 1134.7 nm after being treated one time under the pressure of 140 MPa, and increase to 1915.0 nm after being treated two times, and even increase to 2426.5 nm after being treated three times. We chose better emulsifying stabilizers comparatively to mix together and make orthogonal tests, and judged the effects of composite emulsifying stabilizers on the glomeration of dietary fiber from the changes of the granularity distribution and Zeta potential of the dietary fiber aqueous solution after being added with composite emulsifying stabilizers. From the experiment results, a better formula of adding composite stabilizers are as follows: 0.04% GMS, 0.06% S.A.I.B-15, 0.23% CMC-Na, 0.05% xanthan gum and 0.02% carrageenan so as to reduce the glomeration of dietary fiber. It could make the average granularity of the materials reduce to 202.4±58.5 nm under the pressure of 140MPa after being treated three times.
Effects on Pathogen Reduction and Tofu Quality Treated with Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water
ZHU Ye, LIU Hai-Jie, LI Li-Te, CHENG Yong-Qiang
2007, 28(8):  37-40. 
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Electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water was used in sterilizing tofu. The effects of EO water on sterilizing tofu and tofu quality were studied. The results showed that the total microbial count of tofu reduced after EO water treatment. The treatment time 20 min achieves a reduction of 1.3 log CFU/g, from 3.64 to 2.34 log CFU/g. Also, EO water treatment has little impact on tofu hardness, color and sensory quality through instrument measurement and sensory evaluation.
Study on Effects of Lipids on Soft-serve Ice Cream Quality
LIU Mei-Sen, HE Wei-Ping
2007, 28(8):  40-43. 
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The soft-serve ice cream quality indices concerning rigidity, overrun and resistant-melted were studied in the presence of lipids. The results showed that the palm oil and the butter give the similar effects on the quality of soft ice cream except that the palm oil shows worse the melting-resistance than the butter did. Concerning rigidity, coconut oil its significantly different from palm oil and butter in affecting the indices of the soft ice cream quality besides rigidity. Coconut oil gives the best overrun and butter gives the best melting-resistance compared to the other oils.
Study on Changes of Chemical Compositions in Murrah × Xilin Buffalo Milk
PANG Kun, ZENG Qing-Kun, ZHENG Qian, LI Meng-Yu, SHI Bao-Xia, REN Fa-Zheng
2007, 28(8):  44-48. 
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In this paper, 7 Murrah×Xilin buffaloes which were in their first parturition were chosen in experiment. Milk on 2 h, 12 h, 24 h, 36 h, 48 h, 3 d, 4 d, 5 d, 6 d, 7 d, 15 d, 30 d, 60 d, 90 d, 120 d, 150 d, 180 d and 210 d postpartum respectively were collected. The yield, physical properties and chemical composition of milk were assayed. The results were shown as follows: the apex of yield appeared at the third month is 126.56 kg, total yield of 210 d 805.47 kg, yield per day 3.84 kg; and pH value and lactose 6.23 and 2.33% respectively at 2 h postpartum, increased with lactation, then changed between 6.51~6.55 and 4.42%~6.02% respectively after 15d. The acidity was 36.73°T at 2 h, decreased with lactation, then changed between 19.43~23.15 °T. The dencity, protein and total solid were 1.057, 18.23%, 31.460% at 2 h respectively, changed sharply in 3 d, then varied within 1.028~1.031, 4.83%~6.02%, 19.12%~20.59% respectively. The fat was 9.73% at 2 h, increased to 11.57% at 36 h, then decreased with lactation, was 9.76% at 4 d, then changed within 8.26%~9.06%. Casein/total protein increased with lactation, was 40.15% at 2 h and 79.13% at 5 d, then varied within 81.07%~83.23%.
Protective Effects and Mechanisms of Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid on Membrane Lipid Bilayer
ZHANG Yu-Hua, JI Bao-Ping, LING Pei-Xue, MENG Yi
2007, 28(8):  49-55. 
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According to drug retention, diameter change, glass-transition temperature (Tg) of lyophilized liposomes and the interaction of phospholipid and carbohydrates, the protective effects and mechanisms by trehalose and hyaluronic acid (HA) were examined. Bilayer fusion and drug leakage induced by lyophilization are inhibited by trehalose, lactose, sucrose, HA and the combination of trehalose and HA. The capacity of HA alone to protect liposomes is low, however, the combination of trehalose and HA is more effective than the two additives used alone. There is interaction between trehalose and phospholipid after lyophilization. This interaction is formed between -OH groups of trehalose and PO2- groups of phospholipid by hydrogen bonding. Trehalose and HA offer complementary properties when the two types of additives are used together. The combination of "water replacement" produced by trehalose and "glassy state" produced by HA results in the optimal protective effects.
Study on Bacteriostasis and Anti-oxidation of Polyonatic Sibiricum Polysaccharides
SU Wei, ZHAO Li, LIU Jian-Tao, CHEN Hong-Lan, GONG Zhen-Qi
2007, 28(8):  55-57. 
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The bacteriostasis functions of Polyonatic Sibiricum polysaccharides (PSP) in the partial bacteria were explored by inhibitory zone with filter paper disk method. The results showed that PSP have evident antibacterial effects. Inhibitory effect on Staphylococous aureas is remarkably, MIC=0.5%, and the diameter of inhibiting is 19.6 mm. Inhibitory effect on Escherichia is small, MIC=2.0%, and the diameter of inhibiting is 11.2 mm. And PSP has definite anti-oxidative ability also.
Research on Antioxidation of Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Protein from Camellia Pollen
ZHANG Hong-Cheng, LI Hui-Yan, DONG Jie, LI Chun-Yang, WEN Jing
2007, 28(8):  58-61. 
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The complex of flavourzyme and neutral protease was used to hydrolyze protein from camellia pollen to obtain bioactive peptides. This paper deeply studied in vitro antioxidation of bioactive peptides from camellia pollen. The experimental results indicated that peptides of camellia pollen have good antioxidative abilities, such as scavenging DPPH· free radical, reducing, inhibiting superoxide anion, scavenging hydroxyl free radical, and general capacity of anti-oxidation, and all those capacities were enhanced with the improvement of hydrolysis degrees.
Comparison of Antioxidations of Rices form Different Areas
HUI Rui-Hua, HOU Dong-Yan, XING Xiao-Yan, LIU Xiao-Yuan, DIAO Quan-Ping
2007, 28(8):  62-64. 
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The antioxidations of rices from different sources were studied by the spectrofluorimetric method respectively. New substance with intensity of fluorescence was produced by reaction of hydroxyl radicals from H2O2 catalyzed by sub copper ion and benzenecarbonic acid. Before or after rices were added into the system, the changes of the hydroxyl radicals were determined with fluorimetry indirectly. By exploring the optimal determination conditions, the method was developed for determination of the clearances of rices from different sources to the hydroxyl radicals with fluorimetry. A comparison of the antioxidations of rices from different sources was performed.
Research on Antioxidative Activities of Amygdlin from Almond Pollen
DONG Jie, YIN Ce, ZHANG Hong-Cheng, LI Chun-Yang, CHEN Cui-Li
2007, 28(8):  65-68. 
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This research mainly studied the antioxidation of amygdlin from almond pollen on general capacity of antioxdation, reducing power, DPPH radical scavenging activity, hydroxyl radical scavenging activity and antioxidative activity in a lecithin liposome system. It was found that the antioxidative and antiradical capacity of the amygdlin from almond pollen were weaker than that of ethanol extracts and supernatant after amygcllin crystallization, except hydroxyl radical scavenging capacity. So the product of ethanol extracts from almond pollen not only possessed the good antioxidative activities but also the antitumor activities.
Study on Water Solubility of Peanut Texture Protein
ZHANG Min, GUO Shun-Tang
2007, 28(8):  69-71. 
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The effects of the composition of peanut texture protein on solubility were studied in this paper. Materials were exturded at 13% moisture content, 170 ℃ temperature and 2000 r/min screw speed. The results showed that lower textnre degree of product resulted in the increase of fat content of skimmed peanut flour results in higher protein solubility; Higher starch content improvs texture protein solubility because amylopectin destroys cross-linking of protein; The effects of α-starch on protein molecular are stronger than amylopectin; Aspartame plays an important role on the protein molecule rearrangement and structure recombination; The effects of lecithin on protein cross-linking are stronger than amylopectin but lower than amylose.
Study on Stability of Food Emulsion with Functional Theory
ZHOU Ming, WANG Zheng-Wu, XU Zu-Min
2007, 28(8):  72-75. 
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By approximately treating emulsion as plate model and introducing the functional theory into the calculation of electric double layer (EDL) interaction, the stability of food emulsion has been investigated. The interaction energies of two identical parallel plates were calculated at general potential and simultaneously the results were compared those of from the Debye-Hückel (DH) and the numerical methods respectively. The relationships between energy and relevant parameters, such as surface potential, charge number, concentration of electrolyte and temperature were also studied. There was a perfect consistency between obtained and experimental results.
Study on Retrogradation of Ultra-high Pressure Modified Starch with Maize
LIU Yan-Qi, GUO Yu-Wei, ZHOU Jing-Qi, ZHAO Guang-Yuan, YANG Gong-Ming, JIA Chun-Xiao
2007, 28(8):  76-78. 
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Corn starch-water suspension(5%, W/V) was subjected to high pressure treatment at 500, 550, 600, 650 MPa for 5 mim, The samples were dried after 0, 3, 5, 10 days respectively. X-ray diffraction was used to determine. The results showed that to a certain extent crystallinity of the sample treated by ultra high pressure after annealing in low temperature increase. After 3 days storage, a maximum retrogradation extent in the UHT-treated starches at 500 MPa is obtained while there are no changes in crystalline type. The same also happened to the UHT-treated starches at 550 MPa, but retrogradation for more long time could cause the variation in crystalline type. The UHT-starches at 600 and 650 MPa are storied for a period of time, there are increase of crystallinity and the crystalline type chang from A to B.
Study on Physiochemical Properties of Pigment from Purple Potato
WANG Jin-Hua, ZENG Hai-Ying, SU Wei, QIN Li-Kang
2007, 28(8):  78-81. 
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The physiochemical properties of the pigment from purple potato, an exceptional variation of potato (Solanlum tuberosum L.), were studied. The results indicated that the pigment from purple potato is anthocyanin composition, which has good water-solubility and is stable to heat and metal ions such as Cu2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Al3+, Mg2+ and Ca2+ in acid environment, but sensitive to light, oxidizer and high concentration reducer in acid environment. The maximum absorption wavelength of this pigment is 528 nm when the pH value is 3. Cu2+ and Fe2+ can enhance colour.
Study on Effects of Different Amounts of Sorbitol Added on Moisture Sorption Isotherms of Dried Beef
YAN Wei-Ling, REN Li-Ping, SHEN Ju-Quan, LIN Lu
2007, 28(8):  82-86. 
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The moisture sorption isotherms of the dried beef added sorbitol with different amounts were made to determine the reduction degree of water activity in this paper. The sorption isotherm equations were regressed by the BET and GAB formula.
Study on Antioxidant Activitiy and Constituents of Flos Sophorae Immaturus in Edible Oil and Fat
HUANG Hai-Lan, LI Jun, XU Bo
2007, 28(8):  86-89. 
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Flos Sophorae Immaturus (FSI) was extracted with chloroform : methanol (1:2) in a ultrasonator, and the extraction was then partitioned with petroleum ether, EtOAc and BuOH successively. Antioxidant activity (AA) of the extract was evaluated by using Schaal method and compared with that of BHT. The BF (n-butanol-soluble fraction) exhibited the highest AA, which was greater than that of BHT. Furthermore, bioactivity-guided chromatographic fractionation was conducted by repeated column chromatography with a silica gel, RP-18, and Sephadex LH-20 to obtain two kinds of pure antioxidant compounds. Their structures were determined by interpretation of the 1D and 2D NMR, as well as mass spectral data. The results demonstrated that quercetin and rutin were the major antioxidative constituents in FSI. The AA of the compounds decreased in the following order: quercetin>rutin>BF> BHT. The AA of phenolic compounds is closely correlated to their chemical structures. In general, the AA of phenolics depends mainly on the number of hydrogen-donating hydroxyl groups on the aromatic ring of the phenolic molecules.
Research on Mechanical Properties of Apple-pears under Static Loading
YANG Xiao-Qing, CHEN Zhong-Jun, ZHU Li-Jing
2007, 28(8):  90-93. 
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Solve both the problem of mechanical damage caused by compressing, impacting and dropping down to ground during harvest, transportation and storage, and the problem of cutting slice and pressing during the process of by-products, the mechanical properties were tested. The results showed that there is a maximum in both yield force and break force with increasing loading rate; The more mature degree and the larger size, and the micro tissues of fruits more easily are destroyed and more easily break; The properties of anti-compression of the flesh around equator are lower than that of the other positions. The results provide a theoretical basis for the design for parameters processing machines improved.
Study on Film-forming Quality of High-amylose Corn Starch Treated by High Temperature and High Press
MA Tao, GU Hong
2007, 28(8):  94-96. 
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Nowadays food packing waste are seriously polluting environment gradually. That developing edible food packing is considered as an effective method to relieve the contradiction between food packing waste and environment protection. High-amylose corn starch, compared with other film-forming medium, has good film-forming quality and its waste is renewable and friendly to environment. It costs lower comparatively, hence there is a promising future for high-amylose corn starch. This research studied the film-forming quality under the condition of high temperature and high press by using high-amylose corn starch as material.
Effects of Water Content and Several Common Food Additives on Glass Transition Temperature of Dough
SU Peng, WANG Xin, LIU Bao-Lin, GU Xue-Lian
2007, 28(8):  97-100. 
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In this study, The dough’s glass transition temperature of dough was determineded by DSC (differential scanning calorimetry). The effects of water content, NaCl, ascorbic acid, 2,2-prehalose, gelatin, glycerol monostearate, xanthan gum and lecithin on glass transition temperature of dough were assayed also. The results showed that: glass transition temperature of dough with 40% water content is -27.75 ℃, and the glass transition temperature decreases with the water content when the water content is between 38% and 45%. When NaCl, ascorbic acid and 2,2-prehalose are added into the dough with the weight ratio of 5%, 1% and 3% respectively, the glass transition temperature of the dough are -13.68 ℃, -12.73 ℃ and -15.74 ℃, respectively. When gelatin, glycerol monostearate, xanthan gum is added, the increase of glass transition temperature of dough is not significant, but addition of lecithin decreases the glass transition temperature of dough.
In virto Antioxidation Activity of Multimethoxyl Flavonoids from Citrus Peel
DAN Yang, LI Gao-Yang, LI Zhong-Hai
2007, 28(8):  100-103. 
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The antioxidant properties of five multimethoxyl flavonoids from citrus peel were determined respectively by ferric thiocyanate method and phospholipids peroxidantion in liposome. The results showed that five flavonoids are able to inhibit linoleic acid peroxidation, and the inhiting capacity is better than rutin. The inhibiting capacities of flavonoids to liposome are relative with their concentrations. And the physiological functions of scavenging ·OH increase also significantly with increases of their concentrations.
Effects of Geometrical Isomerisation on Singlet-oxygen Quenching by Lycopene in vitro
LI Jing, HUI Bo-Di
2007, 28(8):  104-107. 
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 Objective: To study the effects of geometrical isomerisation on singlet-oxygen quenching by lycopene in vitro. Method: In this study, induced by iodine and with further separation and purification by C30-HPLC, the certain amounts of 13Z- and 9Z-isomers were prepared from the all E-isomer of natural lycopene. Ability to extinguish singlet-oxygen generated from reaction between NaClO and H2O2 by each isomer was then compared by count photons generated from the reaction. Result: Ability to quench singlet-oxygen by each isomer is ranked in following order: allE-isomer>13Z-isomer>9 Z-isomer. Conclusion: It is therefore considered that Z-isomerisation appeared by both sides of double bond in the molecule of lycopene can reduce the ability to extinguish singlet-oxygen of the molecule. Additionally, the closer to the center of the molecule this isomerisation, the more decrease of ability to extinguish singlet-oxygen by the molecule.
Study on Water Loss Rate and Decay of Strawberry by NMR and MRI
JIN Zhi-Qiang, ZHANG Jin-Sheng, LIN Xiang-Yang, RUAN Rong-Sheng, WANG Na, CHEN Wei-Jiang
2007, 28(8):  108-111. 
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In this research water loss and decay process during storage by NMR(nuclear magnetic resonance) and MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) were studied. Through NMR technology, water loss and decay process were quantatively assayed. By comparing heat-treatment strawberry with strawberry under room temperature storage, the cofficient between change of relaxation parameters and change of strawberry quality was discussed. It is instructive to study furtherly decay process and mechanism.
Effects of Tea Polyphenols on Acid Value of Tea Seed Oil
欧Yang-Yu-Zhu , SHI Ai-Hua, LI You-Ji
2007, 28(8):  111-113. 
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The tea polyphenols from tea is a natural antioxidant and has good anti-oxidation stability. The influences of the ultra-violet light, temperature, CuCl2 and KClO3 on acid value of the tea seed oil with tea polyphenols addition were investigated. The results showed that acid values of tea seed oil added tea polyphenols decreased 22.8% and 12.06% compared with acid values of tea polyphenols added by ultraviolet light and heating 90 ℃ for 7 hours, respectively. The acid values of tea seed oil added tea polyphenols decreased 3.63% and 7.63% tea seed oil without tea polyphenols, added by 0.08 mol/L CuCl2 and KClO3 reaction 7 hours, respectively.
Study on Gelling Characteristics of Oat β-Glucan
WANG Hai-Bo, XU Qun-Ying, WANG Hai-Ying, LIU Da-Chuan, XIE Bi-Jun
2007, 28(8):  114-119. 
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In this study, the β-glucan was extract and purified from oat of Shanxi . The gelling characteristics and effect factors of oat β-glucan were researched with the X-T21 texture analyser .The results indicate that oat β-glucan gelling was influenced by the concentration and molecular weight of oat β-glucan and the characteristics of oat β-glucan can be effected by the concentration, molecular weight of oat β-glucan, pH and the kind of solvent and so on. The gelling characteristics can be improved by enhancing the concentration, molecular weight of oat β-glucan or decreasing the pH or appending a little salt or urea and borax. On the other hand, the gelling characteristics of oat β-glucan can be decreased by improving pH or appending DMSO.
Study on Gel Texture Properties of Potato Starch Paste in Ultrasonic Field
LIN Jing-Yun, LI Lin, LI Jian-Bin, CHEN Ling, LI Bing, LI Xiao-Xi
2007, 28(8):  120-123. 
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The gel texture properties of starch paste have great effects on guiding the process of food production. The gel texture properties of potato starch paste in ultrasound field were investigated. The effects of the ultrasonic field condition and the content of potato starch paste on the gel texture properties of potato starch paste were evaluated. The results showed that with the prolonging of the ultrasonic time and the strengthen of sound intensity, the gel texture properties of potato starch paste such as hardness value, fracture ability value, adhesiveness value, gumminess value and chewiness value decreased in ultrasonic field. Moreover, hardness value, adhesiveness value and gumminess value showed a slower decreasing tendency with the increase of the content of potato starch paste.
Extraction and Antibacterial Properties of Flavonoids of Seabuckthorn Leaves
JIAO Xiang, YIN Li-Jun, CHENG Yong-Qiang
2007, 28(8):  124-129. 
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The extraction and antibacterial activity of Seabuckthron flavonoids, were investigated. Distilled water and ethanol were chosen as the extraction solvents, ultrasonica was used as an extraction method. The contents of total flavonoids and polyphenol were tested by UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Cylinder plate assay and tube doule dilution were used to test antibacterial activity on 13 genus of ordinary food contaminating microorganisms. The results showed that the flavonoid content of Qinghai Seabuckthorn leaves and its antibacterial activity were significantly better than those of large berry Seabuckthorn leaves from Neimenggu province. Ethanol is better in extraction and antibacterial activity of flavonoids than distilled water, and ultrasonica could enhance the dissolving of compounds with antibacterial activity.
Study on Ultrasound-associated Cleaning of Micorfiltration Membrane
WANG Xiao-Li, CHEN Rui, GAO Bo, FU Xue-Qi
2007, 28(8):  129-133. 
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Ultrasound (US) cleaning technique was applied to remove fouling of PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) microfiltration (MF) membrane, used to be fouled by yeast cell and isolated soybean protein (ISP) solution. The US employed was of 40 kHz frequency and 1.43~2.85 W/cm2 output power. The cleaning effects were determined by the assay of flux recovery rate (FR) and cleaning time. Results showed that the membrane, fouled by yeast cell solution, could be recovered by water cleaning with US irradiation. The cleaning time could be achieved with the same FR by the increase of US intensity. However, for the membrane fouled by ISP solution, it took long time to achieve the same FR with ultrasound-associated water cleaning. In addition, it was also found that the chemical cleaning associated with US irradiation could distinctly enhance the cleaning efficiency, such as to restore 91% of the original membrane water permeability within 6 min by a combination of 3 g/L sodium hydroxide with output power of 1.43 W/cm2 US irradiation.
Optimization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Aniseed Oleoresin
WANG Yong-Bin, WANG Jia-Liang
2007, 28(8):  133-137. 
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Objective: To optimize the process of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction of the aniseed oleoresin from aniseed powder; Method: An effective two-phase statistical approach to enhance extracting rate. In the first phase, Plackett-Burman design was undertaken to evaluate the effects of the seven factors: namely material size, CO2 flow rate, extracting pressure, extracting temperature, extracting time, separating pressure and separating temperature. By regression analysis, extracting pressure, extracting temperature and extracting time were found to be important for extraction of aniseed oleoresin. In the second phase of the optimization process, a three-level three-factor Box-Behnken design was used to optimize the above critical internal factors. Results: The results showed that the maximum experimental extracting rate of aniseed oleoresin (8.29%) can be obtained in 1.82 ~2.85 h, with the extracting pressure 27.2 MPa and extracting temperature 33.5~44.9 ℃; Conclusion: The maximum predicted aniseed oleoresin extracting rate 8.52% was obtained by solving the quadratic regression equation. In this situation, the optimum conditions are: extracting pressure, 29.31 MPa; extracting temperature, 44.87 ℃ and extracting time 2.30 h.
Study on Stability of Cloudy Tomato Beverages
PAN Jiang-Qiu, GUO Sai-Hou, SHI Xu-Dong
2007, 28(8):  138-143. 
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The stabilities of food thickening agent layering and the lycopene luster darkening during production and storage were studied. The stability effects of the single stabilizers are in the following ranking order: agar>xanthan gum>CMC-Na and the mouthfeel effects of stabilizers: agar>CMC-Na>xanthan gum. The orthogonal tests showed that when used as mixed thickening (0.05% xanthan gum and 0.1% agar together in mass mixture), the stability of the beverage is the best. The lycopene is much stable against heat with low heating loss at 100 ℃, but is unstable under the effects of strong sunlight for 1 h that the remains drop to 36.7%. The 0.06% tea polyphenol and 0.08% VC added respectively show good protection effects on lycopene. The optimal processing parameters for raw tomato juice, sugar, composite thickening agent, citric acid, VC and tea polyphenol obtained from orthogonal tests are 30%, 8%, 0.15%, 0.013% and 0.02%, respectively.
Synthesis and Structure Characterization of Water-soluble Hesperidin
CHEN Ping, FAN Rui-Sheng, NIE Qian
2007, 28(8):  143-147. 
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Structure of hesperidin was modified. The water-soluble sodium hesperidin sulfonate was synthesized by sulfonated reaction with concentrated H2SO4, and its structure was characterized by IR and MS. The best reaction conditions are that 6 ml sulphric acid added in 1 g hesperidin, reaction time 2 h and reaction temperature 15 ℃. The yellow sodium hesperidin sulfonate powder was obtained with the yield 52.6%.
Optimization of Cultivation Conditions for Biomass by Spirulina. platensis Using RSM
QIAO Shun-Bin, ZHANG Yi-Ting, CHI Hai-Yang, ZHANG Yi-Ming
2007, 28(8):  147-152. 
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In this paper, a novel air-lift photo-bioreactor was designed to cultivate the Spirulina platensis, employing the response surface methodology to optimize the culture conditions of biomass concentration. Four critical factors selected for investigation were light intensity, air flow,time of cultivation and volume of medium. Then, research the optimization concentration levels and the relationship between these factors and building a quadratic regression equation with DW as the dependent. According to the experiment results, the ordinal relation from strong to inferior influence the growth of SP is light intensity, time of cultivation, volume of medium, air flow. Finally, by solving the inverse matrix from the equation, the optimal conditions for obtaining the maximum 1.277 g/L of DW are 4400lx, 212.2 L/h, 8.8 d and 7.2 L respectively.
Optimiazation of Extracting Technology of Yam Bean Polyphenols and Comparison of Different Determination Methods
LI Wei, CHENG Chao, MO Kai-Ju, WANG Xing-Ping
2007, 28(8):  152-156. 
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The optimal extracting technology of yam bean polyphenols was studied by the fractional factorial design, as well as two kinds of determination methods were compared. The results were as following: When the FC was used, the optimal extracting conditions were ethanol concentration 75.3%, ratio of the ethanol to HCl 98.3:1.7, temperature 82.5 ℃, and ratio of material to solvent 1:30. Under these conditions the highest extracting rate was 11.1615 mg/g. When the Prussian blue was used, the optimal extracting conditions were ethanol concentration 70%, ratio of ethanol to HCl 97.6:2.4, temperature 96 ℃, ratio of material to solvent 1:30. Under these conditions the highest extracting rate was 4.4503 mg/g.
Study on Technology of Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction of Superoxide Dismutase from Corn
LIU Ting-Ting, WANG Hai-Ling, ZHANG Yan-Rong
2007, 28(8):  156-160. 
Asbtract ( 1216 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (237KB) ( 312 )  
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 With corn embryo of coproduct from corn starch produced with wet method as material, superoxide dismutase(SOD) was extracted through sonication after supercritical CO2 fluid extraction for defating and low temperature crushing. The results showed that optimum conditions are solid to liquid 1:25, the time 6 s, the times 40 and the interval time 2 s. The crude extract was purified through thermal denaturation and acetone sediment and Sephadex G-75 column chromatography. The enzyme obtained activity recovery was 40.56%, the removal rate of protein was 99.36%, the specific activity was 3079.41 U/mg, and pure the purify multiple was 63.09. The scanning results of ultraviolet spectrophotometer showed that the peak of ultraviolet absorption of SOD from corn embryo was at 260 nm, the same to standard preparation. It was that the superoxide dismutase pure of corn embryo is Cu/Zn-SOD.
Study on Optimization of Extraction Process of Ursolic Acid from Potentilla discolor Bge with Ultrasonic
LI Sheng-Hua, WU Xian-Jin, YU Jian-Ping, WANG Li-Na, HU Mei-Zhong
2007, 28(8):  160-164. 
Asbtract ( 1166 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (225KB) ( 284 )  
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Objective: To screen optimum the extraction process of ursolic acid from Potentilla discolor Bge. Methods: ultrasonics extraction was used to extract. The optimum extraction process was confimed by the orthogonal test. The content of ursolic acid in Potentilla discolor Bge. was determined by HPLC. Results: The optimum conditions of ultrasonics extraction are as follow: ethanol concentration 75%, time 60 min, ratio of material to solution 1:60, and power of extraction 610 W. The effects of factors on yield decrease progressively in the following order: extracting time>ratio of material to solution>ethanol concentration>power of extraction. Conclusion: The best optimized process has a good repeatability confimatory experiment.
Study on Freeze-drying and Hot-air Drying Kiwi-fruit Slice
ZHOU Guo-Yan, CHEN Wei-Shi, YE Xiu-Dong, XIAO Xin, HUA Ze-Zhao
2007, 28(8):  164-167. 
Asbtract ( 1404 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (152KB) ( 308 )  
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In this paper the hot-air drying and freeze drying of kiwi-fruit slices are comparatively studied. The VC loss ratio and drying rate are taken as criterion. In hot-wind drying experiment, drying rate and VC loss ratio are significantly influenced by thickness of sample, temperature of process and convectional condition(p<0.01). In freeze drying experiment, the thickness of sample and the primary drying temperature influence both the drying rate and VC loss ratio, and the VC loss also influences by freezing rate(p<0.05). The ideal processing parameter are 6 mm thick, 70 ℃ temperature and enhanced the convection in hot-air drying process, and 8 mm thick, -10℃ primary drying temperature and quick freezing in freeze drying. The drying rate in freeze drying is less than in hot-wind drying but the VC loss ration in freeze drying is better than in hot-wind drying.
Study on Distribution Characteristics of Se Content and Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Water in Selenium Enriched Bean Curd Production
YE Cui-Ceng, ZHAO Liang-Zhong
2007, 28(8):  168-173. 
Asbtract ( 1242 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (198KB) ( 441 )  
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Determine the distribution characteristics in the bean curd production from different selenium content soybean, to research the Feasibility for the production of a selenium enriched legumelin lactobacillus beverage by using lactic acid in yellow slurry water. The Se content distribution was determined by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. The selenium enriched legumelin Lactobacillus beverage was produced by Lactobacillus fermentation.Three kinds of soybean were used as the raw material in the experiment, Se content separately were 0.697, 2.561 and 2.801 mg/kg. The results indicated that the Se content in the production soybean curd was 1.82, 0.205, 0.138 mg/kg, as the yellow Slurry Water 0.462, 0.760, 0.507 mg/kg and the residue 0.532, 0.764, 0.542 mg/kg. In the production of bean curd, the reclaim rate of Se was 75.59% by using soybean of lower selenium content and 87.37%, 87.20% by using soybean of richer selenium content, the Se content of bean curd, yellow slurry water and residue were 31.1%~49.7%, 23.92%~29.89% and 26.1%~30.92%. We can produce beverage contained Se above the level 0.30 mg/kg by using yellow slurry water.
Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Agar Polysaccharide from Gracilaria Lemaneiformis
XUE Zhi-Xin, YANG Gui-Peng, WANG Guang-Ce
2007, 28(8):  174-177. 
Asbtract ( 1511 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (313KB) ( 367 )  
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The crude polysaccharide was extracted from Gracilaria Lemaneiformis with hot water and was then purified by DE-22 and Sephadex G-200 column chromatograph. The purified polysaccharide contained little sulfate. Its homogeneity was identified with Q-Sepharose column chromatography. The ultraviolet spectrum showed that there are no protein and nucleic acids in the purified polysaccharide. The infrared spectrum indicated that there are special absorption of 3,6-anhydro-galactose and very little sulfate absorbance peaks. There are two weight loss courses during the increasing temperature from 0 to 700 ℃, while there is a transition course from double helix structure to random coil with increasing temperature in the polysaccharide solution.
Study on Brewing Technology of Water Chestnuts Healthy Vinegar
MA Cheng-Jin, HUANG Qun, YU Ji, ZHONG Zhi-Cheng, LI Yan-Po, GAO Yao-Fu
2007, 28(8):  178-181. 
Asbtract ( 1144 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (184KB) ( 362 )  
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In this paper, the multifunctional nutritional healthy vinegar was developed with water chestnut as raw material by liquid fermentation, and the brewing technology was optimized by orthogonal test. Results showed that the optimum technology was following as: water chestnut pulp gelatinized 1h, then 2%~4% α-amylase added to liquefy, and saccharifyed 3h after adding 0.3% saccharifying enzyme; After adjusting sugar content to 15% and mixed with 0.12% active dry yeast, saccharifying liquid fermented 3 d at 31 ℃; Then the alcohol content of wine mash was adjusted to 7% and mixed with 10% acetic acid bacteria to fermented 5~7 d at 34 ℃ with rotate speed 150 r/min. The product was unique flavor, soft sense of mouth and fine odor.
Study on Preparation of Starch Acetate by Microwave and Its Properties
2007, 28(8):  181-184. 
Asbtract ( 1197 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (352KB) ( 401 )  
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With the corn starch as a raw material, the acetic anhydride as the acetylize reagent and the sodium hydroxide as the catalyst, the starch acetate synthesis process test are its properties wer studied. The optimum conditions confirmed by orthogonal: the acetic anhydride amount 80%, water amount added 2 g, radiation time 5 min, radiation power 200 W. On these conditions degree of substitution is 0.1386. And by the RVA fast viscosity analyzer, theinfrared light spectrometer and the scanning electron microscope the properties of product were determined.
Pilot Study on Extraction of Essential Oil in Kaempferia Galanga L. by Enzymatic Hydrolysis
FAN Ya-Ming, GAO Shao-Zhong, LU Hui-Ning, CHEN Yong-Heng
2007, 28(8):  184-188. 
Asbtract ( 1317 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (349KB) ( 533 )  
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The equipment and technics on the pilot experiment were studied in this paper for extracting the essential oil in Kaempferia galanga L. by enzymatic hydrolysis-hydro distillation. The designed equipment possesses four functions which are enzymatic hydrolysis, hydro distillation (HD), extraction and concentration. The contents we studied involved in adjusting parameters for the equipment, selecting the range of the four factors which affected the yield, optimizing the technics by orthogonal design, and testing and appreciating the product by GC-MS. The results were as follows: when the dosage of the liquefying enzyme 0.3%, solid-to-liquid ratio 20%, extracting time 4 h, and the ratio of petroleum ether to distillate 1:8, the viscosity of the HD system decreased greatly, and the Kaempferia galanga L. slurry running out of the extracting pot could be avoided. The distilling time decreased from 3.5 h to 2.0 h, and the yield of refined essential oil increased about 9%. Determination results of GC-MS showed that and the content of the main component in the oil increased about 15%.
Study on Adsorption Processing of Industrial Dye Wastewater with Corncob
WU Chun, GAO Yan-Jie, LIU Ning
2007, 28(8):  188-191. 
Asbtract ( 1066 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (180KB) ( 413 )  
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With corncob as the raw material, activated charcoal absorbent was prepared. Its sorption capicities to three kinds of dye wastewater, namely methylene the blue, the alkalinity pinkish red and themethyl orange were studied. Effects of factors such as temperature, adsorption dosage adsorption time on adsorption were investigated. The results indicated that, on the conditions of the adsorption dosage 1 g, the adsorption time about 5 h, the temperature 70 ℃ corncob absorbent achieves the best adsorption effect to three kinds of dyes. Dynamic equation of the adsorption rate and the adsorption time showed the adsorption process has very good linear relation. Application of the corncob activated charcoal for processing dye wastewater has favorable development prospect.
Studies on Extracting Process of Polysaccharide from Jujube Date by Cellulase and Effects of the Enzyme on Molecular Mass Distribution
LI Xiao-Ping, CHEN Jin-Ping
2007, 28(8):  191-194. 
Asbtract ( 1197 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (181KB) ( 264 )  
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The optimum extraction conditions of polysaccharide from jujube date by cellulase were investigated by the orthogonal design. The experiment results showed that the optimum conditions are is addition of 0.02% the enzyme amount into water at pH 4.5, and the treatment for 2 h while the temperature is maintained at 60 ℃. The extraction process with water and enzyme had no significant effects on molecular mass distribution of jujube dates polysaccharides.
Optimization of Technology for Extracting Alkali-soluble Polysaccharides from Rapeseed Meal and Study on Anti-oxidative Effect in vitro
WEI Xing, CHENG Ming, FENG Rui, CHEN Guo-Zheng, YANG Qin-Qin, CHEN Hao, WU Mou-Cheng
2007, 28(8):  195-198. 
Asbtract ( 1061 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (161KB) ( 231 )  
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In this paper, sodium hydroxide was used as extracting agent from rapeseed meal. Three levels of the factors including extraction temperature, concentration of NaOH and extraction time were selected for the central composite design experiment. The quadric regression model for the yield of polysaccharides was established. Then the optimum combination was obtained by SAS analysis and response surface analysis. Experimental results indicated that when the extraction parameters are composed of 93.7 ℃, 1.125 mol/L and 2.3 h, the yield of polysaccharides is maximum to 11.59%. At last the study of polysaccharide from rapeseed meal anti-oxidation was conducted, and the medical valve of rapeseed meal was proved.
Effects of Heat-moisture Treatment on Acid Modified Cornstarch
YANG Bo, YANG Guang, LIU Can-Zhao, HUANG Huan
2007, 28(8):  198-201. 
Asbtract ( 1099 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (173KB) ( 301 )  
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Heat-moisture treatment for cornstarch was used in this experiment. Modified cornstarches were hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid, then percentage of hydrolysis of modified cornstarches was measured in order to get the best modified cornstarch. With uniform design, the most important influence factors in this test were choose. Results were followed: the degree of humidity 14%, the temperature 120 ℃, and time 4 h. On these conditions, the maximum hydrolysis percentage for modified cornstarch is 14.39%.
Study on Extraction, Identification and Antioxidation of Gingerol
YU Ning, ZENG Hong-Yan, DENG Xin, ZENG Mei-Xia, FENG Bo
2007, 28(8):  201-204. 
Asbtract ( 1197 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (237KB) ( 544 )  
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Gingerol was extracted from powder of dry ginger with three different methods of organic solvent, ultrasonic extraction and microwave extraction. The results showed that the yield and purity of the gingerol were the lowest with organic solvent method, 0.15% and 49.7%, respectively. The yield and purity of the gingerol were the best with ultrasonic method, 1.39% and 77.4%, respectively. The extracts of the ginger were characterized with infrared spectroscopy (IR), ultraviolet spectroscopy(UV). By orthogonal experiment, the optimum conditions with ultrasonic method were radiation time 1.5 h, ultrasonic power 500 W, rate of cavitation 0.7. The antioxidation of the extract from powder of ginger was determined. The extract with high antioxidation could efficiently clean out superoxide anion free radical (SARF) and 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhdrazyl (DPPH) free radical.
Study on Purification and Antioxidation of Water-soluble Polysaccharide Isolated from Semen Cassia
GUO Xiao-Qiang, YAN Jun, WU Xiao-Yong, XU Guang-Yu, FAN Chun-Hua, GOU Xiao-Jun
2007, 28(8):  205-208. 
Asbtract ( 1297 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (218KB) ( 332 )  
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In this paper, Semen Cassia crude polysaccharide is got by water-extracting and alcohol precipitating, then being refined on the two methods of H2O2 bleaching and secondary alcohol precipitation, H2O2 bleaching can effectively remove protein impurities among Semen Cassia crude polysaccharide. Semen Cassia polysaccharide antioxidant experiments show: It is certain to eliminate hydroxyl radical (·OH) by Semen Cassia polysaccharide; and Semen Cassia polysaccharide inhibite effectly superoxide anion radical (O2·) by pyrogallol autoxidation with concentration of 0.022 mg/ml.
Selection of Optimum Extraction Conditions of Anti-bicteria Substances from Hubrid Edible Gourd
LI Zheng-Ying, ZHANG Bao-Jun, CHEN Zhong-Jun
2007, 28(8):  209-212. 
Asbtract ( 1265 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (153KB) ( 226 )  
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Study the conditions of extracting anti-bacteria substances from the hybrid gourd. The result indicates that the best solvent of extracting anti-bacteria substances is water. After juice of the hybrid edible gourd extracted, remains of the hybrid edible gourd and the water are mixed according to 1:14. The mixture is kept at 50~60 ℃ for 80 minutes, extraction has the best anti-bacteria effect. repeating extraction 2 times at the best conditions, almost all of the anti-bacteria ingredient in the hybrid edible gourd is extracted.
Study on Extraction Technology of Quercitr in Urtica
YANG Xiu-Li, CAO Yan-Ping
2007, 28(8):  212-214. 
Asbtract ( 1267 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (146KB) ( 306 )  
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The extraction technology of quercitr in urtica was studied with ethanol as extractor. The contained amount of quercitr was measured by HPLC.The best conditions were chosen through L9(34) orthogonal test. The results showed the first factor affecting extractor productivity was volume percentage of ethonal. The second and the third ones were rotio of feed liqued and temperature respectively. The best extraction conditions are to use 70% ethanols extractor with the ratio of feed liqued of 1:30 at the temperature of 80 ℃ for 3 h. The extraction productivity 211 mg/kg.
Research on Processing Technology of Fresh Cheese
LIU Yan-Xia, ZHAO Gai-Ming, ZHANG Qiu-Hui, HOU Yong-Xin, TIAN Li, LI Miao-Yun, GAO Xiao-Ping
2007, 28(8):  215-218. 
Asbtract ( 1009 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (185KB) ( 240 )  
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In this experiment, the main technological parameters of fresh cheese processing technology were studied. Single factor experiment method was used to study the effect of milk acidity, CaCl2 concentration, enzyme proportion on clabber effect, output rate and cheese quality. The results showed that the best result reached when milk acidity was 28°T, CaCl2 concentration at 0.02%, chymosin concentration at 0.04% and clabber temperature at 35 ℃.
Study on Influence of Technology Conditions on Buckwheat Resistant Starch Preparation by Thermal-press Processing Method
GUAN Yang, WANG Ke-Xing, LU Wen-Bin, PAN Si-Yi
2007, 28(8):  219-223. 
Asbtract ( 1177 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (455KB) ( 270 )  
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Buckwheat resitant starch was prepared by thermal-press processing mothod. The result shows that water content, temperature, time, pH value and refrigerating time have influence on the output rate of buckwheat resistant starch. The changing trends of output of buckwheat resistant starch were obtained. Further, a dual quadratic rotary regression orthogonal design with three factors was investigated, and a mathematical model describing the relationship between the output of buckwheat resistant starch was developed. The optimum extracting conditions are as follows: water content 59.41%, temperature 123.33 ℃, time 60.79 min, and the output of the resistant starch is 16.6053%.
Study on Processing Technology of Kiwi Fruit Potage without Fruit Seeds
LI Jia-Xing, CHEN Shuang-Ping, WANG Xiao-Yong, SUN Jin-Yu, ZOU Li-Yun, QIN Yi
2007, 28(8):  223-226. 
Asbtract ( 1002 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (188KB) ( 324 )  
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This paper studies the processing technology and formulation optimization of kiwi fruits potage without fruit seeds by using fresh kiwi fruits as raw material. The results showed that kiwi fruits potage without fruit seeds blended by the optimum formulation, namely 47.2% fruit pulp made of fresh kiwi fruits with a fruit hardness degree>9.0kg/cm2 through the process of mechanical peeling, coring and crushing+ 41.3% fruit juice without fruit seeds, which are extracted out from ripe and soft kiwi fruits + 0.20% return-service stabilizing agent(0.08% carrageeenen + 0.04% cooling gelatin + 0.08% CMC) + 11.2% high fructose syrup, can be stored for 6 months after they have been disinfected for 20 min at the normal temperature 90~95 ℃.
Study on Fermentation Technology of Pumpkin Wine
HUANG Ru-Qiang, GUO Qian-Yu, CHEN Jie, ZHOU Xiao-Hong, 欧Yang-Ai-Lan
2007, 28(8):  227-230. 
Asbtract ( 908 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (159KB) ( 387 )  
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Processing method of the pumpkin wine was studied with that the main material was pumpkin in this paper. The optimum technological parameters were determined by orthogonal design. The results showed that fermentation temperature was 25 ℃, and the Bx of sugar was 26%, and the content of citric acid was 2 g/L, and inoculum concentration was 0.18 g/L.
Research on Extraction of Flavonoid in Infructescence of Platycarya Strobilacea Sieb. et Zucc with Diferent Distilling Methods
GAO Rong, LI Wen-Hong, LIU Ming-Xia, LI Dong, LIAO Chang-Jian, ZHANG Yuan
2007, 28(8):  230-232. 
Asbtract ( 1106 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (174KB) ( 318 )  
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Extract flavonoid from infructescence of Platycarya Strobilacea Sieb. et Zucc. Analysing the water extraction and alcohol precipitation, the technologies of ethylalcohol circulating and ultrasonic extracting these three different methods, all the results showed that: the yield is higher with the technologies of ethylalcohol circulating than the others, and it is simple and efficient. The optimum extraction conditions are determined via response surface analysis just as follows: the temperature, extraction time, concentration of ethylalcohol, ratio of solid to liquid and extraction time are 60 ℃, 3 times, 70.00%, 1:10 and 4.5 h.
Study on Processing Technology of Water Tilapia Skin
ZHOU Wan-Jun, WANG Jian-He, WU Yan-Yan, LI Lai-Hao, HAO Shu-Xian, CEN Jian-Wei, CHEN Sheng-Jun
2007, 28(8):  233-236. 
Asbtract ( 1233 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (179KB) ( 540 )  
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 As the by-product of the deep processing, the skin of tilapia was adopted to research the water-risen technique. The optimum conditions were obtained by assays. The best water-risen effect was acquired at 25 ℃, soaked 6 h with 0.0225 g/L aqueous alkali, blanched 30 s at 90 ℃ constantly, bleached by the ice purified water till pH7, it could be stored at 4 ℃ over 30 d. The water-risen tilapia skin with crispy and springy quality was produced by those techniques; it might help in the deep processing of tilapia skin usage technology.
Physical Properties of Three Kinds of Dietary Fibers from Potato Pulp
WANG Zhuo, GU Zheng-Biao, HONG Yan
2007, 28(8):  236-240. 
Asbtract ( 1065 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (237KB) ( 333 )  
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The three kinds of potato dietary fibers (PDF) from potato pulp were produced by acid reagents, mesothermal temperature amylase and high temperature resistant amylase respectively. The expansibility, water holding capacity and cation exchange capacity of PDF products were determined .The results showed that the expansibility and water holding capacity ascend with the rise of temperature and reach the peak at 100 ℃,while the expansibility and water holding capacity of all kinds PDF samples are better than the oat dietary fibers saled in market. The cation exchange capacity of PDF treated by mesothermal temperature amylase is the weakest in all three kinds of PDF.
Biopanning of Zearalenone Mimotope by Phage Displayed Peptide Bank
HE Qing-Hua, LIU Ren-Rong, XU Yang
2007, 28(8):  241-243. 
Asbtract ( 1199 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (170KB) ( 369 )  
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Objective: To obtain mimotope of zearalenone (ZEN) by phage displayed peptide bank. Methods: The anti-ZEN monoclonal antibody was used as target for biopanning from a heptapeptide phage display bank. The concentration of antibody was reduced step by step, and different blocking buffer was alternated every round. After 3 rounds of biopanning, 20 clones were randomly selected for DNA sequencing, and assayed by ELISA and ZEN competition experiments to indentify the postive clones. Results: Ten sequences are obtained, two of which are proved to be positive. Inhibition percentages are up 90% and the amino acid sequences are DAVILLM, HHCHWWH respectively. Conclusion: The phage display technique can be successfully applied to panning the mimotope of ZEN.The aquired phages may be used as the surrogate of the toxin to establish immunoassay.
Study on Ethanol Fermentation by Immobilized Yeast using PVA Membrane
CHEN Gong, WANG Lian-Jie
2007, 28(8):  244-247. 
Asbtract ( 1169 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (185KB) ( 368 )  
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Ethanol fermentation using biomembrane which was made by polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and anion exchange resin as carrier of immobilized yeast was studied. The result showed that: the optimum conditions of fermentation was pH5.0, temperature 30 ℃. While batch fermentation repeated in several times, the highest ethanol concentration could achieve 5.74 g/100ml, the remaining sugar was 0.36 g/100ml. When continuous fermentation last 20 days at the flow-rate of 20 ml/h, the ethanol concentration kept at 5.50 g/100ml after the fermentation was steady.
Study on Extraction of Pumpkin Polysaccharide with Complex Enzymes and Its Purification
WANG Hong-Wei, CUI Chong-Shi, XU Ya-Qin
2007, 28(8):  247-249. 
Asbtract ( 1084 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (183KB) ( 418 )  
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In this study, enzymolysis was adopted to extract pumpkin polysaccharide with obvious treatment effects on diabetes. The adding rate of cellulase 1%, pectinase 1.5% and papain 1% respe ctively is optimal through orthogonal tests. Temperature 40 ℃, pH4.5 and extraction time 30 min are optimal conditions for complex enzymes extraction through orthogonal tests. Under these optimum conditions the extraction rate of pumpkin polysaccharide reaches 28.8%. Three fractions(PP I, PP II, PP III) are identified from the purified pumpkin polysaccharide by DEAE-cellulose chromatography. Sepharose CL-4B gel filtration, ultraviolet spectrometry and freeze-thawing assays show that PPIII is purified.
Preliminary Study on Antioxid Ativity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Sophora japonica L.
SHI Jia-Qin, ZHOU Song-Lin, WANG Mei-Xia, CHEN Shuang-Lin
2007, 28(8):  250-253. 
Asbtract ( 1070 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (187KB) ( 341 )  
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To evaluate the antioxidant activity of endophytic fungi isolated from Sophora japonica L., the total antioxidative capability and stability were assayed by T-AOC reagent box. Those strains with higher total antioxidative capability were also studied and compared by iodometry. The results showed that 12 strains of endophytic fungi isolated from Sophora japonica L. have different antioxidant activities. Four strains show higher antioxidantion, where atrain No.7 reaches 12.54U/ml as the best. Strain No.30 shows better antioxidative stability, so the POV (peroxide value) of lard tested in the ten days is only 39.13 meq/kg. It might be concluded that these endophytic fungi from Sophora japonica L. have a potential value as natural antioxidants.
Study on Effects of Psychrotrophic Bacteria on Quality of UHT Milk
LIU Jing, LI Gui-Qin, ZHANG Cui-Ru, HAN Qing-Bo
2007, 28(8):  254-256. 
Asbtract ( 1153 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (163KB) ( 625 )  
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One of the reasons to have made UHT milk deteriorate during long time storage is psychrotrophic bacteria produced heat tolerant protease and lipase. The activity of protease and lipase in raw milk positively correlates with the quality of the product. One of the available measures to insure the quality of UHT milk is to grade and evaluate the raw milk by means of controlling psychrotrophic bacteria’s amount and determination of protease and lipase’s activity. This experiment provides theoretical gist for the determination of psychrotrophic bacteria by dairy enterprises.
Study on Tea Catechins Changes of Dominant Microbe in Tea Fungus during Fermentation
JIANG Li-Wen, LIU De-Hua, YI Can, TANG Dao-Fang
2007, 28(8):  257-260. 
Asbtract ( 1185 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (178KB) ( 389 )  
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In this paper, it was checked using dominant microbe, isolated from traditional tea fungus inoculated in pasteus sterilized tea broth with 10% sucrose and 0.7% green tea, controlling 28 ℃ invariably and fermented 12 days stillnessly with single or mixed dominant microbe, fermentation guidelines were measured every 4 days. The results showed as following: The total tea catechins and epicatechin isomers (EGC, EC, EGCG, GCG,including GCG, DL-C) are demonstrated varying during sucrose-green-tea both fermentation with difference microbes and difference culturing times. Mixed-culturing fermentation including Acetobacter enhances degrading EGCG and ECG. The total ester catechins, with mixed yeast, Acetobacter, Lactobacillus A and Lactobacillus P fermentation are higher than that of mixed Yeast and Acetobacter fermentation. Degrading of ester catechins are inhibited by Lactobacillus A and Lactobacillus P fermentation.
Effects of Spaceship-carried Induction on Antioxidant Activity of Bifidobacterium breve A04 in vitro
ZHANG Bo-Wen, ZHANG Su, LEI Lang-Wei, WANG Yan-Xiang, CHEN Bin, LI Ping-Lan
2007, 28(8):  261-266. 
Asbtract ( 961 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (416KB) ( 255 )  
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In order to study the effects of spaceship-carried induction on the antioxidant activity of B.breve A04 in vitro, inhibition of linoleic acid peroxidation, reducing power, chelating ability, 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryhydrazyl (DPPH) free radical scavenging ability, hydroxyl radical and reactive oxygen species scavenging activity of B.breve A04 and B.breve HA04 were experimentized. The results showed that both the B.breve A04 and the B.breve HA04 have strong activity of antioxidation. And after compared with the antioxidant activity of B.breve A04 and B.breve HA04, we found that the antioxidant activity of B.breve HA04 was stronger than that of B.breve A04. It was indicated the antioxidant activity of B.breve A04 was enhanced after spaceship-carried.
Screening and Primary Identification of An Aerobic Denitrifier
HUANG Yun-Hong, LONG Zhong-儿, XU Yang
2007, 28(8):  266-268. 
Asbtract ( 871 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (161KB) ( 455 )  
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An aerobic denitrifying bacterial strain named NCDX-3 was isolated from soil. Strain NCDX-3 was gram-positive coccus bacteria. The clones of the strain were desert tan. After physiological and biochemical experiments, the strain was presum-ptively classified within the genus Marinococcus. The results showed that the strain had a high removal efficiency for nitrate(75%)in seven days when the initial medium containing1.288 g/L nitrate was used. Denitrification occurred in the exponential phase.
Study on Fermentation and Properties of Crude Enzyme Hydrolysing Dioscin
ZHAO Yu-Ting, XU Zeng-Lai, DAI Chuan-Chao, WANG Qiong, TIAN Lin-Shuang
2007, 28(8):  269-272. 
Asbtract ( 1172 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (207KB) ( 326 )  
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A strain of Aspergillus sp. which could produce dioscin hydrolyzing enzyme was inoculated into medium adding elicitors of total saponin and cultured at 25 ℃ in 5 L fermentor. The results showed that the reducing sugar got near to zero at 4 d and enzyme activity got highest at 6d (3385.14 U/L). The biomass and the total diosgenin get highest at 6d. At the time, the diosgenin at the filtered liquid and mycelia got 360μg/L and 2285.28μg/g respectively. The highest biomass got 5.15 g/L. Enzymatic reaction conditions were optimized: the optimum temperature and pH for the enzyme were determined as 50 ℃ and 5.0 respectively. The enzymatic activity was the highest with saponin of 10 g/L. The best time of enzymatic reactions was 18 h. The enzyme hydrolysis of the dioscin would substitute the acid hydrolysis hopefully in the future.
Effects of Oxygen-vectors(Alkane Mixture)on Xanthan Gum Biosynthesis in Cultures of Xanthomonas campestris
欧Jie , LI Bai-Lin, CHENG Shu-Jie
2007, 28(8):  273-276. 
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Xanthan gum is categorized to be an exospore heteropolysaccharide in cultures of Xanthomonas campestris during fermentation in carbohydrates (corn starch) as main substrate. In order to improve xanthan gum productivity, the effects of adding oxygen-vectors (alkane mixture) on xanthan fermentation were studied. Also, the strains were observed at different fermentation time under transmission electron microscope (TEM). When cultivated for 66 h by addition of 8% alkane mixture, xanthan gum yield and transformation rate of carbon source were obviously increased. By means of the shaking flask testing the results were 3.84% and 76.8% for the gum productivity and transformation rate respectively (control, 2.58% and 51.6%, respectively), whereas in the fermentor testing those were 4.18% and 83.6% respectively (control, 2.90% and 58.0%, respectively).
Affinity Purification of Rabbit IgG Against Buffalo’s β-lactoglobulin
LI Xin, CHEN Hong-Bing
2007, 28(8):  276-279. 
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In order to collect high purity rabbit antibody against buffola’s β-lactoglobulin, β-lactoglobulin was coupled into the medium of Sepharose 4B, and then the medium was eluted with 3 mol/L MgCl2. The results showed that electrophoretically pure of IgG is identified by SDS-PAGE, the protein content is 5.8 mg/ml, and the titer is 1:109 using ELISA. So the method established can be used to purify the specific IgG in rabbit serum.
Effects of Three Different Yeasts on Beer Fermentation and Flavor
HUANG Da-Ming, FANG Wei-Ming, QIAN Jing-Ya, XIAO Xiang, CUI Feng-Jie, ZHANG Zhi-Cai
2007, 28(8):  280-284. 
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The effects of different yeasts(Y1110, Anqi and model yeast)on beer fermentation, the contents of α-AN, pH, diacetyl and high alcohol during the fermentation process and the flavor substance content of three kinds of beers were studied in this article. The results were as follows: Y1110 yeast multiplied most quickly, α-amino nitrogen content and the pH value declined rapidly, reduction speed of diacetyl was fastest, diacetyl content was lowest after secondary fermentation, alcohol content was higher in Y1110 beer sample, and Y1110 was suitable for lager beer brewing; Anqi yeast multiplied slowest, α-amino nitrogen content and the pH value dropped slowest, ester content was higher in Anqi beer sample, and anqi was suitable for light beer brewing. Alcohol and ester contents were both higher in model yeast sample. So it was unsuitable for beer brewing.
Study on Fermentation of Recombinant Strain E.coli BL21 /pET-DsbA-MalQ to Produce Amylomaltase
WANG Shui-Xing, LI Yan-Ping, XU Yang, XIA Hui-Ling, WU Ling-Wei, YU Zhen-Jun
2007, 28(8):  285-289. 
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The effect of inducing time, inducing temperature, concentration of IPTG and concentration of cells (OD600) on fermentation of E.coli BL21/pET-DsbA-MalQ were studied. The optimum conditions were inducing time 2.5 h, inducing temperature 30 ℃, concentration of IPTG 0.5 mmol/L and concentration of cells (OD600) 0.5 respectively. When the E.coli BL21/pET-DsbA-MalQ was incubated at the optimum conditions, the activity of crude enzyme was 130 U, and it was 135 times of enzyme activity of initial strain.
Study on Screen of Soybean Isoflavone β-Glucosidase-producing Strain and Its Enzymatic Properties
QI Bin, LIU Xian-Jin
2007, 28(8):  290-293. 
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The MT-0204, a novel strain for producing β-glucosidase, was isolated from natural soy sauce koji in this study. By determination of physiological and biochemical characteristics and comparison of its ITS rDNA gene sequence, it was identified as Aspergillus niger, and named Aspergillus niger MT-0204. Some characteristics of purified β-glucosidase were also studied. The optimum pH value is between 5.0 and 5.5. The enzyme is sensitive to heat, and the optimum temperature is 45 ℃. The enzyme activity can be activated by K+, Ca2+, Fe2+, Mg2+ and Mn2+, while strongly inhibited by Ag+ and Hg+. The Km and Vmax are 22.47 mmol/L and 5.2 mmol/min·mg respectively.
Screen of Optimum Broth of Paecilomyces cicadae for Producing Hyaluronic Acid
TAN Ai-Juan, WU Li-Kun, YU Xiao-Bei
2007, 28(8):  294-296. 
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The effects of carbon source, nitrogen source and mineral salt on hyaluronic acid (HA) concentration in Paecilomyces cicadae broth were determined by the method of sulfuric acid carbazole. The results showed that the optimum liquid medium formula of Paecilomyces cicadae for producing HA is lactose (6%), mixture of beef extract (0.5%) and yeast extract(at the ratio of 1:1) and MgSO4·7H2O (0.1%).
Selection of Proteolytic Enzymes to Prepare Antioxidative Cottonseed Peptides
GAO Hai-Yan, ZHAO Lei, YIN Jing-Yuan, NI Jin-Ren
2007, 28(8):  297-302. 
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Several proteolytic enzymes(such as Alcalase, Neutrase, Flavourzyme, etc) were studied. The results showed that Alcalase had best hydrolyze ability and anti-oxidation in all enzymes. Double-enzyme of alcalase and flavourzyme can not increase the DH, but can remove the bitter of peptide. In actually production, Flavourzyme should be used by step to hydrolyze cottonseed protein after reacted with alcalase for removing the bitter of peptide.
Optimization of Liquid Medium for Exopolysaccharide Production of Pholiota adiposa
BU Qing-Mei, HAN Li-Ya, HUANG Qing-Rong, YANG Sheng-Yong
2007, 28(8):  303-306. 
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The effect of carbon sources, nitrogen sources and different concentration of inorganic salt on the production of exopolysaccharide of Pholiota adiposa was studied in this paper by liquid culturing and orthogonal test. The results showed that the suitable carbon sources for exopolysaccharide produced by Pholiota adiposa were sucrose, maltose and brown sugar and the suitable nitrogen sources were wheat bran, yeast extract power and NH4NO3. The best liquid medium proved by the orthogonal experiment was sucrose 2%, wheat bran 3%, MgSO4 0.15% and KH2PO4 0.25%.
Study on Callus Subculture and Darkening Inhibition of Eucommia ulmoides
QIU Xiao-Fang, ZHU Du, ZHANG Zhi-Bin, TU Yi-Sheng, YOU Hai, WANG Man-Ying
2007, 28(8):  307-309. 
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In this paper, the callus subculture and its darkening control of Eucommia ulmoides were investigated. The results indicated that B5+0.5 mg/L NAA +1.0 mg/L 6-BA is the optimum medium for callus subculture and darkening control. It was the most efficient anti-darkening treatment that the 0.5% activated charcoal (AC) was added in base medium. Compared with high intensity light and red light, the callus growing under blue light or dark showed the lighter darkening.
Screening of L-Lactic Acid Yielding Lactobacillus Strains
PAN Dao-Dong
2007, 28(8):  310-313. 
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Two Lactobacillus strains which had higher L-lactic acid yielding have been isolated and purified from the mixed cheese samples and fermented vegetable, and were identified by API bacterial identification system as Lactobacillus casei subsp. case and Lactobacillus casei subsp. rhamnosus. After fermentation in the culture consisted of following composition (g/L): glucose 85, lactose 45, yeastrel 5, peptone 10, NaCl 1.3, K2HPO4 1.5, MgSO4·7H2O 0.33, MnSO4 0.05 at 37 ℃ for 48 h, the yield of L-lactic acid are 56.50 g/L and 50.80 g/L, respectively.
Preparation of Biomaterial-pullulan with Starch Waste Water and Malt Root
SHAO Rong, XU Qi, LIU Shan-Shan, YU Xiao-Hong, WANG Zhi-Jun, FANG Wei-Ming
2007, 28(8):  314-317. 
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Pullulan is a kind of microbial exopolysac-chafide with important applicable value. Starch waste water is an inevitable byproduct during starch production with complicate components and rich nutrients. Malt root is the by-product of malt manufacture, rich in amylase, the malt enzyme, the tartaric acid enzyme and the proteinase, richly contains the B race vitamin, and includes the massive unknown growth factor. Therefore, enzymolysis of starch industrial waste water with malt root including rich enzyme and the growthfactor, is advantageous for the growth and metabolism of Aureobasidium pullulans. the experiment indicated, it has the certain feasibility. The optimum conditions were at temperature of 28~30 ℃, l80 r/min, initial pH 6.5 and fermentation time 120 h. Comparatively suits to the metabolism of Aureobasidium pullulans with the mix nutrient fluid of the malt root and the starch waste water, produces the pullulan polysaccharide.
Determination of Selenium in Selenium-enriched Egg by Sequential Injection Hydride Generation-Atom Fluorescence Spectrometry
XU Wen-Jun
2007, 28(8):  318-321. 
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A method for the determiation of Se in selenium-enriched egg by sequential injection hydride generation atom fluorescence spectrometry was established and the interference circumstance of the coexistence ions were discussed at the same time. Under the conditions proposed, detection limit of the Se is 0.082μg/L. Recoveries of standard addition of the Se is proved to be 94.2%~102.9% in samples.
Study on Stability and Determination Methods of Carminic Acid Extracted from Dactylopius coccus Costa
ZHANG Jian-Yun, LI Zhi-Guo, ZHAO Jie-Jun, YANG Shi-Yu, BAO Song-Lian
2007, 28(8):  321-326. 
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In this paper, the determining means and stabilities of carminic acid extracted from Dactylopius cossus Costa were studied in different conditions. The results showed that the carminic acid can be determined by means of standard curve (SCM) consistent with the means of the FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) standard (the means of formula, FM). Carminic acid is stable under conditions of darkness and indoor scattered rays, temperature range 20~90 ℃, oxidizer different concentrations of H2O2, different HCl concentrations, and low consistency reducer Na2SO3. Adding Cu2+, Mg2+ and K+, it is relative stable under either pH4~5 and 9~11 or different concentrations of Zn2+ and Ca2+. It is unstabe in sunshine, incandescent lamp, various concentrations of NaOH, high consistency reducer Na2SO3, or adding Fe3+ for 72 h. The investigating results supply the scientific basics for the stipulated standard and the processing utilization for the raw material and products of cochineal insects.
Survey and Evaluation of Heavy Metals, Nitrate and Nitrite Contamination in Vegetables in Xiamen’s Market
TANG Hui-Hua, CHEN Xi-Xiang, YANG Tao, HUANG Han-Shui, LU Chang-Yi
2007, 28(8):  327-332. 
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The contents of heavy metal (Pd, Cd, As, Hg), nitrate and nitrite in vegetables from the markets and plant fields were investigated in Xiamen. The vegetable samples supplied seasonally were collected during August 2004 and December 2005. 532 samples in 46 groups of vegetables were analyzed according to GB/T5009.11-17-1996 and GB/T 5009.33-2003 to evaluate the status of the contamination. The results showed that the average contents are 0.0099, 0.083, 0.056, 0.003, 1090.3, 0.59 mg/kg for Pb, Cd, As, Hg, NO3-, NO2-, respectively. According to national standards[1-2], the samples of standard exceeding lead contents were found only in some limited vegetables. The potential trend of lead pollution was little. The contents of arsenic, mercury and cadmium in the most samples were very low, the pollution hazards of these three heavy metals were not serious. The prevalence of severe nitrate contamination was 36.5% in samples analyzed, the prevalence of heavy and medium nitrate contamination was 20.2%, the prevalence of mild contamination was 43.3%. The content of nitrate in vegetables was ranked in the following descent order, tender stem and leaf vegetables>root and stem vegetables>inflorescent vegetables>melon vegetables>beans>eggplant and fruit vegetables>water plant vegetables. However the contents in diferent species differed greatly. The nitrite in vegetables was comparably low.
Determination of Sudan I~IV in Capsicum Foods with UV Detecter and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
LI Ji-Ping, LIU Wen-Sen, GAO Hong-Wei, SONG Ri-Zhe, CHEN Yue-Ming
2007, 28(8):  332-336. 
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Objective: This study established a method based on high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with solid phase extraction for determining Sudan I~IV in food. Methods: The Sudan I~IV were extracted with N-hexane and purified with FLORISIL solid phase extraction from food, and separated on a C18 column with 5% water of acetonitrile solution as the mobile phase, and detected at 229 nm. Results: The calibration curves of Sudan I~IV show good linearity in the different ranges 0.625~2000 ng (R2=1), 2.5~2000 ng (R2=1), 5~2000 ng (R2=0.9989) and 5~2000 ng (R2=0.9990) respectively. The detection limits of Sudan I~IV are 1.88, 2.5, 6.25 and 10μg/kg, respectively. The standard recovery rates of Sudan I~IV are 100.76%, 100.20%, 99.86% and 100.09%, respectively. The paprica application of sample recovery rates are 102.14%, 103.69%, 96.36% and 101.93%, respectively. The capsicol application sample recovery rates are 97.03%, 100.81%, 94.53% and 99.31%, respectively. Conclusions: This method is simple, rapid, accurate, reliable and applicable for routine analysis.
Semi-quantitative Detection of Sulfadiazine by Immunochromatographic Assay in Chicken Meats
WANG Xi-Liang, YI Jun-Dong, JIN Xiu-E, LI Kui, LU Fang, XIONG Ning, LIU Qun, LIU Bai-Hong, BI Ding-Ren
2007, 28(8):  337-340. 
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Colloidal gold was prepared with reducing reaction of sodium citrate and was coulped with monocolonal anti-Sulfadiazine in this article. BSA-sulfadiazine was coupled with the nitrocellulose membranes to prepare immunochromatographic strips. With this method, semi-quantitative detection of sulfadiazine can be finished in less than 15 min. The sensitivity to sulfadiazine is 5 ng/ml, and no cross-reactivity with other sulfonamides. Good recovery rates are determined from 71% to 95% in chickens meats. Based on maximum residue level of sulfadiazine (100 ng/g) in China, this method was compared with with high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) by assaying 56 chicken meat samples taken from animal experiment. The agreement rates are 100%. This method is a sensitive, simple, rapid assay without the need of special apparatus, so it is of good practical value.
Establishment of DEHP Determination in Plastic Food Bags by GC
ZHANG Shuang-Ling, XU Yang-Li, WANG Shi-Qing
2007, 28(8):  341-344. 
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DEHP(Diz-ethy hexy phthalate) is widely used as plasticizer in determination of plastic materials and could contaminate the innerly packed food by packaging material migration when contacting the food. However DEHP is harmful to human health. This essay generally studied the methods of DEHP to determine food bags of different material such as PVC, PE, PP, PS etc. by means of GC and FID detector. Results showed that the determining limit is 3.38×10-3 mg/kg and the recovery rate of the method lies between 90.7% and 105.1%. This method can be used to determine low to high levels DEHP in food bags.
Analysis of Selenium Contents of 26 Kinds of Fruits in Guangzhou City
YU Guang-Hui, WEN Yan-Mao, HE Shu-You, ZHANG Lei
2007, 28(8):  344-347. 
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Selenium contents in various fruits from the Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, were determined after acid digestion by hydride generation atomic fluorescent spectrometry. All fruits were sampled from supermarkets and terminal markets. Accuracy was assured with standard reference material (GBW08551) and recovery rate in experiments. A wide range of selenium content (1.09~13.3μg/kg) is found among the various fruits, and the mean selenium content in fruit is 4.97μg/kg. The selenium content of various fruit groups is in the order: tropic fruit (6.03±2.59μg/kg)>berry (5.53±0.87μg/kg)>kernal fruit (5.18±0.33μg/kg)>drupe fruit (4.78±0.97μg/kg)>orange fruit (3.92±0.50μg/kg)>melons (3.43±0.94μg/kg).
Quantitative Determination of Salvianic acid A in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge by HPLC
PAN Jian, ZHOU Bei-Bei, KAI Gui-Qing, JIN Ri-Sheng
2007, 28(8):  348-350. 
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Salvianic acid A in Salvia mitiorrhiza Bge a kind of water-soluble hydroxybenzene acid. Same as another name Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge acid. Its preparation is always used to treat the disease of blood vessels of heart and cerebra. 1mmol/L borax was added into the mobile phase (methanol:0.5% acetic acid=1:6) for getting hold of more pure Salvianic acid A. 281nm was detected and found that the peak is optimal. The method is simple for characterizing,purifing and determinating the Salvianic acid A.
Preservatives Determination in Food of Complex Matrix by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
PAN Qing, WU Zhi, YANG Fang, ZHANG Jing
2007, 28(8):  350-353. 
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Since the benzoic and sorbic acid could be distilled in acidic condition with water vapor,a method was developed for distilling preservative from complex matrix by automatic distilling. The collected and distilled liquid was determined by high performance liquid chromatography with conditions permitted in GB/T 5009.29-2003. The method is capable to purify the sample entirely. It is rapid, accurate and suitable for assaying the food of complex matrix, such as soy sauce and moon cake, ete.
GC-MS Analysis of Oils from Xanthoceras sorbiflia Bunge Seeds with Different Extraction Methods
DENG Hong, SUN Jun, ZHANG Yuan, HE Ling
2007, 28(8):  354-358. 
Asbtract ( 1108 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (249KB) ( 362 )  
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In this paper, Xanthoceras sorbiflia Bunge seeds oil was extracted by different extracting methods such as cold pressing, microwave extraction or ultrasonic-wave extraction, the oil compounds firm Xanthoceras sorbiflia Bunge seeds were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The results showed that the compositions of oil by four methods are different. The oil extracted by ultrasonic-wave is of high ratio and quality, being stable and simply-refined. The ultrasonic-wave extraction is ideal for extracting the oils.
Pre-column Derivatization High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Determination of Fatty Acids from Deep-sea Fish Oil
ZHAO Xian-恩, SUO You-Rui, WANG Ling-Yun, YOU Jin-Mao
2007, 28(8):  358-362. 
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A simple and sensitive method for the determination of fatty acids in Alaska deep-sea fish oil using 1-[2-(p-toluenesulfonate)-ethyl]-2-phenylimidazole-[4,5-f]-9,10-phenanthrene (TSEPIP) as derivatization reagent on a reversed phase Eclipse XDB-C8 (4.6×150mm, 5μm, Agilent) column in conjunction with a gradient elution followed by reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection at 380 nm(excitation wavelength 260 nm) and tandem mass spectrometric identification has been developed. The contents of 26 free fatty acids in deep-sea fish oil were determined by external standard method, and the linear range of them was 200.0 pmol~48.83 fmol, all the correlation coefficients>0.9996, detection limits were 3.824~47.13 fmol (at signal to noise 3:1, S/N 3:1). The identification of all saturated and unsaturated fatty acid derivatives was carried out by post-column tandem mass spectrometry with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) source in positive-ion mode, and the relative content of all saturated and unsaturated fatty acids was contrasted by peak area. According to the analysis of HPLC/MS/APCI, 25 fatty acids were identified, the main fatty acids in deep-sea fish oil are C12~C22 and 69.71% (peak area percent) of them are unsaturated fatty acids, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids which have important physiological function, such as 5, 8, 11, 14, 17-eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA, 16.62%), 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17-docosahexenoic acid (DHA, 12.31%).
Analysis of Protein and Amino Acid Content of Different Tissues in Mature Tachypleus ttridentatus
DAI Jian-Guo, QI Lin-Hua, LUAN Chong-Lin, WEI Jing-Guang, JIN Gang, ZHANG Yan
2007, 28(8):  363-366. 
Asbtract ( 923 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (372KB) ( 298 )  
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In order to make the best use of resource, protein and amino acids content in muscles, stomach, intestine and reproductive gland of mature Tachypleus tridentatus were determined with Kieldahl method and RT-HPLC method. The results show that protein content in muscle, stomach, intestine and reproductive gland are 66.79%, 62.07%, 58.28% and 61.94% respectively; amino acid composition mode differs from tissue. The total content of essential amino acids in muscle, stomach, intestine and reproductive gland of Tachypleus tridentatus are 50.32%, 43.90%, 47.37% and 55.95% of total amino acids in the correspoding tissue.
Analysis of Anthocyanins in Tree Peony Flower by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-electrospray Ionization Mass Spectroscopy
FAN Jin-Ling, ZHU Wen-Xue, SHEN Jun-Wei, TAO Guan-Jun
2007, 28(8):  367-371. 
Asbtract ( 1070 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (570KB) ( 466 )  
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Tree peony (Paeonia spp.) flower extracts were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with online photodiode array detection and eletrospray ionization mass. Information on identity of the major anthocyanins in extracts was obtained from their retention characteristics, UV visible spectra and mass spectra. Five anthocyanins including pelargonidin 3,5-di-O-glucoside, peonidin 3,5-di-O-glucoside, cyanidin 3,5-di-O-glucoside, peonidin 3-O-glucoside and cyaniding 3-O-glucoside were identified. The relative quantitative anthocyanin compositions of extracts of peony flowers derived from different cultivars in china were compared.
Comparison of Aroma Compounds in Fresh and Pasteurized Satsuma Mandarins Orange Juice
ZHANG Chi, QIAO Yu, CHAI Qian, FAN Gang, PAN Si-Yi
2007, 28(8):  372-375. 
Asbtract ( 1168 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (268KB) ( 321 )  
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A comparative study between the aromatic profiles in fresh orange juice versus pasteurized juice, respectively, was conducted in order to understand the evolution of volatile compounds after pasteurization process 78 and 79 volatile compounds were quantified by head-space solid-phase micro extraction (HS-SPME) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry in fresh and pasteurized juice, respectively. The major important components in fresh orange juice are D-limonene(69.82%), linalool(3.35%), γ-terpinene(1.61%), 4-terpineol(1.01%),α-terpineol (0.81%), compared with D-limonene (58.20%),α-terpineol (8.02%), γ-terpinene(1.65%), 4-carene(1.29%), β-terpineol(1.11%) in pasteurized juice. After pasteurization process, ethyl butyrate is not detected. α-terpineol and decanal increase. The formation of DMS, furfural and PVG make negative contribution to the quality of orange juice.
CCD-NIR Analysis of Acidity and Sugar Content in Apples
DONG Yi-Wei, JI Bao-Ping, SHI Bo-Lin, ZHU Da-Zhou, TU Zhen-Hua, WANG Qun-Jie
2007, 28(8):  376-380. 
Asbtract ( 1231 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (398KB) ( 539 )  
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In this research, it was performed the measurement of apple’s sugar content and acidity by using CCD-NIR spectroscopy system, with the Y-type fiber acquiring the reflectance spectra of 120 Fuji apples. Partial least squares regression was applied to construct the model between measured values and spectral signals. It was performed different methods of data pretreatment such as S-G smoothing, first derivative and second derivative in order to reduce the CCD spectrum noise. The results show that the best models of the sugar content and acidity are obtained after preprocessing of S-G smoothing. The calibration model gives the correlation coefficients of 0.9240 and 0.8151 respectively, with the standard error of calibration of 0.9254 and 0.0120 respectively, and the standard error of prediction of 0.9407 and 0.0204 respectively. The study showes that it is feasible to nondestructively measure the sugar content and acidity of apple using CCD-NIR system in 6301030 nm.
Study on Determination of Phenol Content of Bellamya by 4-Amino-Antipyrin Method
SUN Yu-Fei, HUANG Yong-Chun, LU Guo-Yang
2007, 28(8):  381-383. 
Asbtract ( 998 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (171KB) ( 281 )  
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For evaluating the accumulation of phenol pollutants in benthic aquatic species, five representative populations of Bellamya were analyzed by 4-amido-antipyrin method. Muscle and entrails tissues were tested to identify the phenol content respectively. Precision and veracity of this measurement also be tested at the same time. In the result, 4-AAP method was proved to be an effect way to identify phenol content. Environmental phenol affects the content of it within the samples, and the differentiation exists in muscle and retrials tissues. Relationship of water-feeding time and phenol content of Bellamya was also examined.
Study on Flavonoids from Dracoephalum mololarie L.
A Bu-Li-Mi-Ti, AI Lai-Ti, MU He-Ta-尔, SA Ti-Wa-尔Di, YU Jiang-Liu, SUN Hui-Li, A Bu-Du-La-·A-Ba-Si
2007, 28(8):  384-386. 
Asbtract ( 1237 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (169KB) ( 282 )  
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Objective: To study the flavonoids of Dracoephalum mololarie L. ground segment. Methods: The compounds were isolated and purified by using organic solvent method and other chromatographic methods. The structures of the chemical compounds were identified by using spectral techniques. Results: Three flavonone compounds had been isolated from Dracoephalum mololarie L. They were determined as 2,5,7,4’ tetra hydroxyl flavone, 5.4.7’-trihydroxy-3’metoxyfalvone, 5,7,3’,4’-’tetra hydroxyl -3-α-β glu-rha flavone respectively. Conclusion: These compounds are obtained from this plant for the first time, which have some biological activities.
Determination of Ofloxacin Residues in Fish Musculature by Spectrofluorimetry
REN Nai-Lin, GUO Xiang-Qun
2007, 28(8):  386-389. 
Asbtract ( 1118 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (204KB) ( 262 )  
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The spectrofluorimetric method is described for assaying ofloxacin in musculature of crucian, eel, carp and tilapia. The ofloxacin in fish samples was extracted with acidic acetonitrile and defatted with hexane. The aqueous phase was determined by spectrofluorimetry using Briston-Robinson buffer solution(pH 4.0) and detected at λex 294nm,λem 496nm. The linear range of the concentration of ofloxacin is 0.03~0.20μg/ml with r=0.9929. The limit of detections(LOD) is 0.005μg/ml. The recoveries of ofloxacin is 76.0% to 94.5%. The variation coefficient intra assay is 2.14% to 6.50% and inter assay is 3.02% to 9.78%。
Content and Composition of Astaxanthin Related Compounds in Shrimp
HU Ya-Xin, HUI Bo-Di, LI Yang
2007, 28(8):  389-392. 
Asbtract ( 1094 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (279KB) ( 371 )  
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There is evidence that astaxanthin provides stronger antioxidant protection than h-carotene, zeaxanthin, canthaxanthin, ascorbic acid and tocopherols. Astaxanthin was found to be 100~500 times stronger than tocopherols in preventing lipid peroxidation in rat mitchondria. In this study, with the methods of UV-VIS and C30-HPLC-PDA, 5 species of shrimps and lobsters from the local market of Beijing were assessed for astaxanthin content and composition. Data from this assessment suggested that most of astaxanthin and its esters exist in the shell but not in meat of shrimps. Those compounds could not be detected from the meat of expensive lobster but of Penaeus vannamei Boone (trivial name: white-leg shrimp) with a significant higher amount. Shrimp shell often exhibits dark or grey blue color. However, some lobsters have full or partial red shell. Further research of their colorants is expected.
Improvement of National Standard Method of Determination of Aluminum Content in Food
FU Yu-Jie, HAO Xue-Fei, ZHANG Xiao-Feng, XIANG Jin-Xin, XIA Shuang
2007, 28(8):  392-394. 
Asbtract ( 1309 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (179KB) ( 748 )  
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In view of the food security problems on oil fries or puffs in the present markets, the research on the determining conditons was done, based on GB/T5009.182-2003 determination method of aluminum in puffed food. Such factors as the maximum absorbing wavelength of complex of aluminum ion and bromination hexadecyl trimethylamine and chromazurine, colour stablity of complex, pH, concentration of agents were discussed and resulted in the more stable complex. When dealing with samples, acid solution, alkali immersion, acid immersion, ash method were chosen as separating aluminum methods. Ash method is optimal. Some oil fried or puffed foods including deep-fried twisted dough sticks, deep-fried dough cake, potato chips, steamed bread were analysed using the improved national standard determination method. The results are accurate with good linearity of standard curve, low detection limit and high recovery.
Drops Counting of Capillary Burette Micro Titration for Fast Determination of Potassium Iodate in Edible Salt
CAI Cheng-Xiang, LAN Cui-Ling
2007, 28(8):  395-398. 
Asbtract ( 1170 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (233KB) ( 286 )  
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Drops counting of capillary burette micro titration with polyethylene burette to carry on titration analysis, the apparatus is simple, small, cheap, easy to carry, and less reagent consumed, while the determination is fast and correct. To determine potassium iodate in edible salt, the specification of home-made capillary burette is 0.01~0.02 ml/drop, and the dosage of standardization solution is controlled in 60~90 drop, with relative expand uncertainty about 1.3%, reclaim rates 98.4%~101.5%, and RSD 0.77%~1.6%, in accordance with stipulation of GB5009.42-2003. The methods used to assay edible salt production and daily sanitation surveillance work, can report rapidly the analysis results, worthy popularization.
Chemical Compositions and Dynamic Changes of Mongolian Gobi Red Bactrian Camel Milk
JI Ri-Mu-Tu, ZHANG He-Ping, SU Ya-La-Ma
2007, 28(8):  399-403. 
Asbtract ( 1203 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (172KB) ( 252 )  
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Chemical compositions and its dynamic changes of Mogolian Gobi Red Bactrian Camels were studied. Colostrum and milk samples from ten nomadic females camel at their first season of lactation were collected periodically from parturition until 90 d post partum (PP). The total solids, protein, fat and ash content in Mongolian Gobi Red Bactrian Camel colostrums, which was collected first time postpartum, were 20.858%, 14.864%, 0.278% and 1.281%, respectively. However, the content of these compositions were changed according to lactation time. The total solids content was 17.858% to 17.323% from 2h to 30th d postpartum, but it was decreased to 14.488% at 90th d postpartum. The protein content was decreased to 8.153% at 24th h postpartum, and continually decreased according to the lactation time. The fat content was increased to 4.259% at 24th h postpartum and 6.852% at 30th d postpartum, but decreased to 5.705% at 90th d postpartum. The ash content was decreased to 0.918% at 24th h and stabilized during 0.82% to 0.98% in whole left lactation time. Variation of lactose content was little (4.35 to 4.65%) throughout the study period. The levels of Ca and P were 216 and 154.3 mg/100 g, respectively, in first time collected postpartum; the variation in Ca, P, Na, K and Cl levels in study period were 156.3~192.2 mg/100 g, 126.8~154.3 mg/100 g, 60.0~83.0 mg/100 g, 126.8~184.2 mg/100 g and 85.6~193.2 mg/100 g, respectively. The levels of VA, VC, VD, VE, VB1, VB2 and VB6 were 0.918 mg/L, 15.845 mg/L, 627 IU/L, 1.800 mg/L, 0.188 mg/L, 1.188 mg/L and 0.495 mg/L, respectively.
Analysis of Nutrient Components and Bioactive Substance of Hypsizygus marmoreus and Study on Activity of Polysaccharides Scavenging Free Radicals
TAO Ming-Xuan, WANG Wei, WANG Xiao-Wei, CHENG Guang-Yu, JIN Bang-Quan
2007, 28(8):  404-407. 
Asbtract ( 1113 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (269KB) ( 283 )  
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In this research, mensurated the main nutrition ingredients, amino acids, bioactive substancer contents from Hypsizygus marmoreus, and studied the polysaccharides scavenging free radicals activity. The results showed that, the nutritional contents of Hypsizygus marmoreus are rich and comprehensive, the crude protein, crude fiber and mineral are high, but the crude fat content is lower, the bioactive substancer suah as choline and VC are rich. The polysaccharides of Hypsizygus marmoreus have an evident effect on scavenging O2· and ·OH.
Determination of Patulin in Apple Juice Concentrated by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
LI Wei-Hua, DU Li-Jun, SONG Huan
2007, 28(8):  408-410. 
Asbtract ( 1064 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (307KB) ( 294 )  
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A analytical method based on high performance liquid chromatography-ultravioiet (HPLC-UV) has been established for determination of patuin in apple juice concentrated. Clean-up of samples was performed with gel permeation chromatography. The calibration curve presented good linear relationship in the range of 0.01~10.0 mg/L, and the correlation coefficient was above 0.9999. Recovery for patuin at different spiked levels were range from 83%~107% with relative standard deviations of 7.8%~11.4%. Detection limit of the method for patuin was 0.005 mg/kg. The method is simple with good reproducibility and selectivity, and high sensitivity.
Determination of Contents of Flavones and Identification of Flavones Species in Fructus clausenae Lanii
ZHONG Qiu-Ping, LIN Mei-Fang
2007, 28(8):  411-413. 
Asbtract ( 904 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (156KB) ( 356 )  
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In this paper, the contents of flavones were measured and the species of flavones were identified in Fructus clausenae Lanii. The results showed that 95% methanol was the premium solvent to digest flavones in Fructus clausenae Lanii. And that the content of flavones is 0.91 mg/ml determined with the standard sample rutin. With color reaction and fluorescence identification, it was determined that the species of flavones are flavanones, chalcones and flavonols.
Study on System of Color of Lead with Tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) and Its Application in Preserved Egg Analysis
YANG Hui-Qin, HAN Shi-Tian
2007, 28(8):  414-417. 
Asbtract ( 1035 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (221KB) ( 308 )  
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The color reaction between lead and non-water-soluble reagent, tetraphenylporphyri (TPP) was studied in this research. Effects of some factors such as pH, temperature and reaction time, coexistent ion on the formation and stability of TPP-comples were investigated by spectrophotometric method. The optimal reaction conditions were confirmed, and a new method established for determining lead content in food. Results showed that with presence of hydroxylamine hydrochloride, stable comples could form by reaction between tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) and lead with the complex ration 1:1 in alkaline medium (pH12), and the reaction could complete in boiling water within 20 minutes. The maximum absorption wavelength of the complex is 466 nm. As lead content in 0~1μg/ml range, the measured curve was linear and obeyed Beer’s alw. The satisfactory results were obtained when the method was used to determine trace lead in preserved egg.
Study on MIA Method for Determination of Antibiotics Residues in Food
HUANG Xiao-Rong, ZHENG Jing, WU Qian, CHEN Bin, TANG Min-Ying
2007, 28(8):  418-421. 
Asbtract ( 1091 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (166KB) ( 432 )  
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A microbial inhibition assay (MIA) method for the detection of antibiotics residues, is introduced with Micrococcus luteus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus Var. mycoides as sensitive bacteria. Above four species antibiotics residues in the meat,seafood and egg samples, can be determined stimltaneously. The lower detection limits of the method are as follows:β-lactams 0.05 mg/kg, tetracyclines0.1 mg/kg, macrolides0.05 mg/kg, aminoglycosides 0.5 mg/kg.
Study on Determination of Polydextrose Content by HPLC
KANG Qi, ZHU Ruo-Hua
2007, 28(8):  422-425. 
Asbtract ( 1531 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (254KB) ( 838 )  
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The HPLC was run on an Ultrahydrogel 250 column (7.8×300 mm) with refractive index (RI) detector for determinations of content and average molecular weight of polydextrose in some samples. Distilled water was used as the mobile phase at a flow rate of 0.5 ml/min. The correlation equation was established between molecular weight and retention time and applied to estimate the molecular weight of polydextrose samples. The calibration curve was linear over the polydextrose concentration range of 0.199~3.98 mg/ml, with a correlation coefficient of r=0.9998. The polydextrose mass recovery ranged from 103% to 110% with a RSD of 1.91%. The method is found to be simple, reproducible and reliable, and thus ideally suitable for the analysis of polydextrose in food product.
Research on Determination of Ochratoxin A by Improved ELISA Method
SHI Jin, HUANG 飚, SUN Wei-Rong, ZHANG Jue, ZHAO Xiao-Lian
2007, 28(8):  425-428. 
Asbtract ( 1281 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (203KB) ( 350 )  
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Tiny-shake was used to shorten the detection time of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for ochratoxin A (OTA). OTA from wheat was determined by ELISA. It was validated that preparing the standard solution of OTA with wheat extract solution could eliminate interference of substances in wheat. The extraction solvent was also optimized. Results showed that higher extraction rate can be achieved with NaCl-H2O-methanol (10%:70:30). The recoveries of OTA spiked at three levels, namely, 0.1, 1, 10μg/kg were 102%, and the coefficient of variation was less than 10%.
PCR Analysis on Metabolic Remains of Transgenic Component Derived from Feed in Poultry Bogy
WANG Chang-Kang, CHEN Wen-Bing, SHAO Bi-Ying, JIANG Shu-Xun, YANG Jie, LI Shou-Song, GUO Li-Xin
2007, 28(8):  428-432. 
Asbtract ( 1178 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (344KB) ( 279 )  
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The present study aimed to probe into the metabolic remains of transgenic components derived from feed in the 8 inner organs including intestines, pancreas, esophagus, liver, preventriculus, kidney, heart, gizzard as well as muscle, blood, egg, dejecta, intestinal bacteria of laying hens and muscovy ducks fed with feed containing 20% genetically modified soybean cake. The laying hens and muscovy ducks fed by feed containing 20% genetically modified soybean cake were used as test materials. The transgenic components including CaMV35S, NOS, CP4-EPSPS derived from feed were analyzed by the qualitification PCR. These transgenic components were found only in feed containing 20% genetically modified soybean cake, but were not found in the 8 inner organs, muscle, blood, egg, dejecta, intestinal bacteria of laying hens and muscovy ducks tested. The results indicated that the metabolic remains of transgenic components from genetically modified soybean cake in feed were not found because of being digested fully. These transgenic components also don’t spread to environment through dejecta excretion. It means that the genetically modified soybean cake is safe to poultry products, human and environment.
Detection of Shigella in Milk by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Real-time PCR
HU Jian-Hua, LI Jie-Li, MA Zhao-Fei, LU Ling
2007, 28(8):  433-437. 
Asbtract ( 1147 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (534KB) ( 594 )  
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To establish a rapid detection technique for Shigella in the milk.One set of specific primers were designed,according to the conserved area of ipaH gene published on GenBank,to detect Shigella by using a suitable template extraction method for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and real-time PCR.The sensitivity achieved was as high as to the 2CFU/ml and the detection time was less than 20 h. The new established method will be used to detect the Shigella in the milk rapidly and accurately.
Determation of Amino Acids Content in Alfalfa Sprouts Bud Enriched Iron and Zinc with HPLC Method
ZHU Mei-Yun, WANG Yan-Ping, WANG Cheng-Zhang, YANG Qiao-Yan
2007, 28(8):  438-441. 
Asbtract ( 969 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (192KB) ( 370 )  
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Effects of trace element iron and zinc on amino acids in alfalfa sprouts were studied in the paper. With the method of non- earth cultivation, the alfalfa bud is raised for 7 days in the artificial climate box with temperature 25℃, and humidity 75 percent, and watered with the ferrous sulfate and the zinc sulfate solution 600 mg/kg concentration. The contents of amino acids in the above alfalfa sprouts bud were determinated with HPLC. Results showed that the contents of the 17 kinds of amino acids all increase except Asp, Lys, Tyr. Zinc has relatively stronger effects on the amino acids contents in alfalfa, and excessive amount of iron can reduce the absorption and the utilization of zinc in alfalfa sprouts.
Investigation on Tungsten Needle pH Sensor Modified by Polyaniline Film and Applications for Crucian pH Detection
WANG Chao-Jin, YUAN Jin-Feng
2007, 28(8):  441-443. 
Asbtract ( 1237 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (154KB) ( 297 )  
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A tungsten electrode modified with polyaniline was prepared as working electrode. Ag/AgCl redox system was used as reference electrode. The sensor showed a Nernst response in the pH range of 2~12 with a response time less than 1 min. The sensor has been successfully employed to determine pH in the crucian from both the live fish to the putrefied fish.
Determination of Trace Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Nickel in Acorus calamus L by Microwave-digestion and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
WANG Xin-Ping, KONG De-Ying
2007, 28(8):  444-445. 
Asbtract ( 1095 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (147KB) ( 250 )  
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 A microwave-digestion procedure was developed for the determination of trace Cu, Zn, Mn and Ni in Acorus calamus L by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The result shows that it contains four essencial elements such as Cu, Zn, Mn and Ni. The experimental results showed that the detection limits is all smaller than 0.046μg/ml, the RSD (n=8) is all smaller than 2.90%, and the addition standard recovery(ASR)(n=8) is 99.13%~107.0% for all elements.
Application of Immuno-rotary Biosensor Based on FoF1-ATPase in Chromatophores for Detecting Clenbuterol
吕Hui-Tian , ZHANG Yun, LE Jia-Chang, ZHANG Zhong-Lun
2007, 28(8):  446-450. 
Asbtract ( 1257 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (462KB) ( 263 )  
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Clenbuterol is a β-agonist used as a therapeutic agent in medicine. At high concentrations clenbuterol promotes the growth of farm animals but its use as a growth promoter is prohibited and its misuse has been related to food poisoning as results of consuming contaminated meat. Traditional methods for detection of clenbuterol often require elaborate sample preparation procedures and involve tedious time consuming protocols. So developing a new immuno-biosensor method for capture and detection such small molecular is still a big challenge. This research constructed an immuno-rotary biosensor (IRB) for clenbuterol detecting, which based on the fluorescent technique and BPCL (bilogical and chemical photon counter luminescene). The results showed that a hypersensitive biosensor for quickly detection of clenbuterol was achieved.
Study on Anti-fatigue Effects of Brewing Bifidobeer in Mice
QIU Jian, ZHANG De-Chun, MU Xiao-Ping
2007, 28(8):  451-453. 
Asbtract ( 919 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (156KB) ( 351 )  
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Objective: To study the anti-fatigue effect of brewing bifidobeer. Methods: Mice were randomized into 5 groups;3 groups were given brewing bifidobeer with dosage of 25, 50, 100 ml/kg bw respectively; the blank group was given distilled water at dosage of 50 ml/kg bw and the control group was given ordinary beer with dosage of 50 ml/kg bw. After 30 days, by the loaded swimming test, the death time was observed and recorded; the liver glycogen, serum BUN and LAC were also assayed. Results: High and medium dosage of Brewing bifidobeer can prolong the loaded-swimming time significantly, while decrease the consumption of liver glycogen and the level of BUN and also inhibite the increase of LAC. Conclusion: Brewing bifidobeer has excellent anti-fatigue effect.
Study on Hypoglycemic Effects of Components in Mulberry Leaves
YANG Yu, 欧Yang-Zhen , CHANG Yu, MENG Xia
2007, 28(8):  454-456. 
Asbtract ( 805 )   HTML ( 4)   PDF (151KB) ( 352 )  
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Objective: To study the hypoglycemic effect of components in mulberry leaves and screen the active hypoglycemic components. Method: Use alloxan-induced diabetic mice as experimental animal, and observe the hypoglycemic effect of components in mulberry leaves. Result: It is found that the polysaccharide and the alkaloid in mulberry leaves can decrease blood glucose, promote synthesis of liver starch and increase hepatic glycogen of the diabetes mice efficiently. But the flavonoid in mulberry leaves has no significant hypoglycemic effect. Conclusion: The polysaccharide and the alkaloid in mulberry leaves have hypoglycemic effect. They can decrease blood glucose, promote synthesis of liver starch and increase hepatic glycogen of the diabetes mice induced by alloxan efficiently.
Study on Antitumor and Immunoregulation Effect of Polysaccharide from Ampelopsis Grossedentata
LUO Zu-You, CHEN Gen-Hong, CHEN Ye, WU Mou-Cheng
2007, 28(8):  457-461. 
Asbtract ( 890 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (205KB) ( 272 )  
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This paper studied the effect of polysaccharide from Ampelopsis Grossedentata (AGP)on S180 tumor growth inhibition and immunoregulation in vivo. S180 cells were implanted into the axilla of normally growing mice by subcutaneous injection except the normal control mice. The mice were randomly divided into six groups and injected with physiological saline, cyclophosphamide and AGP into their intra-peritoneal respectively for 9 days , then the mice were killed and the indexes were detected , including the weight of tumor and immune organ, immune capability and the activity of serum lactic dehydrogenase(LDH), etc. Results showed that AGP could inhibit tumor growth in vivo and the inhibition rate was from 5.81% to 32.56% at 25~100 mg/kg·d of AGP. Compared with tumor-bearing control, the AGP at 50 and 100 mg/kg·d could remarkably enhance delayed-type hypersensitivity(DTH), macrophage phagocytic rate and phagocytic index, serum hemohysin content and splenic antibody formation, also, AGP could inhibit the activity of serum LDH, and increase the activity of catalase in erythrocyte(CAT)of S180-bearing mice(p<0.05, p<0.01). The conceivable mechanism of inhibiting tumor growth of AGP in vivo is by increasing the immunity and antioxidative capability of tumor-bearing mice.
Hydrolysis of Lutein Ester during Its Digestion and Absorption in vivo
ZHANG Yan, HUI Bo-Di, ZHANG Ling-Xiao
2007, 28(8):  461-465. 
Asbtract ( 1303 )   HTML ( 11)   PDF (298KB) ( 654 )  
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Lutein was proved to have macular degeneration (MD) protection and therapy activities and therefore considered as a functional factor applied in food and pharmaceutical products with a bright future. Lutein was prepared from the flower of marigold. In the flower, lutein exists in ester form. In this study, lutein esters were prepared from marigold flower and then mixed with dietary oil. SD rat was fed with the mixture by gastric administration. After 2 h, blood was collected. Carotenoids were extracted from the blood for HPLC assay. Data from HPLC analysis suggested that only lutein monomer could be observed. This observation proved that lutein esters were hydrolyzed during its digestion and absorption. This conclusion proves a possibility to apply lutein esters in functional food and medicines directly.
In vitro Anti-oxidative Experimental Study of Extracts from Eucommia ulmiodes Olirv Leaves
WANG Han-Ping, LIU Jing
2007, 28(8):  465-467. 
Asbtract ( 791 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (157KB) ( 289 )  
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A study of in vitro anti-oxidative of extracts from Eucommia ulmiodes Olirv Leaves is conducted. The elimination O2·of and ·OH , the generation of MDA in heart, liver and liver mitochondrion were determined. The results showed the extracts of Eucommia ulmiodes Oliv. leaves have the activity of in vitro anti-oxidative resistance.
Study on Effects of Apple Polyphenols on Lead Discharging in Mice
AI Zhi-Lu, WANG Yu-Hong, TA Xi-Mai-Mai-Ti-·Ma-He-Su-Mu, WANG Na, LI Jian-Xin
2007, 28(8):  468-470. 
Asbtract ( 1547 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (165KB) ( 239 )  
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The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the lead discharging effects of apple polyphenol (AP) on male Kunming mice given lead. Lead acetate was administered by intraperitoneal injection for 10 days. Administration of AP to mice by gastric incubation was performed for 15 days from the end of lead exposure up to the end of the experiment. Then, the mice were sacrificed for comparison of lead distribution. Concentrations of lead in the specimens were determinated by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry. It was observed that the blood lead, the liver lead and the femur level significantly decreased, but urinates lead elimination significantly increased. The results illustrated that AP could discharge lead .
Primary Study on Fibrinolytic Compound Promoting Fibrinolysis in vivo
SHU Ya, WU Wen-Hui, WANG Zhi-He, LU Wei, BAO Bin
2007, 28(8):  471-475. 
Asbtract ( 1148 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (417KB) ( 249 )  
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The effects of GDG on clotlysis induced and its possible mechanism were investigated with GDG as a promoting fibrinolytic compounds injected in the tail vein of rats and pulmonary thrombotic model on rats established by marking fibrin with FITC. Fluorescence in various groups was assayed. It was found firstly that GDG has the effect of promoting fibrinolysis. It was speculated that GDG could enhance intrinsic activity of prourokinase as a plasminogen activator for FITC-labeling pulmonary thrombotic rats.
Primary Study on Anti-tumor Effects of Extract of Leaves of Persimmon in vitro
NIU Feng-Lan, DONG Qing, SONG Li-Jun, YAN Jian-Hua, QU Yang
2007, 28(8):  475-478. 
Asbtract ( 956 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (183KB) ( 189 )  
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Objective: To study the inhibitive effect of the active part of the leaves of persimmon on tumor cell lines. Methods: MTT (methylthiazolydiphenyl-tetrazolium bromide) method was taken to detect the anti-tumor activities of the acitve part of the leaves of persimmon after it was extracted from the leaves on Hela and H22 cell lines. And the data was analyzed by SPSS. Results: ①The extract of the leaves of persimmon with water and ethanol had evident inhibition effect on Hela’s growth. ②The extract of the leaves of persimmon with water and ethanol had evident inhibition effect on H22’s growth. ③The extract can change the cellular morphology and growth mode. Conclusion: The extract of leaves of persimmon had evident inhibition effect on Hela and H22 cell in a certain dosage.
Establishment of Alcohol and Fat-induced Liver Injury Mode in Mouse
WANG Zheng, ZHANG Jing, HUI Bo-Di
2007, 28(8):  478-480. 
Asbtract ( 831 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (166KB) ( 279 )  
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Objective: Establish of alcohol and fat-induced liver injury mode in mouse. Methods: Selected mice were randomly divided into two groups, one was trial group and the other was control group. Optimized portions of alcohol and high-fat feed were administrated gastrically every day for trail group while the same volumes of water and normal feed were applied for control group. After 4 weeks, livers and blood were collected from animals for 2 (MDA and GSH) and 3 (ALT, AST and LDH) assessments, respectively. Results: A significant increase in ALT, AST, LDH and MDA was observed while a reduction of GSH was seen. Conclusion: A supply of alcohol and high-fat feed by gastric administration is able to establish liver injury mode in mouse.
Study on Hypoglycemic Function of Opuntia Polysaccharides
LIU Shu-Xing, TANG Meng-Zhong, LI Hong
2007, 28(8):  481-483. 
Asbtract ( 843 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (163KB) ( 443 )  
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The hypoglycemic function of Opuntia polysaccharides is studied preliminary. The polysaccharides is injected into stomach of mice, which have diabetes mellitus caused by alloxan. After observation and detection about blood sugar, it is discovered that the polysaccharides has hypoglycemic function.
Study on Antitiring and Antioxidating Effect of Wuyi Rock Tea
MA Sen, CHEN Pei-Zhen, YOU Yu-Qiong, YOU Hong-Zhong
2007, 28(8):  484-486. 
Asbtract ( 873 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (181KB) ( 308 )  
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Two tests were done separately by Wuyi rock tea with 20 mice for antitiring swimming and with 20 rats for antioxidating. The control group was fed by basic feed and running water, the experimental group was fed by feed was added 3% Wuyi rock tea and 0.5% made tea for drinking. The test time was 3 weeks. The results showed that: the dying time of control group is 1.90±0.66 (min), dying time of experimental group is 2.52±0.77 min, which is obviously longer than the control (p<0.05). The antioxidating experimental result showed as follows: the SOD of serum, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, liver, kidney were rising 13%, 37%, 39%, 20%, the GSH-Px were rising 7%, 64%, 32%, 48% respectively in experimental group than the control group(p<0.05). The MDA of serum, skeletal muscle, liver, kidney were reducing 47%, 32%, 29%, 35% than the control group(p<0.05 and 0.01). These results showed that the Wuyi rock tea has remarkable antitiring and antioxidating effect.
Application of Weibull Hazard Analysis for Forecast of Food Shelf-life
CAO Ping, YU Yan-Bo, LI Pei-Rong
2007, 28(8):  487-491. 
Asbtract ( 1240 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (168KB) ( 757 )  
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This paper applied accelerated shelf-life test (ASLT) and sensory hazard analysis to the determination of shelf-life, with UHT(ultra heat treated) milk as experimental object. Moreover it discussed the feasibility of applying physicochemical Weibull hazard analysis to the determination of shelf-life as well as the reliability analysis of commercial shelf-life. UHT milk, with commercial shelf-life of 45 days, was divided into four experimental groups, and stored at 25 ℃, 30 ℃, 35 ℃ and 40 ℃ respectively. The sensory, physicochemical and bacterial testing was carried out at stated intervals.
Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene on Ethylene Production of Nanguo Pear at Room Temperature
XIN Guang, ZHANG Bo, CHEN Hua, WANG Xue-Mi, LIU Bin, MA Yan-Song
2007, 28(8):  492-494. 
Asbtract ( 895 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (168KB) ( 321 )  
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Nanguo pear was used to investigated the effects of 1-methylcyclopropene on ethylene production in storage period.The results showed that 1-methylcyclopropene treatment significantly effected ethylene production and time of ethylene releasing.With 1-methylcyclopropene increasing, the time of ethylene releasing was delayed. In storage period, the ethylene production increased and the time of ethylene releasing appeared ahead of time when it delayed the time of collected. The ethylene production of Nanguo pear, which was treated in same day, is lower than it which was treated in next day.
Experimental Study on Effects of Storage Temperature on Quality of Frozen Lamb
QIN Rui-Sheng, GU Xue-Lian, LIU Bao-Lin, WANG Xin
2007, 28(8):  495-497. 
Asbtract ( 1202 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (167KB) ( 333 )  
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This experiment mainly aimed at investigating effect of storage temperature on quality of frozen lamb. total bacteria counts(TBC), TVBN, acid value(AV), pH and water content were studied respectively which were taken as testing indices to reflect the quality changing of frozen mutton at -15, -20, -25, 5, 15, 25℃ as the developing of storage time in the experiment. The result indicated that, water content was decreasing with the storage time while the other four indices increased with storage time. Compared to cold storage, frozen storage can keep the quality and prolong the shelf life of frozen lamb.
Study on Pork Preservation by Essential Oil from Perfume Material
GU Ren-Yong, LIU Hong, FU Wei-Chang
2007, 28(8):  498-500. 
Asbtract ( 962 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (159KB) ( 221 )  
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 Four kinds of essential oil from perfume material, namely clove essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, litsea cubeba essential oil and origanum vulgare lessential oil obtained with supercritical CO2 extraction, were proportionally mixed to prepare four kinds of mulriple preservations with different concentrations. With vacuum pack and store at 0~4℃, the pork preservation was studied by mulriple preservations according to the fresh degree integrating evaluation of pork samples such as mensuration of physicochemical properties, microorganism and sense indexes. Results showed that the mulriple preservation, composed of 9% origanum vulgare lessential oil, 9% clove essential oil, 9% litsea cubeba essential oil and 9% cinnamon essential oil, has perfect effects of extending preservation time combined technology of vacuum park.
Research on Application of Ozone Ice in Tilapia Fillet Preservation
2007, 28(8):  501-504. 
Asbtract ( 3001 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (209KB) ( 296 )  
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The effect of preserving the fresh tilapia fillet by the high concentration ozone ice was studied in that assay. The results showed that the shelf-life could be lengthened 3~4 days preserved by 5mg/kg ozone ice, and the total volatility basis nitrogen (TVBN) was degreed and the bacteria colony was decrease to 82%~97%. The bactericidal effectiveness of ozone ice is strong enough to attain the better preservation effect. Being a convenient, simple, environmental friendly method, it could be adopted in the preservation and transportation of seafood. The passive situation of utilization of ozone in preservation was broken, a new effective procedure was setup for the aquatic product preservation.
Study on Activity of Defense Enzyme and Storage Effects in Harvested Peach by UV-C Treatment
RONG Rui-Fen, GUO Kun, LI Jing-Xia, WU Jing-Ping, LI Hong-Yu
2007, 28(8):  505-509. 
Asbtract ( 924 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (310KB) ( 287 )  
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The disease incidence and disease index were counted and the activity of defense enzyme was analyzed in harvested "DA JIU BAO" peach after different UV-C doses irradiation in order to discover a new preservation method of fruits and vegetables which is no chemical remain in this paper. The results showed that 0.25~0.5 kJ/m2 dose UV-C irradiation can reduce the disease incidence and disease index, retard disease incidence 10~16 days; infection rate can decrease by significantly 5.1 and 3.2 fold with disease resistance of fruit induced. PPO, PAL and β-1,3 glucanase activity are enhanced by 0.25~0.5 kJ/m2 dose UV-C irradiation, these defense enzymes play important role in inducing disease resistance of harvested fruits .
Research Development of Dry-cured Ham Flavor
ZHANG Xin-Liang, XU Xing-Lian
2007, 28(8):  510-513. 
Asbtract ( 1074 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (191KB) ( 389 )  
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Flavor, which was a very important index of the quality of dry-cured ham, could be affected by various factors such as raw materials, supplimentary materials and production technology. The development of the flavor, factors that could affected it, sensory estimation, instrumental analysis and problems present were discussed in this paper.
Review on Intensified Technique Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Crystallization
ZHANG Wen-Cheng
2007, 28(8):  514-517. 
Asbtract ( 995 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (239KB) ( 350 )  
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According to limitation of supercritical CO2 extraction and effective components crystallization from natural products, the author put forward entrainers, coordination extraction, magnetic field, electric field, supersonic method and surface adsorption to enhance supercritical CO2 extraction and crystallization.
Progress on Determination of Benzodiazepines in Animal Product Foods
LI Qiu-Sheng, XU Chuan-Lai, PENG Chi-Fang, JIN Zheng-Yu
2007, 28(8):  521-524. 
Asbtract ( 859 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (191KB) ( 284 )  
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Recently the occurrence of residues of veterinary medicines and other unauthorized drugs in foods of animal origin is an issue of popular concern around the world. The residues of pharmacological treatments on food-producing animals, exctreted in the manure dispersed on agricultural land, can have environmental impact and human health issues through toxic, genotoxic, and drug-resistance development implications. Benzodiazepines were prohibited in the process of breeding animals by explicit order, but it was used unscrupulously for the economic benefit. This paper introduced the determination techniques of benzodiazepines residues in animal products including chromatographic analysis and immunologic analysis.
Research Progress of Production and Application Research of Sophorolipids
CHEN Jing, ZHANG Yun-Rui, SONG Xin
2007, 28(8):  525-529. 
Asbtract ( 1217 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (202KB) ( 1152 )  
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Sophorolipids are a kind of biosurfactants produced by some microorganisms. They have many excellent physical and chemical properties promising for their potential applications in many aspects. The progress of their production and application research especially in food industries, oil industries, environmental protection and pharmaceutical activities was reviewed in this paper.
Analysis of Environment and Safety of GM Food
HE Yu-Tang, JIE Yu-Mei, 吕Yan-Fang
2007, 28(8):  529-532. 
Asbtract ( 1551 )   HTML ( 13)   PDF (186KB) ( 363 )  
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GM food can provide food safety guarantee for human development. It is safe to human health. Although the production and processing of GM food might have negative effects on biodiversity and soil ecology, and the use of pesticides and herbicides might pollute environment, its advantages are significant. These problems could be solved through improving GM technology to reduce the negative effects of GM food, enhancing the safety detection and perfecting the safety evaluation system of GM food.
Review on Functional Anti-dapkession Food
GONG Zhen-Qi, CHEN Hong-Lan
2007, 28(8):  532-535. 
Asbtract ( 1313 )   HTML ( 4)   PDF (195KB) ( 402 )  
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Depression has become one of widespread mental diseases. More and more researcher pay attention to seek functional food to prevent depression. The paper reviews the mechanism of depression and the functional components of the functional food.
Application of Cell Culture Technique on Rapid Toxicity Evaluation in Food Toxicology
HUANG Yu-Ai, WANG Fei, LU Jing
2007, 28(8):  535-537. 
Asbtract ( 948 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (159KB) ( 302 )  
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It is a heavy work to test the toxicity of xenobiotics in food. The traditional food toxicology methods are too slow, labour intensive and far too costly, and can not meet the present demands. So easily applied, rapid and accurate methods for toxicity testing are urgently needed in the world. Recently, cell culture technique has been widely used in toxicity evaluation and safety assement. In this article, the application of cell culture technique on rapid toxicity evaluation in food toxicology is sumersized.
Research Progress of Relationship between Probiotics and Intestinal Mucosal Immunization
WANG You-Xiang, CHEN Qing-Sen
2007, 28(8):  537-542. 
Asbtract ( 1368 )   HTML ( 2)   PDF (445KB) ( 798 )  
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As one kind of living organisms, probiotics can live in the intestine and keep the intestinal microflora in balance, meanwhile they are able to stimulate the intestinal immune system and produce immunoglobulin and cytokine to promote differentiation of lymphocyte, thereby they are significance to the intestinal mucosal immunization. This article summarized the recent information at home and abroad to introduce the relationship between probiotics and the intestinal mucosal immunization, furthermore, it was pointed out the further research trend about probiotics and intestinal immunization in our country.
Study on Bottleneck and Countermeasure of Bulk Food Environment-friendly Package in China
ZHAO Hai-Xia, WANG Jing, ZHOU Ze-Yu, TANG Xiao-Chun
2007, 28(8):  543-545. 
Asbtract ( 1536 )   HTML ( 4)   PDF (187KB) ( 264 )  
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Bulk food is a special form for sale. Package of bulk food, same as other packaging offal, can bring influence, even new pollution to environment. In such cases, green-packing is a necessary trend for bulk food package. This paper discusses characteristics of bulk food selling and problems of performing environment-friendly package, proposes that strengthen circulating supervision, establishes mechanism of package recycling, and builds rewarding policies, perfect relevant standards, laws and regulations benefical to solve the problem. These measure could reduce the pressure of bulk food package to environment and make food security, economic development and our environment, harmonious.
Present Situation Analysis of Certified Reference Materials on Food Safety Test
WANG You-Fu, YAN Chao-Jie, YAO Jia, GUO Lan
2007, 28(8):  546-548. 
Asbtract ( 1083 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (161KB) ( 322 )  
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The involved contents of certified reference materials on food safety testing were introduced in this paper, meanwhile the present research situation of this domain was analyzed thoroughly, and the current problems and their solution methods were also proposed.
Review on Biosynthetic Mechanism of ε-poly-L-Lysine
LIU Wei, QIN Yun-Hua, ZHOU Tao
2007, 28(8):  549-554. 
Asbtract ( 1120 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (218KB) ( 745 )  
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As a kind of natural food preservative, ε-poly-L-lysine become more and more popular for its natural, innocuous and antimicrobial property. If its biosynthesis is illustrated clearly, it will be applied to the industrialization widely. This paper reviews the mechanism of biosynthesis and degradation of ε-Poly-L-lysine.
Research Progress of Flavonoids in Lotus Leaves
YANG Ji-Yan, HU Lei, XU Yang
2007, 28(8):  554-558. 
Asbtract ( 1007 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (229KB) ( 468 )  
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The flavonoids extracted from lotus leaves, an important active component has various medical functions. In this article, recent advances in extraction, detection, composition, physiological activity, application and prospect of flavonoids from lotus leaves were introduced and discussed.
Research Progress of Wheat Dood Allergy
MAO Wei-Xiang, GAO Jin-Yan, CHEN Hong-Bing
2007, 28(8):  559-562. 
Asbtract ( 1238 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (186KB) ( 907 )  
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Wheat flour proteins are classically divided into albumins, globulins, gliadins, glutenins on the basis of differential solubility. Different wheat flour proteins with different MW is maybe anaphylactic to people .Allergy to wheat in foods induces various symptoms on the basis of differential pathologic mechanism. Properties of wheat protein and wheat food allergy is reviewed briefly in this paper.
Development of Detection Methods of Mycotoxin
HU Na, XU Ling
2007, 28(8):  563-565. 
Asbtract ( 951 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (162KB) ( 539 )  
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With the developments of detecting methods and analysis techniques, mycotoxin was found to consist in almost all of foods and feed. People paid close attention to the popullation of fungi in foods. In this paper, the toxichology of mycotoxin and detection methods are reviewed.
Research Progress of Major Egg White Allergens
TONG Ping, GAO Jin-Yan, CHEN Hong-Bing
2007, 28(8):  565-568. 
Asbtract ( 1012 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (183KB) ( 730 )  
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Hen’s egg is one of the most common causes of food allergy, particularly in children. The review on ovomucoid, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin and lysozyme of the major egg white allergens are introduced in details.
Investigation of Tea Resources and Exploitating Counterplans in Chaozhou
YANG Yong-Li, GUO Shou-Jun, MA Rui-Jun, LIN Xiao-Wa, ZHANG Li-Lian, CHENG Xiao-Lian
2007, 28(8):  569-573. 
Asbtract ( 852 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (253KB) ( 394 )  
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In the paper, the investigation was made on the resources growth, feature, value of developing, current situation, problems and counterplans of Camellia sinensis in Chaozhou via field survey on local agricultural department and interrelated corporations and data consultation.
Design and Implement of Vegetable Quality and Safety Traceability System
ZHANG Bing, HUANG Zhao-Yu, YE Chun-Ling, WANG Rui, GU Song-Hao, LIU Ben-Hua, HUANG Min-Tong, LIN Hui-Chun, YU Shao-Zhou
2007, 28(8):  573-577. 
Asbtract ( 1401 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (482KB) ( 534 )  
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Combination of network technology with the reality of vegetable planting and application of EAN·UCC system as the identification of vegetable products were performed to construct a vegetable quality and safety traceability system, which realize the traceability management of vegetable products .This system enhances the supervision methods and supervision efficiency of the government, improve the product management level of the enterprise and enhances the market competition. This system has been run in Shenzhen.
Progress of Proteins Imprinted Technique and Prospect of Its Application
QIN Hong, HAN Jian-Zhong
2007, 28(8):  577-580. 
Asbtract ( 856 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (189KB) ( 437 )  
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Molecular imprinting technique (MIT) is a new technique derived from a blend of macromolecule synthesize, molecular recognition bionic bioengineering and other interdisciplinary fields. It is a hot research issue in the field of biology, food and environment. This paper particularly introduces the mechanism of molecular recognition and research progress of proteins imprinted technique home and abroad, and discusses the main problems and the prospect of application in this system.
Research Progress of Development and Function of Rhodophyta in East Area of Guangdong
MA Rui-Jun, GUO Shou-Jun, YANG Yong-Li, ZHOU Yan-Xia, XU Guo-Xi, HONG Li-Ling
2007, 28(8):  580-584. 
Asbtract ( 838 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (226KB) ( 246 )  
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In the paper, the development and function research of Rhodopyta resources in the east area of Guangdong were summarized by conducting a field survey and referring to literatures, in order to offer reference for further exploitation and utilization of locals.
Research Advances of Health and Pharmacological Functions of Tea Catechins
MAO Qing-Li, SHI Zhao-Peng, LI Ling, LIU Zhong-Hua, ZHU Qi
2007, 28(8):  584-589. 
Asbtract ( 970 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (245KB) ( 557 )  
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There are thousands year of history for drinking tea in China and the world. The benefits of drinking tea to human health are well known and confirmed by a large of pharmocological results and experiments. The most effective components in tea are catechins. The various health and pharmacological functions of tea catechins in sum as tri-anti-effects (anti-cancer, anti-aging and antioxidative effects), tri-hypo-effects (hypoglycemic, hypolipaemic and hypotensive effects) and tri-de-effects(disinfected, dephlogisticated and deodorized effects) of the tea catechins are systematically reviewed in this paper.
Application of Risk Management in Inspection and Supervision of Imported Food
CHEN Yin-Yu, LI Xiao-Li, CAI Chun
2007, 28(8):  589-592. 
Asbtract ( 1533 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (184KB) ( 305 )  
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This paper studied the risk of the inspection and supervision of imported food and its management. The method of risk management was established, including risk identification, risk assessment, risk disposal and risk supervision. It was helpful to ensure the safety of imported food and increase the efficiency of clearance so as to harmonize ’speed-up, burden relief, efficiency and strict supervision’.
Study on Effects of Polluated Surroundings on Food and Countermeasure
LU Min, MOU Li
2007, 28(8):  593-595. 
Asbtract ( 938 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (194KB) ( 253 )  
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This paper goes elaboration on the conception of polluated food, the type of polluated food ,the way of contamination into food and the feature of polluated food ,and to advance a lots of the way and the measure on decreasing polluted food.
Research on Processing Technique of Buckwheat Cake
QIU Xiang-Mei
2007, 28(8):  596-598. 
Asbtract ( 1206 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (152KB) ( 252 )  
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Cakes were made with buckwheat and wheat flour in different mixture proportions, and their properties were studied. The optimum formula was determined by assessing the tests quality of those cakes.
Study on Processing and HACCP Controlling of Pyracantha fortuneana Beverage
CHEN Ying, LU Zhou-Min, LI Zhi-Xi
2007, 28(8):  598-601. 
Asbtract ( 936 )   HTML ( 3)   PDF (189KB) ( 486 )  
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This paper presents a new processing technology of Pyracantha fortuneana beverage and HACCP system in the course of all processing, and analyzed all hazard factors which would possibly affect the quality of beverage, the critical control points were set up, and also established the critical limits, supervise and correct measures. According to this processing technology and HACCP system, gained the well Pyracantha fortuneana beverage which accord with the quality standard of product.
Processing of Konjac and Bean Jelly
ZHANG Chi, ZHU Yu-Chang, CHEN Wei-Qin
2007, 28(8):  601-605. 
Asbtract ( 994 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (202KB) ( 409 )  
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With mung bean and konjac to the main raw material, add as a gel, supplemented by sugar and citric acid, they developed jelly. The experiment determined the best producting process,which is that 4.8% of bean juice ,0.4% of konjak, 0.1% of agar, 15% of white sugar, 0.1% of citric acid, thereby it can produces a special flavor, the flavor refreshing. comprehensive nutrition and good health function of konjac jelly bean.
Study on Production of Almond Nutritional Health Wine
CHEN Zhong-Jun, YANG Xiao-Qing, CAI Heng, LI Chun-Gang, GUO Ting
2007, 28(8):  606-609. 
Asbtract ( 930 )   HTML ( 1)   PDF (169KB) ( 231 )  
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Almond liquor having nutrition and healthy function was manufactured with the bitter almond and edible alcohol. The results of studying on alcoholizing technics showed that the mixture of alcohol and almond liquid (1:2) should be stored for 30 days at 15℃. The optimum technological parameter was 18% alcohol, 8% sugar, 0.05% citric acid.
Studies on Development of Fermentative Apple Egg-yolk Milk Beverage
CAI Jian, WANG Wei
2007, 28(8):  609-612. 
Asbtract ( 954 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (188KB) ( 241 )  
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Using apple, egg-yolk and milk as the main raw material, developed a kind of lactic acid beverage with rich nutrition, equilibrium in nutrients and retaining the flavor of egg yolk. After a long time study, we find a main technological process. Through many experiments,sush as orthogonal test, the raising of culture, the ascertaining of technique conditions, certain proportion of ingredients and proper choice of the stabilizer. We select the best direction and discuss the factors which would effect the quality of products .
Production Technology of Compound Streamed Bread with Kelp, Date Paste and Puera ria Lobata Ohwi
XIAO Mei, GUO Shao-Wei, LIU Wei, JIANG Wei, QIAN Bo
2007, 28(8):  612-615. 
Asbtract ( 966 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (222KB) ( 389 )  
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The one-time-fermentation was applied to produce bread. The influences of kelp clay, Ohwi clay and red date paste on streamed bread quality were researched by controlling their percents in mixture material. The optimum percents of materials are: kelp clay 180 g (in 1kg wheat flour), Ohwi clay 250 g (in 1 kg wheat flour) and red date paste 100 g, honey 25 ml. At the same time, the influences of production technology on the quality of streamed bread were studied and the streamed bread quality was optimal under the conditions of mix-time 30 min, ferment time 90 min, and pH value 6.0.
Development of Composite Health Care Beverage with Plantain Herb and Caulis Lonicera japonica
XU Guang-Sheng, XU Shan-Shan
2007, 28(8):  616-619. 
Asbtract ( 842 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (181KB) ( 228 )  
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The processing technologies and formula for production of composite health care beverage with plantain herb and Caulis Lonicera japonica were studied by orthogonal test design. Results showed that the optimum formula is 7 g of plantain herb, 7.5 g of Caulis Lonicera japonica, 60 g of sucrose, 10 g of honey, 1.2 g of citric acid postassium in 1000 ml.
Process and Quality Control Point Assessment of Natural Lycopene Softgels
PANG Shan-Chun, HUI Bo-Di, LIU Mu-Lin
2007, 28(8):  619-624. 
Asbtract ( 926 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (233KB) ( 580 )  
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This paper described investigation and practice in the raw material choice, functional fraction, extraction process, Softgels production, quality control, safety inspection and biological function assessment of natural lycopene softgels.
Development of Red Starter Health Wine
REN Fei, HAN Zhen-Qiong, XIONG Shuang-Li, ZENG Min
2007, 28(8):  624-627. 
Asbtract ( 1223 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (180KB) ( 388 )  
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Red starter is a native product with various functional components which improves human health. This article mainly used glutinous as raw materials and with maltogenic amyiase, red starter and yeast as ferment to produce red starter wine by conventional fermentation technology. The results showed that the optimal fermentation conditions were glutinous 200 g, maltogenic amyiase 0.4 g, red starter 26 g, yeast liquid 5 ml, the culture temperature 28℃, the initial pH value 5.5, and the fermentation time 14d. Thus, the nutitional and healthful wine was obtained.
Development of Yam Beer
2007, 28(8):  628-631. 
Asbtract ( 1161 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (163KB) ( 249 )  
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The Chinese yam and the malt was used as the raw material to saccharificate wort with enzyme,added beer yeast to ferment, prepared yam beer. The fresh Chinese yam was prepared powder,was saccharified by compound enzyme with the malt. The effects of addition level of compound enzyme,addition phase,action time,and addition quantity of yam powder on the reducing sugar content and α-amino nitrogen content of mix wort were studied by orthogonal tests. The results showed that the best technocal conditions were summed up as follows: 0.36% mix enzyme addition quantity, addition mix enzyme at 45℃, 17 min heat preservation and 35% yam powder addition quantity.The mix wort preparing with Chinese yam and malt was metabolized by yeast, higher alcohol content, diacetyl content, and alcohol degree in product beer were 55.8 mg/L, 0.06 mg/L and 3.91% respectively(the attenuation real degree was 67.2%). The product beer not only had the flavor of beer produced by barley malt but also contained multiple amino acids and anticancer substances, is one kind of better function drinks.
Study on Development of Loquat Fruit and Vegetable Assorted Can
HE Zhi-Gang, LI Wei-Xin, LIN Xiao-Zi, YANG Jing, CHEN Hua
2007, 28(8):  632-636. 
Asbtract ( 862 )   HTML ( 0)   PDF (220KB) ( 261 )  
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This paper studied the process technology and flavor preserve of sweet water loquat fruit and vegetable assorted can, ascertained the appropriate technology, and established the product standard. The products will have well quality with this technology to produce sweet water loquat fruit and vegetable assorted cans.